In case customers lose their Techcombank ATM card. This is something no one wants. What is the first thing we need to do when we lose our card? Redo Techcombank card how new. These are many questions asked by customers suffering from this situation.

The problem of losing or losing cards is not an uncommon problem. So everyone needs to know what to do to not affect the customer’s transactions. With today’s article, we will show you how to apply for a new Techcombank ATM card when lost.

Losing Techcombank ATM card causes what risks?

If in the process of using Techcombank’s card services. People unfortunately lost the bank’s ATM card. Then everyone will face some of the following risks:

  • If the bad guys find your ATM card, they can take it and use it. There is a risk of losing money in your bank account.
  • Bad guys will take your name as card number to use for bad purposes.
  • When the card is lost, the customer will not be able to make transactions at the ATM or pay with the ATM card.
  • You have to re-register for a new ATM card, wasting your customers time and money.

When losing Techcombank ATM card, what to do first?

Currently, there are many customers who do not know what to do when they lose their card. In case your ATM card is lost and if it is certain that it cannot be found again. People can do it in a few ways below.

Locking Techcombank ATM card

The first thing you have to do is notify Techcobank that you lost your card. Then proceed to notify the banker that you want to lock the ATM card to ensure safety. People will need to provide some information so that the bank staff can proceed to confirm your identity.Redo Techcombank card

If it is confirmed that everyone’s information is correct, the staff will proceed to block Techcombank ATM cards for everyone. Card locking is necessary to ensure the safety of your account. So, after locking the payment card, what should I do next? Please continue to watch the section below.

Reference: Instructions on how to temporarily block Techcombank cards

Cancel the card and register a new Techcombank ATM card

Go to your bank and apply for a new Techcombank ATM card. In order not to affect the customer’s transaction process. When going to the bank to proceed with the withdrawal of the old card and register for a new ATM card. Everyone needs to bring identification to be supported by the bank staff.

What are the conditions for redoing Techcombank card?

When re-doing a bank card, it also stipulates a number of conditions as follows:

  • Everyone who wants to apply for a new card needs to go to the same branch that opened your account.
  • Have full identification documents such as ID card/CCCD or Passport with expiry date.
  • Bring 100,000 VND to pay the bank’s new ATM card renewal fee.

Quick guide to re-registering Techcombank card

To be able to re-register for an inviting Techcombank ATM card is very simple. How you just need to follow some basic instructions below:Redo Techcombank card

  • Step 1: Bring your ID to the correct branch where you opened your Techcombank account.
  • Step 2: Meet with the banker and inform them you have lost your card. And want to apply for a new Techcombank card of the bank.
  • Step 3: The bank staff will issue you an information sheet. You need to fill in all the information on that paper for the staff to confirm your identity.
  • Step 4: You will need to sign the confirmation, note the correct signature that you have previously registered with the bank.
  • Step 5: After confirming the payment, the bank staff will proceed to give you an appointment to pick up your new ATM card.

It usually takes 7 to 10 days to receive Techcombank’s ATM card. After that time, the bank will contact you via the phone number registered with the bank.

Answering some questions from customers

Card renewal is still new for some new customers using Techcombank’s services. Here we will answer some questions related to Techcombank card renewal. We invite you to learn more below.

Is there a fee to re-register for Techcombank ATM card?

When re-registering for ATM card of Techcombank. Everyone will have to pay the correct card renewal fee and card loss. Specifically, please refer to the fee for redoing some popular cards below:

card typeCharges
Techcombank Visa Classic international payment card100,000 VND
Techcombank Visa Gold international payment card100,000 VND
Techcombank Visa Priority international payment card100,000 VND
Vietnam Airlines Techcombank Visa Platinum international payment card200,000 VND
Vietnam Airlines Techcombank Visa Platinum Priority international payment card200,000 VND
Techcombank domestic payment card [email protected] Priority100,000 VND
Techcombank domestic payment card [email protected]100,000 VND

Redoing Techcombank ATM card will lose the old account number?

Many customers worry that when applying for a new Techcombank card. My old bank account number will be changed. But don’t worry, the old account number you are using is still the same. Only the ATM card number printed on your card will be changed.

The transactions are mainly on bank account numbers. So this does not affect the customer’s transaction much. So everyone can rest assured to register as a new ATM card of the bank without having to worry about losing the old account number.

If I lost my ID/CCCD, can I get a Techcombank ATM card again?

According to the bank’s regulations, the registration and renewal of a new Techcombank ATM card. An ID card or CCCD is required. Therefore, if customers lose this document, they will not be able to apply for a new bank ATM card.

To be able to proceed with registration for a new Techcombank ATM card. You often go to work again with your ID card or CCCD, then you can redo the card.


The above article guides everyone on how to apply for a new Techcombank card. Card re-issuance fee table of each card type at Techcombank. With the information from the question and answer section, I hope you can grasp useful information. During the registration process and redo your ATM card.

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