In life, we will encounter many urgent cases where we need money urgently to manage, so safe online loan forms were born. Currently, there are many lending units with high limits and moderate interest rates to meet the wishes of many customers. This article, nganhangnongthon will guide you How to borrow money online safelyfastest 2022. Please follow all the content below.

The safest and fastest way to borrow money online

Borrow money online safely through apps, apps

Today, money lending applications have sprung up like mushrooms in Vietnam, many lenders only need ID card, no need to meet. If you want to borrow through the app, you will have to download the loan app to your phone and apply for a loan according to the instructions. The online loan limit at the app will not be too high compared to a mortgage loan at a bank, but in return, this loan is very simple and disbursed quickly.

Although, there are many advantages, but when borrowing through an application, you must consider carefully because many apps have taken advantage of the urgency and urgent need of customers’ money to commit fraud. The cases of fraud we often see are the object of fraud to get customer information and then use your information to borrow money elsewhere, or lend at exorbitant interest rates.

Top safe and reputable online loan apps

Borrowing money online will save you a lot of time. Because, usually, online lenders do not need to meet face-to-face, complicated loan application documents. Customers only need to prepare their ID/CCCD and a phone with an internet connection to be able to get a loan immediately.

App for Online Loans Without Appraisal, Bad Loans

Here are the top most popular safe and reputable online loan apps today:

STTOnline loan unitInterest rate
firstDoctor Dong12% – 20%/year
2Money Oi18 years
3Borrow VND12% – 18%/year
5Moneycat20 years
6Tamo12% – 20%/year
7Vamo12% – 18.25%/year
8Findo12% – 20%/year
9Dong2470% – 4.27%/year
tenCrezu12% – 18%/year
11Borrowing Too EasyMaximum interest rate APR – 3.65%
twelfthConvenient Loans3.65%/year
14ATM Online12 years
15Jeff App12% – 20%/year

Borrow money online safely through the website

In parallel with the form of borrowing money through the application, the lenders support customers to borrow on the website. Borrowing money on the web is like borrowing on the phone, you can apply for a loan at home, or anywhere you want, just have an ID card / CCCD.

One advantage that online loans on the web are favored by more people than loans on the web will help you avoid information disclosure. Normally, people will be worried because when borrowing on the phone, the app will access contacts, personal information will be exposed. But borrowing at the web will fix that.

However, borrowing money online through the website also has the risk that customers are easily deceived by impersonated links, virtual loan links, not genuine. Therefore, when borrowing, please look carefully, check each character exactly before clicking on the link.

New reputable online loan app for quick loans with low interest rates 0%

List of safe online loan websites:


Borrow money online safely by credit card

Borrowing money online via credit card at the bank, you do not need to doubt the credibility anymore. Most banks in Vietnam issue credit cards. Customers can register to create a card and make a quick online loan.

Depending on the monthly income of each person, the loan limit of each person will be different. Borrowing money online with a credit card will not be charged any loan fees, but in return you must pay the loan on time. However, the minus point of this loan is that customers only use it to pay for expenses, shopping, paying tuition fees, etc. but not cash out.

Despite such advantages and disadvantages, online credit card loans are a safe and reputable form of loan that everyone can consider using.

List of the best banks to open credit cards in 2022:

  • Vietcombank bank
  • BIDV Bank
  • HSBC Bank
  • VPBank Bank
  • Citibank
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • VIB . Bank
  • Sacombank Bank
  • Vietinbank
  • Tien Phong Bank

Borrow money online safely via Momo e-wallet

With the current boom of the digital technology industry, Momo e-wallet is a fairly popular application. In addition to being an electronic wallet with the function of transferring, receiving money, paying bills, …. Momo wallet also supports customers to borrow quickly within the day. FastMoney fast loan service provides consumer loan products right on the Momo wallet platform.

Because it is a popular application used by many people, all information at Momo is confidential, not disclosed to 3rd parties during the loan application process. With the integration of SSL/TLS high security technology, all transactions of receiving money disbursement and loan payment are securely encrypted.

The advantages of FastMoney loan at Momo e-wallet include:

  • Various loan packages.
  • Long payment term, up to 7 months.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Allows customers to pay loans in installments.
  • The application is simpler than a bank loan, no proof of income is required.
  • Browse and disburse quickly within the day.
  • All information is absolutely confidential, is a reliable lender.

