If the customer wants to register redo Vietcombank card online then read this article. Bankcuatoi will guide you what to prepare. Also send information about card renewal fee and time to receive new card.

Many of you unfortunately lost your Vietcombank ATM card. And when the card is no longer available, we cannot withdraw money at the ATM anymore. Therefore, it is necessary to do it again immediately after losing the card. But do not know how to do it and below will guide you.

Can I renew my Vietcombank card online?

There are many customers who want redo Vietcombank card online. But Vietcombank does not support the online card redo function. It only supports customers who can register to open a new ATM card of Vietcombank. When the card is lost and wants to re-do the card, it is mandatory for the customer to bring their ID/CCCD to the branch to be able to re-do the card.redo Vietcombank card

So we can’t redo Vietcombank ATM card online Okay. Go to the bank immediately to ask the staff to help you with the procedures to open the card.

What do you need to prepare to redo a Vietcombank card?

Before going to the bank’s counter to apply for a new card. Here are a few things you need to prepare:

  • Identification documents such as: ID card/CCCD or valid Passport.
  • Prepare an amount of 50,000 VND to pay fees if the bank requires.
  • Old Vietcombank ATM card if you still have it.

Note: The cardholder must personally visit the bank to have the right to reopen the card. If you ask someone else to bring your ID, it is not allowed. Please remember this to avoid wasting time.

How to apply for a new Vietcombank ATM card at the counter?redo Vietcombank card

  • Step 1: Bring the cardholder’s identity document to the Vietcombank transaction branch where you opened the card.
  • Step 2: Meet with the banker and tell him you want to renew your bank’s ATM card.
  • Step 3: Bank staff will accept your request. After that, you will be given a form to re-register your ATM card.
  • Step 4: People need to correct your information so the bank’s paper form. Then hand it back to the banker and identification documents.
  • Step 5: At this time, the bank staff will proceed to confirm the information you have provided. If the information you provided is correct. The bank will agree to redo ATM cards for everyone. You receive the appointment letter and wait until the date to be able to get the card.

How long does it take to redo a Vietcombank ATM card?

There are many customers who are wondering and asking if it takes a long time to redo the card? With this question we will answer you as follows. When completing the procedures at the bank’s counter. You will be issued an appointment letter by the staff to pick up the card. Usually the time for people to get the card is from 7 to 10 days. On the day, the bank staff will also send a notification about your phone number to avoid forgetting.

Vietcombank ATM card renewal fee

According to the fee schedule prescribed by Vietcombank, the card re-issuance fee will be 50,000 VND/card. Customers will no longer have to pay the minimum fee to pay into the account, but only have to pay the card renewal fee.


The above article will guide you on how to redo Vietcombank card Free online does not take much time. Please follow the instructions above to avoid errors during the card making process. Those who have lost their card should quickly go to the bank to register to enjoy the benefits that the card brings.

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