Every time a customer conducts a transaction of MBBank. Each of those transactions will have a code called the bank’s transaction code. So what is the transaction code of MBBank? Can proceed look up MBBank transaction code how? With today’s article ruttienthetindungonline.com will provide you with this information. Please join us through the article below.

What is MBBank transaction code information?

Transaction code of MBnk bank is a reference code sent by the bank when performing any financial transaction. With this code, it can help customers identify that the transaction has been completed successfully. And this code also lists your previous transactions at MBBank’s system.Look up MBBank transaction code

With all your transactions on the system such as paying bills, transferring money or receiving money. They will also receive a separate transaction code for each transaction. And if people need this type of code, it is very easy to do a lookup of this code. This is also the code that determines whether your transaction is successful or not, or if there is an error during the transaction.

Normally, the transaction codes of banks will be in the form FTxxxxxxxxx. But for MBBank, the reference code includes 16 numbers is displayed after you have made a successful transaction.

Is the transaction code an OTP code or not?

Sometimes there will be many customers confused between transaction code and transaction confirmation code. However, these two types of codes are completely different. So what is the difference between these two codes, let’s find out below.

  • Trading code: This is the type of code provided by the bank after each of your transactions. This type of code has the effect of proving that your transaction was successful and stored on MBBank’s system.
  • Transaction confirmation code: This code is called OTP code provided to users to perform transactions on the bank’s system. People can simply understand that this is a security code used to confirm everyone’s transaction information. Before conducting the transaction will need this code to be able to transact.

Why look up MBBank transaction code?

So when should we re-check the customer’s transaction code? Here are the reasons why you should look up your transaction code information.

  • Check the transaction code to see if your transaction was successful or not.
  • If there is a problem, people will need to check the transaction code to confirm the information of that transaction.
  • If your account is debited for no reason, you need to look up the transaction code again.
  • When you make a money transfer, the other person has not received the money, you need to check the transaction code to prove to that person that you have successfully transacted.

Instructions on how to look up MBBank transaction code

Many customers use MBBank’s services. But I don’t know how to check the transaction code information. Here, we will guide everyone on how to search for MBBank’s transaction code first. We invite you to join us in the following ways.

Look up MBBank transaction code by Internet Banking

To be able to assist customers to check and manage their bank accounts. MBBank has launched Internet Banking service so that you can easily and quickly query your account information. And now this service also supports customers to look up your transaction code information. To proceed, follow these basic steps:

  • Step 1: Proceed to visit MBBank’s homepage here.
  • Step 2: Then proceed to log in to your service account previously registered with MBBank.
  • Step 3: At the interface when successfully logged in, select “account information“.
  • Step 4: There, find and select continue on the “Transaction accounts“.
  • Step 5: There enter the time at which you made the transaction and select the query.
  • Step 6: Once your transactions are displayed, select the transaction you want to check. Then the transaction code will be displayed there.

Look up MBBank transaction code on your phone

If everyone is using the service, MBBank application. Then on the bank’s MBBank App, it also supports people to look up information about transaction codes. Operation on the phone will be taken place more easily. To check the transaction code on the MBBank App, please follow the instructions below:Look up MBBank transaction code

  • Step 1: Please proceed to log in to the MBBank application installed on your phone.
  • Step 2: At the interface of the application, select the “View account“. Then select “Source account“.
  • Step 3: At the account section, go down below and select the transaction you want to look up. Then you can proceed to see everyone’s transaction code.

Check MBBank transaction code via SMS

For customers who register to use MBBank’s account. Many people have also signed up for the bank’s SMS Banking service to easily look up their accounts. When registering for SMS Banking service, each of your transactions will be sent information about that transaction by the bank. After each of your transactions is successful.

And to be able to look up the transaction code, please review the messages that the bank has sent before. But you need to pay attention to the phone number registered for the bank’s service. If it is not the account registration number, you will not receive this notification.

Look up MBBank transaction code via 24/7 call center

To be able to look up information about the transaction code, you can choose to call the switchboard. To do this, use your phone and then call the MBBank switchboard number: 1900 545426.

Then provide some information related to your transaction so that the operator can look it up for you. For this disadvantage, it will be very difficult to contact the switchboard, especially during peak hours. Therefore, please choose a reasonable time and be patient to be supported by the bank staff.

Check MBBank transaction code at transaction counters

If you do not want to call the bank switchboard to look up. People can go directly to branches and transaction counters to check. With this method, people will take a little time to go to the bank. But will receive the advice of the bank’s experienced staff. To check, refer to the following procedure:Look up MBBank transaction code

  • Step 1: Please go to the nearest MBBank branch or transaction counter to make it.
  • Step 2: Then meet the bank staff and ask for assistance in looking up your transaction code information.
  • Step 3: Then you need to give the bank staff identification. And provide some questions related to your transaction.
  • Step 4: The bank staff will verify the information you have previously provided. If the information is correct, the bank will support you to look up the bank’s transaction code.

Is there any fee to look up MBBank transaction code?

Currently, when looking up transaction code of MBBank. The bank considers this as a utility to help customers look up information about your account easily. So the bank will not collect any fees from you.

But for everyone’s sim service, the manager will charge you when you use sim services to look up. For detailed information on fees, please refer to the following:

  • Direct check in at MBBank’s counter: Free.
  • Checking through Internet Banking and Mobile Banking: Free.
  • Look up via phone number of the bank switchboard: 1,000 VND/ 1 minute.
  • Looking up via SMS, the fee will be: 1,500 VND / 1 message.

Is it possible to delete the transaction code of MB bank?

If you are feeling that MBBank’s transactions are very effective at the search section. And people want to delete this information on the bank’s system. But for those who want to delete this code, it will not be possible to do so. Even the bank staff can’t support you to delete the transaction code.


The above article shows you how to look up transaction code MBBank fastest on the phone. With the information that we have guided with you above the article. Hope to help everyone in your upcoming transaction.

If you have any questions, please leave your feedback below in the comments section. We will then provide free support and answers to everyone.

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