Currently, to meet the maximum needs of people, many banks have implemented the feature of depositing more money into a savings account. This is a way to accumulate long-term, suitable for customers with unstable capital.

So, today’s article nganhangonline will Instructions on how to Add more money to Agribank Online savings account 2022. You can refer to it and implement it to master your finances and create economic stability in the long run in the future.

Instructions on how to Add more money to Agribank Online Savings Account 2022

Completely different from before, when customers want to deposit more money into their opened savings books, they must close the old books and then create a new one. However, when realizing the inadequacy of this form, Agribank implemented a policy of depositing more money into the old book with just a few simple steps.

Currently, Agribank has 02 products that allow customers to deposit more money in their books, including:

  • Deposit accumulated savings at certain periodicity

Customers will be able to deposit more money into the opened savings account. However, it must be sent on the correct date of the month in the established month and the deposit amount is also clearly specified.

Each month, the customer will pay the same amount, the principal and interest will be withdrawn once upon the maturity date according to the savings contract.

  • Deposit accumulated savings without a certain period.

With this product, customers can deposit more money into the accumulating account at any time. Agribank does not stipulate the amount to be deposited or the time of deposit. To put it simply, if you have less, you will send less, if you have more, you will send more depending on your needs and financial conditions.

How to add money to Agribank online savings account

Agribank’s online deposit method is both quick and convenient, so it is chosen by most customers to deposit more savings.

Step 1: Open the installed Mobile Banking/Internet Banking application.

Step 2: Login with User and Pass to access Agribank e-banking system.

Step 3: At the main screen, select the feature “Pay“.

Step 4: Continue to enter the passbook account you want to deposit more money into.

Step 5: Enter the amount you want to deposit, then press “Confirm” for the system to perform the transaction.

Step 6: The screen displays a successful money transfer message, which means that you have completed depositing more money into your savings account.

How to deposit more money into Agribank savings account directly at the counter

There will be many customers who want to make transactions in the “traditional” way, which is to go to the counter to deposit more money into Agribank savings accounts. The specific process is as follows:

Step 1: Find the nearest Agribank branch/transaction office.

Step 2: Present your ID/CCCD and exchange the need to deposit more money into a savings account.

Step 3: Fill in the payment receipt form provided by Agribank.

Step 4: Return the completed receipt with the amount you want to add to your account.

Step 5: The teller checks the information and executes the sending order as required.

Step 6: Return the old passbook to the bank to be issued with a new one (the old one will lose its validity).

Step 7: Complete the transaction and leave the counter.

How to add money to Agribank savings account at an ATM

If you don’t want to go to Agribank, you can choose to save money at an ATM, which is very convenient.

Step 1: Move to the location with the nearest Agribank ATM.

Step 2: Insert the card into the slot, enter the card PIN to be recognized by the system.

Step 3: Select the transaction language (English/Vietnamese).

Step 4: On the machine screen, select the “Transfer“.

Step 5: Enter the correct passbook account number in the receiving account field.

Step 6: Enter the amount you want to add to the book, then press “Confirm“.

Step 7: Complete the transaction to add money to Agribank savings account at the ATM.

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Benefits when customers deposit more money into Agribank online savings account

Agribank’s online payment method has received many positive feedbacks from customers because of the following outstanding benefits and advantages:

  • Customers can be proactive about the transaction time 24/7.
  • All operations are very simple, friendly interface, easy to understand, easy to use.
  • High security, transactions are authenticated by confirmation receipts and authenticated through multiple layers of security, so customers can enjoy the service with peace of mind.
  • The products are diversified on a regular basis, enabling customers to choose to suit their financial plans.
  • Customers can actively withdraw flexibly and close savings accounts on electronic banking channels/Agribank transaction counters.
  • Customers can manage their savings account balance at any time with just a phone/computer connected to the internet.
  • Customers have the right to use their current savings account balance to make loans and confirm the balance to prove their financial capacity.

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Frequently asked questions about Agribank savings accounts

What are the conditions for using Agribank’s online savings deposit service?

To use the online savings deposit service at Agribank, customers need to meet the following conditions:

+ Customers are Vietnamese, have a VND payment account opened at Agribank.

+ Customers who have registered to use E – Mobile Banking, Internet Banking and financial service packages on Internet Banking / issue Agribank debit card.

Which bank card (ATM card) should I make Best, free

+ The payment account used to make online deposit transactions must be an account with normal operating status, with sufficient available balance.

+ When opening an online deposit account, Agribank will deduct money from the customer’s current account to open, the minimum deposit is 01 million dong.

What is Agribank Online Savings Deposit Certificate?

When the transaction of opening/closing a customer’s online savings account is successfully completed, Agribank will authenticate with a confirmation receipt.

This receipt will be displayed on the screen or sent to the email address of the customer who has registered to use E – Mobile Banking, Internet Banking service or transaction invoice at the CDM machine.

How is Agribank’s traffic toll recharge service done?

With the desire to help customers conveniently pay road use fees when traveling through automatic toll booths that do not stop. Agribank has implemented the service to top up VETC/EPASS traffic accounts on Agribank E – Mobile Banking application.

Benefits of the service

  • Helps reduce congestion, accidents, pollution and cash constraints.
  • Save time, fuel and increase the life of the vehicle.
  • Avoid loss and save station construction costs, station personnel and ticket/paper printing fees.

Conditions for using the service

  • Customers already have a payment deposit account in VND and have registered to use Agribank E – Mobile Banking service.
  • The account must have enough balance and limit to be able to deposit money into VETC/EPASS.

Steps to deposit money into VETC/EPASS

Step 1: Log in to Agribank E – Mobile Banking application.

Step 2: Select feature “Recharge servicethen select service provider “Deposit money into VETC . account” or “Deposit money into EPASS . account“.

Step 3: Fill in the license plate number, customer code, contract number and enter the amount you want to top up.

Step 4: Verify the transaction, complete the payment process.


In case customers want to receive invoices, they need to perform the following additional steps:

Step 1: Click “New transaction” to return to the Service Recharge initialization screen.

Step 2: Select “Get Bill”, the screen will display charge invoice information.

Step 3: Customers make complete and accurate information:

  • Company.
  • Tax code.
  • Company address.
  • Invoice email.

Then press “Send information“.

Step 4: Customer performs”Verify information” and “Confirm” to send a request.

In addition to this traffic account top-up feature, customers also have the opportunity to experience many other services provided by Agribank such as:

  • Deposit securities.
  • Taxpayer.
  • Pay tuition.
  • Pay for insurance.
  • Pay electricity, water and television bills.
  • Free money transfer/phone recharge.

Through content Instructions on how to Add more money to Agribank Online savings account 2022 just updated above. Surely everyone knows how to transact when there is a need to deposit more money into a savings account opened at Agribank, right? Make a plan to accumulate finances now to be able to take control of your future! Good luck!

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