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Information about financial company PPF

PPF Financial Company was established in 1997 in the Czech Republic as a large-scale economic group. Over the years of construction and development, PPF always brings value and supports many customers to overcome financial problems.

Information about financial company PPF
Information about financial company PPF

In 2009, PPF changed its name to Credit One Member Limited Liability Company. Therefore, when applying for a loan at PPF, it is similar to that of customers who are borrowing at Home Credit – a leading financial company in Vietnam.

What is PPF installment loan?

PPF installment cash loan is a form of loan that customers do not have to mortgage personal assets. Loans up to 100 million can be borrowed and the interest and principal amounts will be added together and paid monthly.

Customers can choose the limit and loan period depending on their financial ability to be able to balance and pay the interest and principal on time.

Advantages of PPF installment loans

When customers choose to borrow money at PPF, they will receive the advantages of this type of loan, which can be mentioned as:

  • Customers do not have to mortgage personal property.
  • Simple registration procedures and documents, quick disbursement within 24 hours.
  • Loan support limit is up to 100 million VND.
  • Competitive interest rates compared to other financial institutions.
  • Flexible loan period, diverse loan packages.

What are the forms of PPF unsecured loans?

Let’s learn about the types of PPF unsecured loans below to better understand and have a suitable loan plan.

What are the forms of PPF unsecured loans?
What are the forms of PPF unsecured loans?

PPF installment cash loan

The form of installment cash loan at PPF supports customers to borrow with a limit of up to 100 million to serve personal consumption purposes such as shopping, medical examination and treatment, buying a house, car, etc. Can spend advance and pay interest later with a payment term of up to 4 years.

PPF installment loan

Installing loans at PPF will be supported by the company for items such as air conditioners, washing machines, televisions, motorbikes, phones, laptops, etc. Customers can pay 20-30% of the value in advance and then pay later. monthly installments at PPF to complete the loan.

Support a maximum loan limit of 30 million VND with a maximum installment term of 36 months, depending on the customer’s choice of a limit that suits their needs.

PPF installment loan conditions

To qualify for a PPF installment loan, customers need to fully meet the following criteria:

  • Customers aged 20 years or older, are Vietnamese citizens.
  • Customers have full ID card/CCCD or valid Passport.
  • Have a stable income and job.
  • There is no bad debt at other financial units and banks.

Dossier of unsecured loan PPF

When you have met the conditions to borrow money at PPF, you proceed to prepare the following documents and documents:

  • Personal papers valid ID/CCCD or Passport.
  • Household registration book or certificate of temporary residence registration in the locality.
  • Required documents such as payroll, labor contract, electricity and water bill, Internet, etc.

What is the PPF unsecured loan interest rate?

Interest rates when customers borrow money at PPF will range from 1.66%/month. This interest rate will be customized from time to time with different types of loan profiles.

When borrowing money, if customers can prove their ability to repay with stable income, they will get good interest rates and higher loan limits. For customers who pay on time, they will also receive a loan package with a preferential interest rate later.

The easiest way to apply for PPF installment cash loan

To register for an installment cash loan at PPF (Home Credit), you can do it in two ways: online or in person.

The easiest way to apply for PPF installment cash loan
The easiest way to apply for PPF installment cash loan

PPF Cash Loan Online

  • Step 1: Visit Home Credit’s website or download the app to your phone to start registering for an account.
  • Step 2: After successfully logging in and applying for an online loan, enter your phone number and select “Sign contract online”.
  • Step 3: In the field of entering the contract number, you will call the Call Center 02838999666 to ask the support staff to enter the contract code.
  • Step 4: You wait about 15 minutes to receive a message about the loan approval at PPF.
  • Step 5: Staff at PPF will guide you to the transaction location to sign the contract and disburse when your loan application is valid.

Borrow PPF money at transaction counters

  • Step 1: When you go to PPF transaction points, bring all relevant documents to borrow money.
  • Step 2: Staff at PPF will support and advise you on your loan.
  • Step 3: During the registration process, PPF will call to verify the loan, if it meets the requirements, will sign the contract and disburse.
  • Step 4: Disbursement time, you can receive money to your account within 24 hours. Note that you should pay attention to the time to be able to pay on time each month to avoid delay will incur additional penalty fees according to the contract regulations.

What is the PPF loan application process?

The process of loan approval at PPF finance company with installment loans will take place as follows:

  • After you have contacted and provided all the information to complete the PPF installment loan.
  • The PPF department will begin to verify and check that the information you provide is correct or not. Check your loan credit history nationwide.
  • Notify the results, if your application is approved, the staff will notify you to come directly at the branch or transaction office to sign the contract and receive the disbursement within 24 hours.

Should I borrow PPF cash in installments?

If you are looking for a reputable, safe, long-term operation financial support loan installment loan, you can consult and borrow money at PPF (Home Credit).

PPF with the advantages we mentioned above, with a variety of services and loan packages suitable for many customers. If you meet the conditions then PPF is the right choice compared to other financial companies in the market.


PPF installment loan timely support the needs of many customers with a limit of up to 100 million. Through the post of Banktop You can also self-assess whether PPF is a safe, reputable financial institution and should you take out a loan today.

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