For customers who are using card services of MBBank. We have received many inquiries related to the problem of forgetting MBBank PIN. And how to get back MBBank PIN how to forget. Cases like this are not uncommon. Because there are many users who have encountered this problem.

But you don’t have to worry too much, with today’s article will answer and guide people. How to be able to retrieve your ATM card password when you forgot the most detailed and easy to understand. Please refer to the article below.

Find out what is MBBank card PIN?

MBBank bank PIN code, also known as everyone’s ATM card password. When registering for a card at MBBank. Each customer will be given a PIN code sequence including 6 by the bank. This number is used to access the card. This can be considered as a layer of ATM card protection, to avoid the intrusion of bad guys from the outside to your ATM card.

When conducting a certain transaction such as withdrawing money, making payment, .. by ATM card. People will need to enter the card’s PIN before they can transact. Therefore, if you unfortunately forget your ATM card PIN. Your transactions will not be displayed.

Forgot the MBBank PIN for what reason?

Many customers unfortunately forgot their ATM card PIN code of MBBank. Here, everyone, let’s find out the reasons. Why is it necessary to retrieve the PIN and the reason for forgetting the PIN is here. Specifically, please refer to the following section for more information:

  • Customers do not use MBBank’s ATM card for a long time, leading to forgetting their PIN code.
  • When customers enter their PIN at the ATM, that’s why people need to go to the bank and ask for a new PIN.
  • When customers are using many types of cards of many different banks. So you don’t remember the exact PIN of your MBBank ATM card.
  • When changing your PIN many times makes it impossible for you to remember exactly what the last PIN you changed was.

Forgot MBBank PIN, what to do?

As we mentioned above. If you forget your bank’s ATM card PIN. Then transactions by ATM card such as withdrawing payment at ATM or POS machine will not be able to transact. Therefore, when you forget your MBBank ATM card PIN, you need to reset your PIN so as not to interrupt your transactions.

MBBank supports customers in 2 ways to quickly re-issue a new PIN for your ATM card. To be able to get it back as well as learn more details, please continue to follow the section below.

How to get back MBBank PIN when forgot

Currently, many customers forget the PIN code of their MBBank ATM card. But do not know how to get it back, the question can be answered. Please join us to refer to the following 2 ways. To be able to quickly use MBBank’s services again.

Set up a new PIN on MBBank app

MBBank supports customers to reset their new PIN on MBBank application. This way requires customers to register as well as use the Banking service of MBBank. Only then can you proceed to re-issue a new PIN. For details on how to set up, please refer to us below. how to get back MBBank PIN

  • Step 1: People proceed to log in to their registered accounts into the MBBank application installed on your phone.
  • Step 2: At the interface of the application, please proceed to select the “Card serviceโ€œ.
  • Step 3: Then scroll down below and select the “Set/Change PINโ€œ.
  • Step 4: Then proceed to select the type of card the customer wants to reset the PIN code for. Then proceed to enter the new PIN you want to set up, confirm by entering the PIN again.
  • Step 5: Proceed to confirm with the code sent to the registered phone number. After confirming you have completed the steps to set up a new PIN for the card.

How to retrieve MBBank PIN at the counter

The next way that we want to introduce to you is to go directly to the bank to get a new PIN again. In this way, you should proceed to hold identification documents such as ID card/CCCD. Then go directly to MBBank to be assisted by the bank staff to re-issue a new PIN for you. The process of getting your PIN back, please refer to the instructions below:how to get back MBBank PIN

  • Step 1: Take your ID and go to the nearest MBBank branch or transaction counter.
  • Step 2: Then go straight to the transaction counter and meet the MBBank consultant. Ask the support staff to give you your ATM card PIN.
  • Step 3: The bank staff will proceed to issue you a form of personal information. When do you need to fill in all the information in the form of the bank.
  • Step 4: After that, after filling in all the information according to the form, people return the slip to the bank staff. Include your identification documents for the bank to confirm the information.
  • Step 5: Once you have confirmed that the information you provided is correct. The bank staff will issue a new PIN for you. The PIN code will be sent by the banking system to everyone’s registered phone number.
  • Step 6: After receiving the new PIN. Please go to the ATM location to change the new PIN. Changing the PIN will help activate the ATM card. From there you can use the functions as usual.

Notes for safe use of MBBank PIN

When using MBBank’s ATM card, please note a few things below. This information will be useful to you in the process of using the card. Specifically, the following things should be noted:

  • Everyone should set a sequence of passwords related to their close friends so that they do not forget.
  • After you change your PIN or save it in a secret place, people can review it when you forget it.
  • Do not reveal your ATM card password information to strangers to avoid risk.
  • When making transactions at an ATM, please cover it with your hand to ensure the safety of your card and PIN.
  • Especially do not lend your ATM card to others.


The article above is a guide how to get MBank PIN back when forgetting quickly. Notes for you to use PIN more secure. With the above information we hope it will be of help to you. Thank you for reading the article of



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