Currently, there are many customers facing the case that their ATM card cannot be transacted. And don’t know How to check if an ATM card is locked or not?. What is the cause of your ATM card being blocked? How to check, please refer to us below.

Find out why the ATM card is locked

What causes your ATM card to be locked? Currently, there are a lot of people who recommend that the user’s ATM card be blocked. If you don’t find out about those reasons, customers may encounter and have their cards blocked. Please join us to find out the information below so that you do not get caught.How to check if an ATM card is locked or not?

Customer’s ATM card is locked due to expiry date

ATM cards will be valid for 5-7 years. After this period, the validity of the card will expire, in order to continue using it, you need to renew it. If the card is not renewed, the system will automatically lock the card and bank account after 30 days. You can see the expiration date of the card on the face of the ATM card.

Customer’s ATM card has not been used for a long time

Your card will be blocked if there are no transactions within the past 12 months. To control and protect its customers. If in a long period of time the account does not generate any transactions. The bank automatically locks the card and the account. This helps protect and reduce the monthly maintenance fees for services.

Customer enters wrong PIN more than 3 times at ATM

Entering the wrong ATM PIN 3 times leading to the card being locked is the most common mistake that customers encounter. If you do not remember the PIN but you enter it incorrectly 3 times in a row, the card will be temporarily locked. This is a protection function that any ATM card has.

Transactions at ATMs of unaffiliated banks

Most banks are interconnected, but some are not. If you transact at an ATM that is not affiliated with the bank you are using. At this time, the ATM system does not recognize the chip in your card. Thereby causing a conflict error leading to the card lock status.

Customer’s ATM card is broken

If the card is bent, warped, scratched, lost the chip… then you conduct any transaction at the ATM. The system will not be able to recognize the customer’s ATM card, leading to your ATM card being locked for this reason.

A number of other reasons

There are a number of other cases that lead to ATM cards being locked due to poor storage. Or the bank’s system error.

How to check if an ATM card is locked?

The way to check ATM card information is locked or not is very simple. You can refer to the instructions below.

Check if your ATM card is locked at the counter

At the bank’s transaction counters, there will be experienced counselors. Customer support service can answer questions during registration and use of the bank’s ATM card and service. To proceed, please bring your identification and then go directly to the bank branch you are using to look up.How to check if an ATM card is locked or not?

Then, meet a bank consultant and ask for assistance in looking up ATM card operation information. Everyone needs to confirm your cardholder information. After confirming, the bank staff will conduct a search for you.

Check by e-banking service (Banking)

Those who are using the bank’s Banking service can conduct the check right on the phone. To be able to check, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Log in to the application or website of the bank you are using on your phone.
  • Step 2: Then at the interface of the application, proceed to select the “Card account“.
  • Step 3: Then find the customer card you are using and select it.
  • Step 4: The card’s information will show whether it’s active or not.

How to check if the card is locked at an ATM?

Finally, how to check at the bank’s ATM. Everyone, please proceed to issue an ATM card and then go to the nearest ATM to check. At the tree, please make any transaction. If your ATM card is locked, the tree’s system will notify you. If there is a problem with normal transactions, your card will not be affected.

ATM card is locked, what to do?

If the card is locked due to entering the wrong PIN more than 3 times, you will have to wait at least 1 day to use the old PIN again. Or if you don’t remember the old PIN, you need to go to the bank to bring your ID card to apply for a PIN again and unlock the card.How to check if an ATM card is locked or not?

With the cases of card being locked due to the remaining reasons. Everyone needs to bring identification to the transaction office to ask the teller to unlock the card. It will take us about 20 minutes to do the card unlocking procedures. If you do not know how to unlock your ATM card, you can refer to the article below.


There are some points to note so that the ATM card is not locked

To avoid problems when using the card, please note the following points.

  • Secure your account information, PIN code. Do not let the second person know the password of the card.
  • In case your card is lost or lost, please notify the bank to temporarily block the card.
  • It is recommended to use the card at ATMs with the same banking system to avoid being locked out of the card.
  • If you continue to use the card and do not want the card to be locked, you need to make at least 1-2 transactions a year.


The above article guides you on how to go about How to check if an ATM card is locked or not?. How to fix when customer’s ATM card is locked. With the above information, we hope it will be useful to you. Thank you for reading and following the article of

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