Tutorial how to withdraw money from Vietcombank passbook helping customers to withdraw money from savings accounts. The account holder or authorized person will have the ability to withdraw funds from the book. If you do not know how to withdraw money from Vietcombank passbook, please refer to the article below.

Saving deposit method is chosen by many customers to send money when sending money. At the bank, we will be protected and enjoy receiving a valuable amount of money with interest. But when the deposit contract expires or you have a quick withdrawal, what to do? Please refer to the following steps!

What is Vietcombank passbook settlement?

When we withdraw money from Vietcombank passbook Also known as closing the passbook. This can be understood as we withdraw money from the savings account. The full amount withdrawn will include interest and principal.

how to withdraw money from vietcombank

Currently, customers can withdraw money from Vietcombank savings book in the following ways:

1/ Clearing Vietcombank passbook before due date

When sending money, we will send it according to the terms of the day, week, and month. If the deposit has been deposited with a term, it must be until the date on the contract that the customer is allowed to withdraw the principal and interest.

But if during the deposit process you need money urgently, you can completely withdraw the money before the deadline to use. But at this time, the deposit will not be charged interest but will be charged interest on the demand package.

2/ Paying off on time

Closing Vietcombank passbook on time is when the deposit contract has expired. At this point, you will receive the right amount of interest as promised at the beginning.

Instructions on how to withdraw money from Vietcombank passbook

Customers can withdraw money from Vietcombank passbook by the ways below.

Withdraw money at Vietcombank counters

If you deposit money in a regular deposit package, to withdraw money, you just need to bring your passbook and identification documents to the transaction office. Here, the staff will guide you through the steps for you to withdraw money from the passbook in accordance with regulations.

Withdraw money from Vietcombank online savings book

Currently, online money depositing services are chosen by many customers and send money. Accordingly, customers can deposit and withdraw via VCB – [email protected] and VCB – Mobile [email protected] applications.

√ Finalize accounts on VCB – [email protected]

how to withdraw money from vietcombank

Step 1: Please log in to VCB application – [email protected] or website of Vietcombank.

Step 2: Log in with your account information.

Step 3: Then you click on “Finish account” to proceed with transferring principal and interest to a demand deposit account.

Step 4: Fill in the required information and check the transaction information before paying.

Step 5: Enter the number sequence just displayed and you choose to accept an OTP code will be sent to your phone number.

Step 6: Enter the transaction code and proceed with the account settlement.

Note: Transaction invoices will be emailed and displayed on the screen.

√ Clearing accounts on VCB – Mobile [email protected]

Step 1: Customers who want to close their passbook on VCB Mobile [email protected], please open the installed application.

Step 2: Sign in to the installed application.

Step 3: At the main screen, please select the function “Online savings > Finalization of savings accounts”.

Step 4: Select the savings account and select the destination account and then click continue.

Step 5: Check the information and confirm by clicking continue.

Step 6: An OTP code is sent to your phone number, you enter it to confirm the information.


Here are the instructions how to withdraw money from Vietcombank passbook the fastest. Customers can withdraw money whenever they want with just a few simple steps. Choosing a form of savings deposit with good interest rates will help you get a high profit.

Reference: Lost money in Vietcombank passbook


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