Originating from the custom of giving lucky money on New Year’s Day, also known as celebrating the beginning of spring, the demand for new money and change of Vietnamese people in the last days of the year is always very high. So that where to exchange new money? is there a fee? Always a question that many people are interested in. Understanding the needs of readers, Lamchutaichinh.vn would like to send you some useful information about changing new money, New Year’s money at which bank? Is there a fee or not?

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Can I exchange new money at the bank?

With an extremely large number of people in need of changing change and new money at the end of the year and early spring, the market in recent years has appeared a lot of new change and money exchange services. Although transactions are fast and convenient, these services have many potential risks such as frauds, high fees for money exchange, counterfeit money, etc.

So is there a reputable address to make new and change money transactions? The answer is banks throughout the provinces in Vietnam. At the end of the year, many banks show gratitude to loyal customers by serving change of change, new money with different denominations.

Can I exchange new money at the bank?
Can I exchange new money at the bank?

However, banks are not able to exchange change of money and lucky money during the Lunar New Year for all customers. In addition, banks also have a number of separate regulations in exchanging new money, New Year’s lucky money. Lamchutaichinh.vn will continue to answer related issues in the next part of the article.

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What are the advantages of changing money at a bank?

In addition to ensuring safety and credibility to avoid scams and risks, changing money at banks also holds a series of advantages to become a reliable money exchange address for many people.

It is convenient to use the service because the banking systems are present all over the country. You can absolutely choose any bank that has the nearest change of change service to your locality for convenient travel and transactions.

What are the advantages of changing money at a bank?
What are the advantages of changing money at a bank?

Be taken care of and guide to use the service enthusiastically and thoughtfully by a team of professional bank staff. Inquiries and related issues about your money exchange will be resolved quickly.

Absolutely no worries about counterfeit money, lack of money in the money exchange process. As an organization operating under the management of the state, the most worrying problem is counterfeit money, money shortage will be absolutely guaranteed when you change money at the bank.

Conditions and procedures for exchanging new money, New Year’s Eve money at the bank

New money exchange conditions at the bank

The number of Vietnamese people wishing to exchange change or new money at the end of the year is extremely large. Therefore, banks cannot meet 100% of customers’ needs. Most banks have regulations and conditions for this service. If you fall into one of the following cases, you can change change or new money at a bank:

The first: You must be a loyal customer and regularly use services at that bank. You should choose the bank where you have been using the services before. Many banks do not accept money exchange for new customers because this is a form of gratitude for the bank’s customers.

Monday: Subjects are accepted to exchange change, new money is on the staff of the bank. In this case, if you have acquaintances who work at banks, you can ask for help.

New money exchange conditions at the bank
New money exchange conditions at the bank

Tuesday: Customer has a savings account at the bank. Banks often give priority to customers who have savings to choose the denomination and quantity. Do you also have savings deposited at the bank? You can take advantage of this to exchange money at the end of the year.

4th: Register to exchange money early. Normally, the demand for money exchange only increases in the last two months of the year. At that time, the bank’s cash supply was limited, so it was more difficult to exchange money. If you register to change money before that time, your success rate will be very high.

Procedure to exchange New Year’s money at the bank

If you are eligible to exchange change, New Year’s Eve money, the procedure to change money is quite simple and quick. You can refer to the following how to do this:

  • Step 1: Bring your ID/CCCD to the nearest bank branch that you choose to make money exchange transactions (you can contact by phone to confirm with the bank staff, you are eligible to change change, lucky money or not)
  • Step 2: Fill in the information and carry out the procedures required by the bank staff.
  • Step 3: Wait for the staff to verify the information and complete the procedure for you.
  • Step 4: After verifying the information, the bank staff will make a money exchange transaction according to the required value and amount of money you want.
  • Step 5: You can check the amount of money, sign the receipt and close the transaction.

Is there a fee to change money at the bank?

Is there a fee to change money at the bank? is one of the biggest problems of those who are in need of changing change, lucky money at the bank.

According to the regulations of the State Bank applied to the entire banking system nationwide, the service of changing change and new money for people during the Lunar New Year is completely free. The bank will not charge the difference in money exchange from customers.

Is there a fee to change money at the bank?
Is there a fee to change money at the bank?

This service is performed by banks as a form of gratitude to customers and staff who have used the service and worked during the past year.

Which bank supports the lowest fee for exchanging money for New Year’s Eve?

