When there is no need to use the account anymore, many people want to cancel their Sacombank accounts so as not to be charged monthly maintenance fees. However, people still don’t know how to do it. The following article nganhangnongthon will guide you cancel, delete and close Sacombank Pay account Online 2022 quickly. Please read the information shared below right now.

Instructions to cancel, delete and close Sacombank Pay accounts

Conditions for canceling, deleting and closing Sacombank Pay accounts

Currently, most banks support customers to easily cancel and close their accounts. Here are some conditions for canceling, deleting and closing Sacombank Pay accounts that everyone needs to know more about:

  • With a regular checking account, the user is required to withdraw the entire amount currently in the account and complete the previous service fees.
  • With a credit account, the account holder is required to pay off all outstanding balances on the card, including principal and interest, before closing the account.
  • In the event that the account still has other unpaid fees, you must also complete the fee (if any).

If you meet the above conditions, you just need to follow the instructions to cancel, delete and close your Sacombank Pay account in the sections below.

How to cancel, delete and close Sacombank Pay account

In order to create initiative for users, Sacombank Pay bank supports deleting accounts in many different ways. When in need, you can refer to one of the 4 ways below.

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Lock your Sacombank Pay account online on the app

A small note is that Sacombank allows users to actively lock cards but not online accounts. So if you want to lock your account, please read more below, and if you want to lock your Sacombank card, follow the steps below.

How to cancel, close and lock Sacombank card details:

  • Step 1: Log in to Sacombank Pay app.
  • Step 2: At the homepage, select “My Account” > then select “Accounts and cards” > select “Card” > select “Activate/lock/unlock”.
  • Step 3: Receive verification code from phone message> enter OTP to confirm transaction> Successfully lock Sacombank card.

Cancel/lock Sacombank account via call center phone

Sacombank’s call center is the place to answer questions and complaints from users during the use of the service. If you want to cancel your Sacombank account by phone, follow the steps below.

Instructions to cancel/lock Sacombank account via call center:

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  • Step 1: Directly call Sacombank’s customer care phone number 1900 555 588 > Follow the instructions to meet the operator.
  • Step 2: Present the need to lock the bank account > Provide information including: full name, account number, phone number, ID card/CCCD,…. reason for account lockout (if any).
  • Step 3: Wait for the staff to check and lock the account > Receive notification of successful temporary lockout.

Deleting/closing Sacombank accounts at transaction counters

The quick way to delete and close your Sacombank account is to go directly to the bank’s counter for support. This may apply to temporary or permanent account closures.

Instructions for deleting/closing Sacombank accounts at the following transaction counters:

  • Step 1: Go to Sacombank branch in the area > draw number and wait for transaction.
  • Step 2: Present valid ID/CCCD > Ask staff to handle the temporary or permanent closure/deletion of Sacombank account.
  • Step 3: Fill in the account closing request form > Double check that all information is correct.
  • Step 4: If there is still money in the account, then proceed to withdraw all the money > Pay off all outstanding fees (if any).
  • Step 5: The staff informed that the account was successfully deleted > Hand over the Sacombank ATM card.

*Note: If you decide to delete an account, all transactions related to that account will not be possible. Therefore, before deciding to delete, cancel or close your Sacombank account, consider carefully.

When to cancel, delete and close Sacombank Pay account?

When to cancel, delete and close Sacombank Pay account? It is also a question asked by many people. In fact, there are two cases of canceling and deleting Sacombank accounts: the user actively deletes, the other is the system automatically deletes and cancels the account.

Account holders should delete their Sacombank bank accounts when:

  • Owner of too many bank accounts at once. Sometimes many people open an account just to hunt for a discount code, or want to use the account opening offer without the main purpose. Owning an account means you will have to pay the bank’s monthly and yearly maintenance fees. This will cost the budget. Therefore, account owners need to delete unused accounts to both avoid confusion and save unnecessary costs.
  • If your phone or sim is lost or your bank card is lost, people can temporarily lock your account to secure information. Then, go to Sacombank to request to open an account and change the password.
  • When suspecting that an account has been leaked information, someone else who knows the login password should also close the account to limit the appropriation of property.

