Sacombank ATM card is a card issued by Sacombank. This type of card gives users a lot of convenience in the process of using the card. So the registration process make Sacombank card online how? This is a question asked by many customers.

For customers whose working time coincides with Sacombank. It is very difficult to make a Sacombank ATM card directly at a bank. So with today’s article, will guide you on how to register for an ATM Sacombank card online.

Can I make Sacombank ATM card online at home?

With the previous time, to be able to open Sacombank ATM card. People can only go directly to branches and transaction counters to open cards. But with today’s developing technology. Sacombank is supporting customers to register for online Sacombank card at home.

Everyone just needs to make a card with the instructions and fill out the information on the bank’s form. Everyone can quickly register for a Sacombank card online. Registering to open a card online is a method chosen by many customers. Because this is a quick form that doesn’t take much time.

Advantages when registering to open Sacombank cards online

When registering to open Sacombank ATM card online. How will people get benefits? When registering to open Sacombank card online, people will receive the following advantages:

  • Customers do not need to go directly to the bank to open a Sacombank card.
  • Saving customers’ time in the process of registering to open Sacombank ATM cards.
  • The card registration process is very easy. People can proceed to register at any end.
  • Register right on the phone quickly and does not take much time.

Conditions and procedures for making Sacombank cards online

To be able to register to open Sacombank ATM card online. You need to learn about the conditions and procedures before applying for a Sacombank bank card online. Regulations on conditions as well as necessary documents to be able to proceed with registration.

Once the year is clear, the information about the conditions and procedures at the bank is clear. Everyone will be able to proceed with the registration steps without any errors. The following are the conditions and procedures for applying for Sacombank ATM card online.

Conditions of card opening

  • Being a Vietnamese customer or a foreigner who needs to open an ATM card at Sacombank.
  • The age to open Sacombank ATM cards online is 18 years or older.
  • Have a smart device connected to the Internet to be able to proceed with the registration.
  • Have full capacity for civil liability of close friends.
  • Already have an account at Sacombank.

Card opening procedure

The registration procedure for opening a Sacombank ATM card is very simple. Everyone just needs to prepare some documents like ID/CCCD/Passport expiration date. After that, you will be able to register for an online card.

Instructions on how to make Sacombank card online at home

Everyone registers to open Sacombank payment cards at home. The registration process is very simple, people can do it directly on the bank’s web site. To proceed with registration to open Sacombank card online. People follow these instructions:

Step 1: Go to Sacombank’s card registration page here.

Step 2: At the online registration section, people choose the type of card they want to register. In this article, we will show you how to open a Sacombank payment card online. So people choose the “Register date” in the payment card.make Sacombank card online

Step 3: First, to register, you need to choose the type of card you want to register at the first section. Then proceed to select the nearest branch or card-receiving counter.make Sacombank card online

make Sacombank card online

Step 4: Proceed to fill in the information as the system displays. You need to fill out completely and accurately with your information to avoid encountering errors.make Sacombank card online

Step 5: Then agree to provide information and allow Sacombank to use your information. Then select “Submit registration information“.make Sacombank card online

When everyone has successfully submitted the registration information for Sacombank ATM card. The system will send you a notification when your card is completed. Everyone needs to go to the correct bank branch to receive their ATM card.

Is there a fee to register for a Sacombank card online?

When opening a card at Sacombank, everyone will be supported by the bank to register for a free ATM card. But according to the regulations of your card bank when it has just been opened, the bank stipulates that the balance must be at least 50,000 VND or more.

Therefore, when opening an account, customers need to make a deposit, then the bank will use this money as a maintenance fee for your account including the card. When customers use domestic payment cards, the fee will be 99,000 VND/ when issuing ATM cards.

The following is the fee table of Sacombank’s ATM card. People can refer to when using the card in the table below:

Fee typeNapas . domestic payment cardSacombank Visa Debit payment cardVisa Impival Signature payment card
Card issuance feeFree Free Free
Card replacement fee149,000VND99,000VND99,000VND
Payment fee at ATMFreeFreeFree
Phi to look up transactions at ATMsFreeFreeFree
Fee for changing the credit limit of the cardFreeFreeFree
Card late payment fee6% Late payment amount.4% Late payment amount.4% Late payment amount.
ATM card over limit fee0.075%/Day (Minimum 50,000).0.075%/Day (Minimum 50,000).0.075%/Day (Minimum 50,000).
Fee for re-issuance of PIN code of Sacombank ATM cardFreeFree50,000 VND/ 1 time.
Fees for overseas transfer0.05% min 55,000 max 4.400.0000.05% min 55,000 max 4.400.0000.05% min 55,000 max 4.400.000
Sacombank ATM card re-issuance fee50,000VND/ 1 Time.50,000VND/ 1 Time.50,000VND/ 1 Time.
Special service feeFreeFreebies100,000VND

How long does it take to make a Sacombank card online?

The process of registering for a Sacombank bank card is very quick and simple. Once you have submitted the application for opening a payment card, the system will notify you of the time to go to the bank to get the card. Your card has been completed, the bank will proceed to send a notification to your registered phone number.

At this time, you need to hold the ID card / CCCD or Passport registered as a card. To go to the branch you have chosen to be able to get an ATM card issued by the bank. The time for people to come and receive the card is from 7 to 10 days and will be notified by the bank.


The above article guides you on how to register make Sacombank card online online at home. Very useful information for you in the process of registering and using Sacombank’s ATM card. Thank you all for reading our article.

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