Industrial real estate after a period of freezing because of Covid-19; back in 2022 with countless projects causing waves of investors to be continuously expanded and promoted. Let’s find out the details of the industrial real estate market today!

What is industrial real estate?

Industrial real estate is conceptually understood as investment projects and construction of industrial parks (IZs), factories used for business or for rent; warehouses, offices, or urban areas and investment projects on premises for the purpose of serving industrial production.

In fact, in the current market, there are many industrial parks deployed; but the capacity to meet has not kept pace with the demand. Therefore, the industrial real estate market segment is still in short supply; and scarce, there is not enough demand.

What is industrial real estate?

Why is industrial real estate a good omen?

According to an interview with senior consultant industrial services Savills Vietnam. Representative Mr. John Campbell said, after the US-China trade tensions; at the same time, as well as free trade agreements (FTAs) have contributed to helping Vietnam have more great opportunities to attract investment capital from other countries. Leading to positive and direct impacts on Vietnam’s industrial real estate industry.

Besides, the elimination of 99% of taxes on the customs route; The goods after being signed will contribute to increasing the attraction to the industrial real estate sector and gradually become the focus.

Why is industrial real estate a good omen?

Situation of industrial real estate market in Vietnam

Statistics on the situation up to the middle of 2017; nationwide, a total of 325 industrial parks (IZs) were established with a total natural land area of ​​94.9 thousand ha; and 16 economic zones (EZs) located along the coast have been established with a total land and water surface area of ​​approximately 815 thousand ha.

Industrial parks and economic zones have attracted 375 foreign investment projects, which is a relatively impressive number. Besides, there are 318 domestic investment projects that are equally competitive. In Vietnam, many leading corporations in the world have chosen and set up development factories such as Samsung, Intel, etc.

The development of industrial zones has contributed to creating a relatively complete newly developed infrastructure system; long-term value; It not only serves the production purposes of industrial zones but also contributes to urban embellishment. Change most of the local face, upgrade; accelerate the development of urban areas.

This is also the breakthrough point that brings efficiency in infrastructure construction; and promote the process of economic restructuring in the direction of industrialization and modernization. In particular, industrial real estate in Hai Phong is also increasing hot at this time.

Situation of industrial real estate market in Vietnam

Promising industrial real estate 2022

In the past year 2019, rental rates in industrial parks in Vietnam have made good progress; and tends to increase with the occupancy rate increasing day by day. Besides, Ho Chi Minh City also continues to be the place with the highest land and factory rents in the South with an expensive price of 162 USD/m2/lease period. Standing in second place after Ho Chi Minh City is Dong Nai province with the price of 160 USD/m2/lease cycle.

Besides the two areas, Binh Duong and Long An, they are also catching up with the rapid urbanization rate; With developed infrastructure, it is considered to be very potential in the coming time.

Future development prospects with lots of promise; there will be about 18,290 ha of land that has been oriented for industrial development in the southern region, especially most of the supply will be concentrated mainly in potential provinces such as Long An, Binh Duong and Dong Nai. Besides, other provinces will also be oriented to develop comprehensively; leading to a rise in industrial real estate stocks is predictable.

Industrial real estate projects

Hoa Binh is a locality that has so far had very few real estate projects in industrial zones. However, recently this place has appeared a huge project on construction investment; and infrastructure of Nhuan Trach Industrial Park, with the total area after being added is more than 213 hectares in 2 communes Nhuan Trach and Cu Yen (Luong Son district). With a total large-scale investment of nearly 2,400 billion VND; led by investor Hoa Phu – Hoa Binh Co., Ltd.

The Prime Minister has also approved the investment policy of the investment project to build and trade in infrastructure of Tam Thang Industrial Park expansion (Quang Nam province). Project scale expands up to 248.9 ha; with a total investment capital of over 768 billion VND. The main investor is Chu Lai Industrial Park Infrastructure Development One Member Limited Liability Company.

In addition, Dong Thap Provincial People’s Committee also officially approved the policy of Phat Dat investment research. Accordingly, this company will conduct research on 3 large industrial park projects in Cao Lanh district. Including 3 industrial zones: Cao Lanh Industrial Park, Cao Lanh II Industrial Park; and Cao Lanh III Industrial Park. Total investment for all 3 projects can be more than 14,720 billion VND; is divided into 2 phases. Phase I (from 2021 to 2025) to develop the scale of 1,000 hectares; Phase II (2026 – 2030, scale development from 1,000 ha or more).

Industrial real estate projects

Factory for rent should or not?

According to the head of the Management Board of Da Nang Hi-Tech Park and Industrial Parks – Mr. Pham Truong Son; In order to shorten the implementation time of industrial park projects, many investors choose to rent ready-built factories.

In the high IPs in the localities, there are already some investors in large-scale factory projects. For the purpose of leasing as the factory project of Long Hau Company; with a scale of nearly 30 hectares and a total investment of over 1,000 billion VND has been completed and handed over to 2 Japanese enterprises.

Besides, Mr. Doan Duy Hung also commented on industrial zones; new-generation industrial clusters with more upgraded logistics features; warehouses and factories, especially urban service functions…) have been constantly increasing the attraction of investors.

Factory for rent should or not?

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