Currently, there are many customers who register for a card at Vietcombank. But when I get an ATM card to click or use again, I don’t know how change Vietcombank PIN how. This causes very very time consuming and affects the customer’s card usage process.

Before your problems, there will always be a solution. With today’s article will guide everyone. How can I change the ATM card PIN of Vietcombank? Please refer to the following article.

What is Vietcombank PIN?

Vietcombank PIN is also known as the bank’s ATM card password. This is a piece of code used to personally identify each customer. People can easily understand that when you come to make a card at the bank, and Vietcombank gives you the card and PIN code.

This PIN is for anyone to access your bank account. This is like a layer of protection to prevent bad guys from entering your account. Without the password of the card, you will not be able to use services such as withdrawing money and paying by ATM card.

Why change Vietcombank ATM card PIN?

To be able to perform transactions such as withdrawing money or looking up information at an ATM. Everyone needs to have the information of the PIN code to log in to the system. If you are unfortunate enough to let your PIN fall into the hands of someone else. Can greatly affect your account.

So when do you need to change the ATM card PIN of Vietcombank? Here are some reasons why customers need to change their card password. Please refer below:

  • When going to the bank to receive an ATM card, people need to change their PIN to be able to activate and use the ATM card.
  • The issuing bank’s PIN is a random piece of code out of order. So you need to change to be easier to remember to avoid forgetting.
  • If you have forgotten your password and go to the bank to get it back, you also need to change your PIN to ensure safety.
  • In case you are doubting the PIN information of the card has been exposed, you need to change the PIN.
  • The bank’s regulation on password change is 30 days. If after 30 days you do not change your password. Your ATM card will be temporarily blocked.

Instructions on how to change Vietcombank PIN in detail

So now how does Vietcombank support customers to change their PIN code? Here we will guide you on how to change your ATM card PIN at Vietcombank. Please refer everyone.

Change Vietcombank ATM card PIN at transaction counters

Going directly to Vietcombank’s transaction counter to change PIN is not a common way. But people will be advised and supported by the bank staff when they have questions. To proceed, prepare your ID/CCCD and then go to the nearest Vietcombank branch.change Vietcombank PIN

When you arrive, please meet the bank staff and ask to change the card password. At this time, the bank staff will proceed to confirm your information. People will provide information to prove themselves as cardholders. The bank will then issue you a new PIN.

How to change Vietcombank PIN at ATM for the first time

If the bank PIN has changed for you, it is difficult to remember. And you want to change a piece of code related to your life. Then here you can refer to the step-by-step instructions to change the PIN at the ATM.change Vietcombank PIN

  • Step 1: People proceed to take their ATM cards to the nearest Vietcombank ATM location.
  • Step 2: At the tree, please proceed to insert the ATM card into the tree in the direction of the arrow on the card.
  • Step 3: Select the language then enter your old PIN or the PIN the bank has given you in the tree.
  • Step 4: At the display screen, please select “Change PINโ€œ. Then proceed to re-enter your ATM card PIN again.
  • Step 5: Enter the new PIN you want to change into the system. Then confirm by entering that password code again.
  • Step 6: Everyone, please press confirm to be able to complete your PIN change at the ATM.

How to change Vietcombank PIN on the phone

To change PIN on VCB Digibank application. Everyone should note that you must register and use this service to be able to use it. And to proceed to change the PIN on this application, please follow these instructions:change Vietcombank PIN

  • Step 1: Proceed to log in to Vietcombank application on your phone.
  • Step 2: At the interface, you select the “Card service management” choose “Other card services” and “Create/Change PINโ€œ.
  • Step 3: Here you will proceed to select the type of card that you want to change the PIN code and then press continue.
  • Step 4: You will then proceed to enter the new PIn code you want to change into the system. Then re-enter the PIN again to confirm.
  • Step 5: Confirmation by OTP code sent to everyone’s phone number is complete.

What to do when you lose your Vietcombank PIN?

Many customers have had trouble not remembering the PIN code of Vietcombank ATM card. So with the question of what to do when you lose your PIN? People can go directly to the bank’s transaction counter to re-issue the card’s PIN.

Note: When you come, bring your ID/CCCD to confirm that you are the cardholder. The bank officer will then issue you a new PIN. And proceed to change the PIN in the same way as above.

Some notes to use Vietcombank PIN safely

It will not be too late if you read more information on how to use PIN securely below. When used to avoid being detected by bad guys, it can affect your bank account. Here are some tips for using PINs:

  • Vietcombank recommends that customers change their PIN every 3 months to ensure safety.
  • During transactions at ATMs, you should avoid entering the wrong PIN more than 3 times. Otherwise your card will be locked or swallowed at the tree.
  • When entering the PIN at the tree, you should cover it with your hand and then enter the PIN to avoid being hidden by the bad guys.
  • Do not disclose information related to your PIN to others.
  • You should register to use the bank’s Banking service to manage your account more easily.


The above article shows people how to quickly change the Vietcombank PIN on the phone. With the above information, hope it will help everyone. Thank you for reading our article.

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