As Lamchutaichinh.vn has shared information before, there is no fee to change change or small denomination money at the bank. However, to ensure effective money exchange, guaranteed service, Lamchutaichinh.vn recommends you to choose some of the following banks.


As the largest commercial bank in Vietnam, having a special type of state-owned enterprise assets. AgriBank has a banking system covering all provinces and cities nationwide, which is very convenient for making money exchange transactions.

Besides, compared to other banks, AgriBank has the largest amount of change for customers at the end of the year. To exchange change, small denomination money at AgriBank, you need to be a customer who has used the service or is an employee here.

Vietcombank bank

VietcomBank is the largest joint stock commercial bank in Vietnam, the number of customers looking to VietcomBank to exchange change at the end of the year is always very large, exceeding the supply of this bank. Therefore, if you are not a loyal customer or an employee here, you must register to change money a few months before Tet.

Like most other banks, VietcomBank does not charge a difference fee when exchanging change. The procedure is also very simple and fast.


Separated from the State Bank of Vietnam, VietinBank is always in the top of the largest commercial joint stock banks in our country. The number of customers is large, the number of people who choose VietinBank to exchange money at the end of the year is also very large.

Like most other banks, VietinBank cannot provide enough change at the end of each year for all customers in need. But if you are a VIP customer, a loyal customer here, then you will be a priority object.


BIDV is also one of the reputable addresses you can consider to exchange change at the end of the year. There are more than 190 branches and 815 transaction offices nationwide, finding transaction offices to change change at BIDV is very convenient.

However, the amount of retail money supplied to the market at the end of the year of BIDV is somewhat more limited than the above banks. If you want to change change at this bank, you should pay attention to register before Tet to have a higher success rate.


SacomBank also applies change of money during the Lunar New Year for VIP customers, loyal customers and employees as a form of gratitude. SacomBank has a team of enthusiastic staff, ready to assist customers in all transactions.

Sacombank will be a great choice, ensuring your benefits when exchanging change here. Note that you need to be in the eligible case to be able to prioritize using this service.

VPBank Bank

VPBank is one of the oldest commercial joint stock banks in Vietnam. If you are a regular customer using services at VPBank, you will be given priority to change change or new money at the end of the year. Don’t miss your chance to exchange change for free here.

ACB bank

Since 1993 until now, ACB has been trusted by many customers to use its services, and ACB is also grateful to customers by exchanging free change during the Lunar New Year for customers.

ACB also does not charge any money exchange difference. However, the amount of money in small denominations is not much, and ACB only gives priority to loyal customers and employees.


With 28 years of operation in serving customers nationwide, TechcomBank is present in all provinces and cities in Vietnam. Techcombank’s change service is also overloaded at the end of the year like most other banks. If Techcombank is the nearest bank in your place, for convenient change of change you should consider registering to change before Tet.

How much should the new (odd) currency be exchanged?

Because the supply of change is limited, especially at the end of the year due to high demand, banks will normally limit the amount of money that can be exchanged per individual. Therefore, you should consider choosing the appropriate denomination and quantity.

How much should the new (odd) currency be exchanged?
How much should the new (odd) currency be exchanged?

The change is not only to serve the needs of lucky money, to celebrate the old age, but also to be used by Vietnamese people to offer ceremonies and go to pagodas on the first days of the year. This is a characteristic culture that has existed for a long time.

The retail denominations are usually exchanged at banks such as 1000 VND, 2000 VND, 5000 VND, 10,000 VND, 20,000 VND, 50,000 VND.

What to do if you can’t change change at the bank to meet your needs?

Of course, changing money at a bank is always the best and most reliable option. But what if you are unlucky enough to be able to change change at banks or have more needs than the limit that the bank allows to change?

Lamchutaichinh.vn would like to suggest you a few ways below:

  • Change money at grocery stores, shops…: If you’re lucky, you can change change with a decent amount. However, this method also has many limitations due to high demand, not many shop owners agree to change change on this occasion.
  • Look for fee-for-money exchange services. However, these services often charge quite high fees and have many associated risks. You need to think carefully, find a safe address to make transactions to avoid “lost money”.


Changing change during the Lunar New Year has become an annual practice as a necessity. Hopefully the information that Lamchutaichinh.vn just shared helped you get an answer for where to change money, is there a fee? Wish you success in changing change, new money at the bank during the nearest Lunar New Year.


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