The reasons leading to Sacombank’s bank account being locked are as follows:

  • The bank account has expired. The system will automatically lock your account.
  • The account holder owes the credit card too long and there is no sign of payment.
  • The account has not been used for an extended period of time. Normally, within 1 year of not using the bank, the account will be locked.

Frequently asked questions about closing Sacombank Pay accounts

Is there a fee to cancel Sacombank account?

Deleting, canceling your Sacombank bank account will not be charged any fees. If yes, it is the monthly maintenance service fee that you have not paid before. The good news is that if customers do not have any fees incurred when deleting their account permanently, they will be refunded the original ATM card fee of 50k.

Can I use Sacombank to close my bank account?

People note that, when closing a Sacombank bank account, the ATM card will also be closed accordingly. Because the account is the main information, closing / deleting / canceling the account also means closing all related services, including ATM cards.

An account that has been permanently closed will not be reopened. If you want to use Sacombank again, you must re-register for a new account. For a temporarily closed account, you can open and use it again at any time if you want.

Sacombank account automatically deleted, closed, how to handle?

If your Sacombank account is automatically deleted, you can try the following steps:

  • Step 1: Go directly to the bank’s transaction office to request to reopen the locked bank account.
  • Step 2: Report does not understand why the account is locked > The instructor explains the reason.
  • Step 3: Fill in the account re-opening form > Show ID/CCCD > Return all to the staff.
  • Step 4: Wait for the staff to compare and check the information and reopen the account for you to use normally.

If I transfer money to a locked account, how can I get it back?

Normally, if a user accidentally transfers money to a locked or canceled account, don’t worry too much. Because, if the bank detects that the receiving account is no longer active, it will automatically return the money back to the transfer account for you. Payment time within 1-2 days. Therefore, everyone can rest assured when encountering this problem.

How to register a new Sacombank account after locking?

After deleting your account permanently, but you still want to register a new account to use it again, you can follow these steps:

New registration: Register by phone number, enter your name, date of birth > Verify OTP code sent via text message > Create password > Login.

Log in:

  • Method 1: Select “Account Management” > select the “Login” function.
  • Method 2: Select any function to go to the login screen.

Forgot password:

  • For forgot password, click “Forgot password” > then enter phone number, OTP authentication code, create a new password.
  • If the account has authenticated email, it will require authentication via email address> access email> confirm> enter OTP code> change new password.

Notes when deleting/closing/cancelling Sacombank accounts

Before deciding to delete your account, you should refer to some of the following notes to make the process go more smoothly:

  • If you really no longer need to use the account, you should close the account to avoid wasting fees.
  • Should close, delete the account in case of really necessary.
  • Deleting a temporary account and reopening it is easier than deleting it permanently.
  • Everyone should be able to distinguish between a bank account and a card account to operate it properly.
  • When you register to open a bank account, you will have to go through many complicated procedures. So, think carefully before deleting it permanently.
  • When the account is locked, all transactions will not be possible.
  • When closing or deleting the main account, the additional accounts and cards will also be closed.
  • If the card is closed due to expiration, you just need to go to the bank to ask for processing and it can be used immediately.
  • Before deleting an account, everyone should take advantage of all the bonus points because as soon as the account is activated, all bonus points and information will be deleted in the data.
  • If you have decided to close your account, you should hand over your ATM card, especially with a chip card, for the bank to process.

Cancel, delete and close Sacombank Pay account is a service that the bank supports all of its customers free of charge. When there is a need, people can take the initiative to do it at any time. Hopefully, the above article of nganhangnongthon has helped you answer some of your questions for a long time. Good luck everyone!

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