Your BIDV Smart Banking account is locked. Quickly use the way to open an account BIDV Smart Banking is locked according to the following instructions.

There are many reasons leading to a locked BIDV Smart Banking account. When the account is locked, it will lead to a lot of inconvenience, you will no longer be able to access the application and perform financial transactions through this application. Therefore, you need to unlock the locked BIDV Smart Banking to continue using the service.

What is BIDV Smart Banking service?

How to make a bidv smart banking headset

BIDV Smart Banking is an online banking application provided by BIDV for customers wishing to conduct online transactions. Thanks to this application, customers can make transactions anytime, anywhere as long as they have a smartphone connected to the internet. No need to go to banks or atm branches of BIDV.

Basic features of BIDV Smart Banking such as: Money transfer, bill payment, balance query, transaction history check, online savings, exchange rate lookup, interest rate, some additional utilities other…

BIDV Smart Banking application is very easy to use. Just download and install the application on your phone, you can comfortably experience the great features mentioned above.

Advantages of BIDV Smart Banking application

When using BIDV Smart Banking service, people will receive the following benefits:

  • Linking with bank accounts, helping users manage their accounts better. Can check balance and transaction history at any time.
  • Add quick transfer feature via card number/account number. Help transfer money in a snap, beneficiaries receive money immediately after the transaction, regardless of holidays or holidays.
  • Pay bills for online purchases, monthly electricity, water, and internet service bills.
  • Top up phone cards for yourself, for relatives, recharge online game cards.
  • Compatible with many platforms, just an internet connection is required.
  • Easy to use, fast, economical, safe.

What are the conditions to use BIDV Smart Banking?

The mandatory condition to use Smart Banking is that the customer must have a payment account at BIDV. If you do not have an account, please go to BIDV’s transaction counter to open an account. Normally, everyone registers to use BIDV Smart Banking service at the same time as opening a bank account.

After registering to use the service, you will be given a username and password to log in to the service. This password is the default password, so you must change another password immediately to activate the BIDV Smart Banking application to be able to perform transactions.

If your BIDV Smart Banking account is locked. Watch how to open a locked BIDV Smart Banking account below below.

Reasons why BIDV Smart Banking account is locked

Many customers have trouble because BIDV Smart Banking account is locked. No wonder the account is locked. All have causes. Once we know what the cause is, we can quickly fix it.

  • Usually, the most common cause of people getting locked out of their BIDV Smart Banking account is entering the wrong username or login password more than 5 times. When you enter the wrong password too many times, the system is forced to lock your account to ensure the safety of your own account.
  • When entering the wrong password 5 times, the system will automatically assume that a stranger intentionally wants to enter the account. So the account will be locked to avoid this unauthorized intrusion.
  • Another rare reason is that BIDV has locked customers’ accounts at the request of the investigating agency. Because that customer is involved in a case that needs to be investigated and frozen.

How to open a locked BIDV Smart Banking account

To Unlock BIDV Smart Banking account locked here we will guide you. The fastest ways to unlock BIDV’s Smart Banking account. For details, please refer to the details below.

How to make a bidv smart banking headset

Open a locked BIDV Smart Banking account at the counter

In this way, you will need to go directly to BIDV’s branches and transaction counters to unlock. When going, everyone needs to prepare some personal documents such as ID card/CCCD. Then go to a branch closest to you to get the service unlocked.

Go to the bank’s consultant then inform that your Smart Banking service has been locked. Bank staff will proceed to confirm your information. After confirming you are the account holder of that service. The bank staff will unlock it and then give you a new password for this service. Everyone needs to change their password to be able to reactivate the service.

Unlock using BIDV’s website

With this method, you will not need to move, but can do it online.

  • Step 1: Open the website of BIDV bank. Then select BIDV Smart application. At the login screen, click on the words Forgot Password.
  • Step 2: The system redirects you to the fill-in page. Please fill in completely and accurately the information that the system requires. Then click “Continue”.
  • Step 3: An email containing the new username and password will be sent to gmail for you. Check email for information.
  • Step 4: Change the new password to reactivate the application.

Note to not be locked BIDV Smart Banking account

To be able to use BIDV Smart Banking service safely. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Remember the name and password to log in to the BIDV Smart Banking application. Only you can know this password, do not disclose it to others to ensure security.
  • Only install BIDV Smart Banking application on your personal device. Do not install on public devices or other people’s phones. After the transaction is completed, you must log out immediately.
  • When there is no transaction but there is an OTP code sent to the message, it means that the account is being hacked by someone else. Need to immediately call the BIDV switchboard to request a temporary account lockout to block the money in the account.
  • Do not enter the password of BIDV Smart Banking application 5 times. If you enter the wrong password for the 4th time, then stop and perform actions to get a new password.


Here are the how to open a locked BIDV Smart Banking account the fastest. With a few simple steps, you can continue to use BIDV’s e-banking services. Please note that you cannot click anyone’s password more than 5 times to avoid being locked out of your account.

Reference: Change password of BIDV Smart Banking


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