This veranda has a lot of customers wondering about how look up vietcombank branch how. When everyone knows the name of the bank branch that opens the card for you. Then your transactions will become more accurate.

So to answer this question for you. With today’s article will introduce you to ways to look up Vietcombank’s branch. Please follow the details of the ways to be able to check in the simplest way.

How many branches does Vietcombank have?

Vietcombank with full name is Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam. The bank has been built and developed to this point for more than 50 years. With strong activities, it brings many benefits to customers using the service.

Branches and transaction counters of Vietcombank are distributed throughout the country. And still trying and developing more branches. To help customers can go directly to the bank to make transactions anywhere. This leads to convenience for customers.

So how many branches does Vietcombank currently have? We invite you to learn more about the following information:

  • Vietcombank’s head office is located in Hanoi.
  • Vietcombank has 411 transaction offices.
  • And the total number of branches of Vietcombank is 111 branches.
  • There are 4 subsidiaries in the country.
  • And 3 overseas companies.
  • 2 representative offices in the South of Singapore and 1 representative office in the US.
  • 4 joint venture companies.

5 Ways to look up vietcombank branch

Currently, Vietcombank has provided customers with many ways to look up the bank’s branch. However, depending on the conditions and needs of customers, people can refer to the ways below.

Method 1: Look up Vietcombank’s branch on the envelope

When people go to a bank branch to get an ATM card. The bank will give you an envelope. Inside there is an ATM card and some information related to ATM cards. The inside of an ATM card contains information including: Bank branch opening the card, account number, card number, PIN code.

People can conduct a lookup of the address of the bank branch that issued the card to you on that card’s envelope. If you have lost that envelope, please refer to the ways below.

Method 2: Check Vietcombank branch via call center

People can conduct a quick lookup of Vietcombank’s branch. By all means, please call directly to Vietcombank’s switchboard. When calling the switchboard, customers can look up some information as follows:look up vietcombank branch

  • The bank branch opens your ATM card.
  • Sign up for e-banking services.
  • Answer and support questions during card usage.
  • Query your bank account.
  • Support customers to lock cards

And there’s a lot more information that you can search through the bank’s switchboard. To look up Vietcombank’s branch, you proceed to call the VCB switchboard number: 1900545413.

When you call the operator, everyone needs to inform about the problem that they want to check the bank branch. You will then need to provide some of your personal information so that the operator can confirm. After that, the bank switchboard will conduct a lookup of the branch that opens the card for you.

Method 3: Look up Vietcombank branch on the Web

On Vietcombank’s website, there is a tool to help customers look up branches. To conduct the check the bank branch opens the card. People follow the steps below:

Step 1: Proceed to visit VCB’s website here.

Step 2: Then people scroll down to the transaction dictionary. You carry out some information such as: Province / City, District / district, select a branch.look up vietcombank branch

Step 3: Then a list of bank branches in your location will be displayed below.look up vietcombank branch

Note: For this way, it is not possible to find the exact bank branch that opens the card for you. Only card suggests branch name in your location then you can find out branch open card.

Method 4: Look up Vietcombank branches via VCB-Digibank

If you have registered the Mobile Banking service of Vietcombank. Customers can conduct a check right on the phone without having to go to the bank. To conduct a lookup of the bank branch opening the card, people follow the following basic instructions:look up vietcombank branch

  • Step 1: Proceed to open VCB-Digibank application on your phone and proceed to login.
  • Step 2: At the interface of the main screen, proceed to select Card account.
  • Step 3: People proceed to click on the account / card to conduct the check.
  • Step 4: Immediately the system will proceed to display information related to your ATM card. It contains information related to the bank branch that opened your card.

Method 5: Look up at Vietcombank’s transaction counters

The last way that we want to introduce to you is how to look up Vietcombank’s branch directly at the transaction counter. When you go to the bank, you meet a consultant and then ask to check the bank that opened your card.look up vietcombank branch

Customers need to hand over your ID/CCCD staff and your ATM card. Bank staff will conduct information search on the system. Then will notify you the bank branch where you opened the card.

Note: Customers can go to other branches of the bank. No need to go to the branch that issued the card for you.


The above article will guide you on how to look up vietcombank branch how? With the above information we hope it will be helpful to everyone. Thank you for following the article of



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