Forgetting Vietinbank’s bank account number is a problem that many users have today. Only when you need the transaction will you find the account number. If unfortunately forgot, you need to proceed look up vietinbank account number. When you need to transfer, receive money or other transactions, you definitely need an account number. And if you don’t remember, please check with us through the article below.

What is Vietinbank account number? Is it the card number?

Many customers often confuse the bank account number and the bank’s ATM card number. In fact, these two sequences are completely different. Here we will guide and tell you about these 2 series of numbers. For more detailed information, please read below.look up vietinbank account number

  • Account number: This is a sequence of numbers given to you by Vietinbank after registering a bank account. And the included account number is 12 numbers. Has the function to transfer money, receive money or sign any transaction.
  • ATM card number: Vietinbank’s ATM card number is issued to you by the bank after successful registration for an ATM card. Vietinbank’s ATM card number includes 16 numbers. And embossed on customers’ ATM cards, people can easily find them.

Where is Vietinbank account number recorded?

Many customers wonder where is Vietinbank’s bank account number stored by the bank? Here we will give you the information where the bank account number is stored. Please feel free to join us below.

  • Save the envelope with the ATM card the bank gave you when you came to pick up the card.
  • At the invoice of the ATM / POS machine when conducting a certain transaction.
  • At the bank’s SMS Banking service, a notification will be sent to your bank account number.
  • Internet Banking / Mobile Banking service of the bank. The account number will be displayed in the system.

How to look up detailed Vietinbank account number?

There are many ways to check Vietinbank account number. If you do not know how to get a card to look up account number information. We invite you to join us for the following instructions.

Look up Vietinbank account number via SMS

For customers who are registering and using Vietinbank’s SMS Banking service. People can quickly check bank account number information. To be able to check, please open your phone and check in your notification messages. The content will contain information related to people’s bank account numbers.look up vietinbank account number

If you have deleted all notification messages of this service. Don’t worry, compose a message with the syntax below: CTG GD SoTaiDrill send to 8149. Then the system will send a message to your phone about the content of your bank account number.

Look up Vietinbank account number online

When you forgot Vietinbank account number without having time to go to the bank. So let’s look up Vietinbank account number by accessing the website. Here we have to log in with our account and password to look up.

Go to the address then select “Tools and Utilities > Check balance/Passbook > Enter your ID number, phone” and you will get account information including account number.

You can also access the following link: Then log in your account there. After logging in, you will see your account number information in the Account Information section.

Check Vietinbank account number at ATM

One way check Vietinbank account number that many people still use is to look up the account number through the ATM. Specifically, the steps are as follows.

  • Step 1: Insert the card into the ATM and select the language and enter the PIN.
  • Step 2: Select the account inquiry function
  • Step 3: Then the screen will display everyone’s bank account number information. If you want to save, you can proceed to print the invoice. Please choose to print invoices.
  • Step 4: There will be an invoice printed, inside the invoice will have all the data about your account.

Check Vietinbank account number via Vietinbank iPay

E-banking is increasingly being developed by VietinBank. If the customer has registered and installed the Vietinbank iPay application on the phone, then the look up Vietinbank account number it’s too easy.

To conduct information lookup, you just need to log in your account and password into the Vietinbank Ipay application on your phone. After logging in, your bank account number will be displayed at your screen interface.

Check Vietinbank account number at transaction counters

If you cannot use any of the above methods that we have introduced to you. Then the way to the bank’s transaction counter to perform is the best way. People will check by carrying identification documents such as ID card/CCCD and then go directly to the nearest branch of transaction counter to perform.look up vietinbank account number

When you arrive, you meet a bank consultant and ask to check your bank account number information because you forgot. At this time, you will be consulted and supported by the staff to look up your bank account number information.

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The above article guides you on how to look up Vietinbank account number on a simple phone. With the above information, hopefully it will be useful to everyone. If you have any questions, please leave feedback for support and answer questions. Thank you for reading the article of

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