Borrow money online safely through a financial company

In addition to the above ways, if you need money quickly, get a quick loan, a financial company will be a “salvation” for you. Normally, loans at financial companies will not require customers to mortgage assets, prove financial or pay payroll statements, etc.

The loan procedure at a financial company is extremely simple, you just need to provide your ID/CCCD and have the ability to repay the loan. However, many first-time borrowers still do not know how to borrow safely, so read more notes when borrowing below.

  • Be sure to find out if the interest rate is within your ability to pay off your debt before signing a loan contract.
  • According to Vietnamese law, the lending interest rate cannot exceed 20%/year. You should base this on when taking out a loan, even the monthly interest rate consulting companies may sound very low, but you should also recalculate.
  • Note, the loan contract between the customer and the financial company is a civil contract, if the borrower really wants to clear the debt, cancel that intention immediately because it is likely to be sued in court.
  • Debt collection by using threatening, insulting, libelous, and even slanderous words online is against the law.
  • Please consider carefully your ability to repay before deciding to borrow money from a financial company. Because if you are 1 day late to pay your debt, you will also be charged a high interest rate, even if you are assessed bad debt, which will affect your personal profile later.

Lending financial companies have advantages and disadvantages, but we cannot deny their ability to disburse quickly and to suit the borrowing needs of many people. Some popular financial lending units today: Mcredit, Home Credit, EVN Finance, Easy Credit, FE Credit,,….

Borrow money online safely from the company support fund

Many companies have employee benefits that allow them to borrow money from a mutual fund. For the case of economic difficulties, the family is sick, managing to pay school fees for their children, etc. will often be loaned by the company with extremely low interest rates. However, not every company has a regime, but so you can ask the human resources department first.

Borrow money online safely from the shelter fund

Maybe many people do not know this form of loan, but in Vietnam there is a home fund that helps people borrow money to pay school fees for their children when they are in difficult circumstances. Although the advantage of online loans here is that there is no interest rate, you must prepare all the following documents when applying for a loan.

  • ID/CCCD of the borrower.
  • Certificate of poverty, near poverty, or any kind of certificate of hardship.
  • Student certification, tuition fee receipt, tuition fee payment notice.

Questions related to safe online loans

What do online loan documents include?

The procedure to apply for a loan online is much more streamlined than that of an online meeting. Borrowers only need to provide the following documents:

  • ID/CCCD is still valid.
  • License.
  • Borrower information.
  • Phone number.
  • Bank account number.

Do online loans accept bad debt?

Loan apps and websites now accept bad debt. Borrowers only need to have a valid ID/CCCD to get a quick loan without any problems. However, when borrowing by credit card or bank loan, the customer’s financial company will have a loan limit if there is a history of bad debt.

Scams when borrowing money online?

When borrowing money online, you need to be more careful with sophisticated scams as follows:

  • Masquerading as a bank officer, financial private employee, customer care online loan unit to access and exploit information.
  • Set up fake websites, almost similar links to trick customers into accessing and hacking personal data.
  • Fake messages Brandname, brand name like a real bank to perform fraud.
  • The contract says one thing, but the interest rate is another, the loan information does not match.
  • Taking advantage of the gullibility of customers to appropriate property.
  • Seducing customers to borrow many apps, borrow new apps to pay for old apps, and so on, the amount of debt increases dramatically.

How to get money back after being scammed?

The only way to handle when you are trapped in a hot loan scam is to report it to the authorities. You can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Collect evidence of fraud.
  • Step 2: Report to the authorities.
  • Step 3: Wait for the authorities to verify the case.
  • Step 4: Conduct investigations.
  • Step 5: Prosecuting and adjudicating fraud cases.
  • Step 6: Execution of judgments, recovery of fraudulent money.

Notes when borrowing money online safely

To ensure personal interests, everyone should refer to the following safety tips when borrowing money online:

  • Be careful when providing information to apply for a loan.
  • Know the terms of the contract before you sign.
  • Find a reputable loan company with clear legality, be careful of scams.
  • Consider your ability to pay debt and interest.

Today, there are many different lenders and loan types on the market. You should be very careful, research carefully the information before deciding to borrow. This article has completed the instructions on nganhangnongthon How to borrow money online safely, limit fraud. Hope the above content is useful to readers. Good luck with your loan!

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