For loans at TP Bank. Customers need to proceed Look up TP Bank loan frequent. This helps people to be more active in payment and debt repayment plans to the bank. If people do not know the information of the loan such as the repayment period.

This will result in everyone’s repayment plans being late for their repayments. Leads to customers with bad debt and it is difficult to solve this problem. If people still do not know how to check the loan contract at TP Bank. Please join us to learn about the methods in the article below.

Find out what is TP Bank loan?

TP Bank loan is understood as an agreement between you and TP Bank. Customers have demand for loans to be able to use for personal needs. You will go to TP Bank to be able to apply for a loan.Look up TP Bank loan

At this time, the bank and the borrower will sign a loan contract with the terms specified by the bank. So TP Bank loans are understood as information related to the amount of money customers have borrowed at TP Bank.

Look up TP Bank loan for what?

For each customer when applying for a loan at TP Bank. The customer and the bank will need to sign a contract regarding your loan. So borrowers need to pay attention to how much their loan is. Therefore, you need to conduct a TP Bank loan search to be able to understand the information contained in that loan.

When checking the loan of TP Bank, people will know information such as: How much is the loan interest rate, how is the customer’s repayment time, how much is the remaining amount to be paid,… That way you can know and come up with the right repayment methods for yourself.

And in fact there are customers who don’t care much about the loan. Therefore, leading to forgetting the time to pay the bank debt. And being left in the case of bad debt, when having bad debt, it is very difficult to solve. So people need to pay more attention to their loans. To avoid affecting yourself as well as everyone’s loans.

Instructions on how to look up TP Bank loans

Currently, TP Bank supports people to look up bank loans in many simple ways. Customers will know their loan information in just a few basic steps. Here we will guide you some ways to look up loans of TP Bank. We invite you to join us below.

Look up TP Bank loans directly at the counter

Go directly to TPBank’s branches and transaction counters. Everyone will be quickly supported by the bank’s consultant. To proceed, you need to prepare identification documents such as ID card/CCCD. Then go to the nearest TP Bank branch to be able to conduct a search.Look up TP Bank loan

When you go to the bank staff and ask for help looking up your loan. The bank’s staff will conduct a check on some of the customer’s information. The bank will then issue a statement of the loan information at the bank for you. So it only takes a little time for you to know the information related to your loan.

Check TP Bank loan contract via call center

TP Bank’s switchboard will support customers with all questions during the use of the bank’s services. And TP Bank’s switchboard also has customer support. You can look up your loan information quickly. To proceed, you need to call TPBank’s switchboard at:1900 858 85 nice 1800 58 58 85.Look up TP Bank loan

Then connect to the consultant of TP Bank’s switchboard. Ask them to help customers look up their loans. At this point, the operator will ask you to provide some information such as: ID/CCCD number, Loan contract number, Full name,…. Then the information about your loan will be sent to your phone number by the bank.

How to check TPBank loan contract via Payoo

Payoo everyone can understand this is a direct payment gateway and is linked with TP Bank. And now Payoo also supports customers to look up their loans. In order to proceed, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: You need to proceed to access the link here.
  • Step 2: Then at the system’s interface, you will enter the information of the ID card / CCCD number, the contract number and enter the confirmation code.
  • Step 3: Then follow the on-screen instructions. Your loan information will be displayed shortly.

How to look up TP Bank loans on your phone

Finally, you can look up your loan. On the phone through the app TPFico Mobile. With the application for customers who have a loan at TP Bank.Look up TP Bank loan

The function of this application is to support customers who can conduct lookups. Information about your loan quickly and accurately. To proceed, please refer to the following steps:

  • Step 1: People proceed to log in to the TPFICO Mobile application on their phones.
  • Step 2: At the interface of the application, please click on the “Loan amount” » “Account Management” » “See details“.
  • Step 3: Then people often choose to borrow money to be able to see details such as:
    • Click on your repayment history to see how much you owe.
    • Tap your payment history to see how much you’ve paid.


The above article guides you on how to Look up TP Bank loan most detailed. Hopefully, through the above information, you have understood how to look up your loan. If you have any questions, please leave feedback for free consultation support.



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