At which trees can Agribank cards be withdrawn?? It is a problem that many customers are interested in today. If you do not grasp the information related to the bank associated with Agribank. Then everyone will encounter a case of withdrawing money at the trees of the unaffiliated bank.

Which banks is Agribank associated with? What are the consequences of withdrawing money at an unconnected ATM? In today’s article, let’s learn about this information.

What is Agribank ATM card?

Agribank ATM card is a card that supports customers to pay in cash. Launched by Agribank to customers using the bank’s services. Bring a lot of benefits to users.

When using Agribank’s ATM card. People can easily use transactions at ATMs or POS machines.At which trees can Agribank cards be withdrawn?

Agribank ATM card linked to your bank account. When using, you can easily manage your hearing loss. People can register for more electronic banking services of Agribank. To be able to take advantage of many features of Agribank.

Introduction of Agribank ATM cards

Agribank was established in 1988. After more than 30 years of development, Agribank has become one of the major banks in Vietnam market. To meet the needs of customers, Agribank has provided many types of cards. To be able to suit each target audience.

Debit Card

For Agribank debit cards. Customers will need to register with the bank to open a card. After that, it will recharge to be able to use it, if your body runs out of money, it will not be able to use it anymore. Currently, Agribank offers 2 types of debit cards:

  • Domestic debit card: With this card, people will be able to transact within the country.
  • International Debit Card: When you use this card, you will be able to use transactions abroad.


A credit card is a card issued to you by your bank. At the same time will issue an amount in the card. Customers can use that money, then pay back to the bank. The amount given by the bank will depend on your condition. The bank will then issue an announcement of how much you can use.

In which trees can Agribank cards be withdrawn?

Not everyone uses Agribank’s services. Also know which bank this bank is affiliated with. And my card can be withdrawn at any bank. With the above questions, below we will introduce a list of banks associated with Agribank.At which trees can Agribank cards be withdrawn?

  • Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade – Vietinbank
  • Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam – Vietcombank
  • Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – BIDV
  • DongA Bank – DongA Bank
  • Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank – Techcombank
  • Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank – ACB
  • Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank – Sacombank
  • Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank for Industry and Trade – Saigonbank
  • Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank – MBBank
  • Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank – Eximbank
  • Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Bank – MSB
  • Mekong Delta Housing Development Bank – MHB
  • An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank – ABBank
  • Ocean Commercial Joint Stock Bank – OceanBank
  • Southeast Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank – SeABank
  • Vietnam Russia Joint Venture Bank – VRB
  • Petrolimex Petroleum Commercial Joint Stock Bank – PG Bank
  • Vietnam Construction Commercial Joint Stock Bank – CB Bank
  • Nam A Bank – Nam A Bank
  • Co-opBank of Vietnam – Co-opBank
  • Global Petroleum Commercial Joint Stock Bank – GPBank
  • Vietnam Public Commercial Joint Stock Bank – (former Western Bank) PVcomBank
  • Nam Viet Commercial Joint Stock Bank – Navibank
  • Viet A Commercial Joint Stock Bank – VietA Bank
  • Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank – TPBank
  • Phuong Nam Commercial Joint Stock Bank – Phuong Nam Bank
  • International Commercial Joint Stock Bank – VIBank Prosperity Commercial Joint Stock Bank – VP Bank
  • Bao Viet Commercial Joint Stock Bank – BaoViet Bank
  • Hong Leong Bank Limited – VNHLBVN
  • LienVietPost Bank – LienVietPost bank
  • Ho Chi Minh City Housing Development Commercial Joint Stock Bank. Ho Chi Minh – HD Bank
  • Indo Vina Bank Limited – IVB
  • Saigon Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank – SHB
  • VID Public Joint Venture Bank – VID Public
  • Bac A Commercial Joint Stock Bank – Nasbank
  • Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank – OCB
  • Standard Chartered Bank Limited – SCVN
  • Shinhanvina Bank One Member Limited – Shinhanvina Bank
  • Viet Capital Bank – Viet Capital Bank
  • Kien Long Commercial Joint Stock Bank – KienLongbank
  • Mekong Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank – MDB

Above are 42 banks associated with Agribank. People can withdraw money from the ATMs of 42 banks now.

Withdrawal limit of Agribank ATM card

The withdrawal limit at ATMs will be different for each bank. If people want to withdraw a larger amount, they can go directly to the bank branch for support.

The withdrawal limit at the tree by Agribank ATM card is as follows:

MinimumMax/ 1 timeMaximum/1 day
At Agribank’s ATM10,000VND5 million VND25 million VND
At the ATM of the affiliated bank3 million VND

Agribank ATM card withdrawal fee

Fees for withdrawing money at Agribank’s ATM card will be regulated separately by each bank. The fee you have to pay when withdrawing money at an Agribank tree will be lower than when withdrawing money at an ATM of another bank. Specific withdrawal fees are as follows:

  • Agribank withdrawal fee at ATMs in the banking system: 1,100 VND/transaction.
  • Fees for withdrawing money at other banks’ ATMs: Ranging from 3,300 VND back.
  • For credit cards, it will depend on the type of card and how much you withdraw. Normally, the withdrawal fee will be 2% of the withdrawal amount and the minimum is 20,000 VND / 1 transaction.

Why can’t I withdraw money at an ATM?

When you make a withdrawal at Agribank’s ATM. Many customers often encounter the error of not being able to withdraw money at the tree. So what is the cause? Please follow below:

  • Customers enter incorrect information related to the password, so they cannot withdraw money.
  • The amount in your account is not enough to execute your transaction.
  • Due to the ATM machine used up, customers cannot withdraw money.
  • Because the ATM is faulty, you need to go to a customer bank’s ATM to try again.

Notes when withdrawing money with Agribank ATM card at the tree

When people withdraw money at an ATM, you need to pay attention to a few things:

  • Cash withdrawals are not allowed at unaffiliated bank ATMs. Otherwise, your card will be lost at that bank’s ATM.
  • When entering the PIN code, avoid entering the wrong link 3 times. If you wrongly entered Agribank pin code more than 3 times your card will be locked and flashed at the tree.
  • When withdrawing money, you should choose ATMs with a lot of people passing by, to avoid the risk of being robbed.
  • Enter the PIN you need to cover with your hand to avoid the bad guys placing the camera.


Answer the question At which trees can Agribank cards be withdrawn?? Knowing the banks associated with Agribank will help you make transactions easier. If you have any questions, please leave feedback for free support.



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