The US is one of the top chosen countries by Vietnamese people to come and do business. There have been many stories of individuals who set up and succeeded in America. However, the truth is that it is not easy for Vietnamese people to come to the US to set up a business and get rich. Because there are many laws and procedures to follow in America. Despite many difficulties, opportunities to do business and get rich in America are always there. So in the US, what business should be easy to get rich? Please refer to the following article!

What should I do to do a successful business in the US?

What should I do to do a successful business in the US?

Understanding the market, interests and needs of customers

Want to have a successful business, whether in the US in particular or anywhere in general. The first thing is to understand the market, interests, behaviors and needs of the target audience. Who are your customers? Vietnamese or Indigenous? What are they doing? Where? What are their personal interests and needs? What products or solutions can you offer to meet their needs? Or do you have a business advantage in the industry? It’s all a matter of researching and researching the market before starting to work.

In the US, you will have easy access to the above information through market research companies. You’ll need to pay a fraction of the cost, but it’s worth it to let you know if the business you’re about to invest in is actually working.

Understand business law

What business in America? Joining is arbitrary and so is in business. Each region, country will have its own business law. This is one of the important issues before doing business in the US. That is to learn about business laws in this country. Although the United States is a free country, it can trade and trade in many different types of goods. But there are still basic legal frameworks that need to be grasped. To avoid unnecessary legal risks occurring in the business process.

Besides, one of the common legal problems that businesses often encounter is piracy. Almost Vietnamese freelancers in the US pay little attention to brand issues. If you are not careful you can get complaints and claims, or worse, be banned from doing business there.

Use proper marketing

Use proper marketing

To reach more customers. Marketing is one of the ways to increase sales. However, effective marketing depends on the advertising content to your audience. Therefore, you need to learn carefully about the customer’s portrait, their behavior and preferences. Using the right marketing channels will bring results. If you are not familiar with advertising and marketing. Hire an agency to do it for you. That will save you more costs in the process of doing business.

Business scale must be suitable for investment capital

It is advisable to start a business on a small scale. Because when you start a business in America. Not many customers know about you yet, and your new product has not been appreciated. Let’s start a small business store. So that you can reach a small number of initial customers. And can make product and service experience reviews. As well as assess costs, revenue and profit. Until the business is stable, you can invest more capital and expand the scale. In case your product is not popular, or want to change the product. You can redo it while not losing too much of the original cost.

The easy-to-make businesses in the US

Nails Industry Supplies

Nails Industry Supplies

What business should I do in the US? As you know, my Vietnamese people have a very successful Nails service business in the US. Since then, many nail salons have sprung up like mushrooms after the shower. If you intend to go to the US to open a Nails salon, I advise you not to. Because, this industry is too hot, too many competitors and you start a few decades behind others. However, because of the development of the Nails industry, the supporting industries related to Nails also follow. People call this industry the Nails Supplies Industry. That is, the industries that provide Nails salons with furniture, software, computers, website making, design, … and accessories for the Nails industry.

Food and Beverage Business, Restaurants

Food and Beverage Business, Restaurants

Running a food service and restaurant business in the US is a good idea. Talking about famous Vietnamese cuisine in the US, there are names such as: Pho, Banh Mi, Spring Rolls, Bun Bo Hue… . It is said that traders have friends, and sellers have wards. Doing business in food and drink at Vietnamese neighborhoods or Vietnamese food courts in the US will help you save a lot of marketing costs. So what do you want to sell in the US?

Food supply, Vietnamese market in the US

The number of Vietnamese living in the US is increasing day by day. Because they are Asian, their food habits are also different from Westerners. Therefore, the demand for using and eating pure Vietnamese dishes is increasing. The business of food supply services, also known as Vietnamese markets in the US, is supported and interested by a large number of people.

Goods familiar to the needs of Vietnamese people in the US are very large such as rice paper, bread, fish sauce, green vegetables and fruits, etc. are loved by the elderly. If you have a supply, absolutely do not miss this profitable business opportunity.

Get rich from agriculture, America’s advanced agriculture

Agriculture is too familiar to Vietnamese people. However, this is a profession that lacks human resources in the US. Usually, they prefer to go to the city to work and live rather than stick with the fields and trees. With that in mind, many Vietnamese farmers in the US earn millions of dollars every year.

What to do in the US? In America, farming is very advanced. Most of the work is done by machines, farmers only need to control the machines to work. Most farmers in the US are very rich and rich in America.

House rental business

The characteristic of Americans is that they prefer to rent houses instead of owning their own houses. Therefore, the rental housing business in the US is very popular with many people. The rent ranges from 700 to 2,000 USD/apartment/month. With this business form, the investor will profit from 13% -18%/year. Besides, the value of the house also increases over time. Therefore, this business form is also an effective way to invest in real estate. If you have large capital, this form will help you create passive income and profitable investment value effectively.

Online sales business in the US

Online sales business in the US

Selling online is no stranger to Americans for decades. Most of the items here can be sold online. Therefore, if you want to do online business here, don’t worry about not having customers. Mainly you have to know how to market and make customers want to buy from you. Many Vietnamese have successfully started their businesses in the US thanks to their online business. So don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Franchise American brand business

If you don’t know what to do in the US? The form of business by franchising is also not a bad idea. There are many successful business brands in the US, you just need to choose the right brand and franchise. This form helps you save a lot of costs for advertising and marketing. You also don’t need to spend a lot of time building ideas and brands. All you need to do is find space and manage your store well.


In the United States, there are many supportive policies to help people’s businesses grow. However, you need to make sure you have a clear understanding of the laws and general rules of business policy in order to. We hope that the information we bring has helped you answer the question of what business to do in the US. Leave a comment below if you are interested in business and investment topics. Don’t forget to follow us for the latest updates. Goodbye and see you in the next post.

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