When unfortunately you lose your ATM card or encounter problems that can affect the amount of money in the card. Immediately we need to block Vietinbank card immediately. This is necessary to ensure that the card is not compromised and transactions are not unauthorized. Below this article Bankcuatoi.com will guide you to read the Vietinbank card lock on your phone as quickly as possible.

Reasons to lock Vietinbank ATM card

Why do customers need to lock their ATM cards? Here are some reasons why you need to block your date card immediately. Specifically, please refer to the following:

  • When you lose your card or drop your Vietinbank ATM card.
  • When you see unusual transactions on your bank ATM card.
  • The customer does not want to use the current bank’s ATM card. And want to lock the card so that there is no maintenance fee.
  • Due to you you are embroiled in a legal investigation. So the investigation agency has proceeded to block your ATM card.
  • But some other reasons in the process of using your ATM card.

Detailed instructions on how to lock Vietinbank card

Currently, Vietinbank supports customers to lock ATM cards in many different ways. Here we will guide everyone the simplest and easiest ways to lock cards. For step-by-step instructions, please refer to the link below.

Instructions on how to lock cards on VietinBank iPay

Vietinbank iPay application not only has the utility of transferring, receiving money, buying phone cards… but also can perform card locking function. When customers need to lock the card, just follow the instructions below.

the vietinbank

  • Step 1: Log in to Vietinbank application on your phone.
  • Step 2: Then at the interface of the application, select the “Card service“.
  • Step 3: Immediately tap on “Lock card” and confirm the card lock request.
  • Step 4: Verify with a code to be able to temporarily lock your ATM card.

Lock Vietinbank ATM card through the switchboard

Vietinbank’s switchboard operates with the task of answering, complaining and supporting customers. Which allows users to call and lock Vietinbank bank accounts immediately. Therefore, customers can call the bank’s switchboard to help you quickly lock your ATM card.

To proceed, call 1900 558 868 or 043 941 8868. Then meet the bank staff and tell the staff that you want to block your ATM card. The consultant of the switchboard will ask you to provide some information such as account number, ID number, full name, full name.. After successful confirmation, the consultant will block ATM cards for customers. friend.

Lock Vietinbank card directly at the counter

the vietinbank

Customers can lock Vietinbank cards directly at branches of Vietinbank’s transaction offices. When you go, remember to bring the cardholder’s identification and enter the transaction counter to ask the staff to lock the card. Just provide ID/CCCD and the card will be locked immediately.

When you successfully block the card, all activities will be frozen. Transactions with Vietinbank ATM card will be completely closed. If you want to continue using it, you need to unlock it, in case you lose your card, you need to register for a new card.

Can you lock your Vietinbank ATM card and then receive/transfer money?

Many customers wonder if they can make transactions when locking Vietinbank cards? When your ATM card is locked, your bank account can still receive and transfer money normally. Everyone needs to clarify the card lock information and the bank account lock will be different.

When you block the card, card transactions such as withdrawing money at an ATM or paying with an ATM card will no longer be possible. As for locking your bank account, your transactions will no longer be possible. If you lock your card, you can still transact on Vietinbank’s Banking service normally.


Above is Instructions on how to lock Vietinbank card the fastest. When you unfortunately lose your Vietinbank ATM card or have problems, please follow the steps above to lock the card. If you want to continue using the card, please reopen the card to use it.

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