Forgetting Vietcombank bank account number is a problem that many people encounter. The reason is that Vietcombank bank account numbers are very long and difficult to remember. If you are not careful to save or record it, it is natural to lose your vietcombank account number. If it’s not like that, then how look up Vietcombank account number how?

To answer this question for you below, we will guide everyone on ways to check Vietcombank bank account number information. The card invites everyone to learn with us below.

What is Vietcombank account number?

Each customer when registering to open a Vietcombank account will have a separate account number. With this account number, it will be used for transactions between bank accounts. Vietcombank atm card account is the bank account linked to your Vietcombank atm card.

Through this account number, you can make transactions of receiving money, transferring money, making payments… At a bank, each person has only one account number. This account number is unique, not duplicated with any other person. Just like the ID card number, it helps to identify, only 1 and not duplicated.

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if do not have Vietcombank account number you will not be able to make money transfers, transfer money, receive money… Because of that, we need to know the exact Vietcombank bank account number to make the transaction error-free.

How many numbers does Vietcombank atm card account have?

You need to distinguish card account number and card number. These two types are easy to confuse. But if you look closely, the card number and the account number have completely different functions.

  • Account number: Represents a bank account. All transactions are conducted through the account number. The account number is printed on the envelope containing the atm card.
  • Card number: Is the sequence of numbers printed on the atm card. It does not participate in the transaction. Just a tool for banks to look up information about cardholders as well as the number of cards issued to the market.

Vietcombank account number includes 13 numbers.

What is Vietcombank account number?

Vietcombank bank account number is a series of 13 numbers written in the envelope when the card is first received. Many customers still confuse the account number written on the card. But that is the ATM card number, not the account.

ATM card numbers do not have the function of receiving money, sending money, but only used to pay online and bills. So if you forget it, you need to use it how to see Vietcombank bank account number. Your bank account number will be displayed shortly.

How to look up Vietcombank account number when forgotten?

Account numbers are very important. If you accidentally lose your account number, you will have trouble in transactions. But don’t worry too much. Because there are so many How to get Vietcombank account number back?. Check out the ways below.

Method 1: Go to Vietcombank to get your account number back

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This is the simplest way and requires no preparation at all. Just bring your ID to Vietcombank. Then meet the bank staff and ask the staff to look up the account number for you. The bank staff will confirm some information of the account holder. If it is correct, the staff will proceed to look up your account number information on the bank’s system.

Note that Vietcombank only works from Monday to Saturday morning. The bank is closed on Saturday afternoon, Sunday and public holidays in accordance with regulations.

Method 2: Review SMS Banking messages

If you have registered to use Vietcombank’s SMS Banking service, it’s simple. Before each account fluctuation, the bank will send you a message notification. In those messages are attached account numbers. You just need to open the message to see it again.

But if you accidentally delete all the messages, you can compose a message with the following syntax: VCB SD to send 6167. The bank’s system will then send you a notification message. It will have information related to your bank account number.

Option 3: Call Vietcombank’s Customer Care Center

You are afraid to go to the bank, and it is okay not to keep the system’s messages. You can call Vietcombank’s customer care center to look up the account number. Just dial the number 1900 54 54 13 and dial the number according to the instructions to meet the operator.

Tell them you want your account number back. The staff will ask you for some information related to your bank account. Please prepare in advance to answer correctly and quickly. Some frequently asked questions are:

  • Names?
  • Date of birth?
  • Address?
  • Phone number?
  • Card number?
  • What is the current account balance?
  • What is the most recent transaction?
  • Your ID number?
  • Card registration date?…

When the information you provide matches, the staff will immediately provide you with the account number again.

Method 4: Retrieve Vietcombank account number by Mobile banking/ Internet banking

For customers who are using Internet Banking or Mobile Banking services of Vietcombank. You can easily look up your Vietcombank account number right on your phone. To proceed, you can follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Proceed to login account, password to Vietcombank application on your phone.
  • Step 2: After successfully logging in, select the “account information“.
  • Step 3: There your bank account number will be displayed on the main screen.

Method 5: Look up account numbers at ATMs

ATMs of Vietcombank or other linked banks support customers to look up their bank accounts. And to be able to look up Vietcombank account number, you can follow the instructions below:

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  • Step 1: Go to the ATM of Vietcombank or the nearest linked bank to make it.
  • Step 2: Then proceed to insert the ATM card into the tree in the direction of the arrow printed on the ATM card.
  • Step 3: Select the language as Vietnamese and then enter the PIN of the card to enter the ATM system.
  • Step 4: At the interface of the display screen, please select the item “Account Inquiry“.
  • Step 5: Then all information related to your bank account number will be displayed.

The atm screen will show your account number and the amount in the account. Please take your phone to take a picture of the account number. If you don’t have your phone with you, then choose to continue to print receipts. On the receipt you receive will have information about the account number.


Here are 5 ways look up vietcombank account number fastest and most efficient. To avoid forgetting your account number, please write it down in your phone book so that it will be available when you need it.

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