In the process of using MBbank’s ATM card. Many customers have to lock their ATM cards. Because of many different reasons.. So in today’s article, let’s find out why we have to block the card? How to lock MB Bank card how.

When should MB Bank ATM card be locked?

Currently, Techcombank is supporting customers to lock their cards a lot. Because of the reasons in the process of using the customer’s ATM card. So why do people lock the card? The following are the reasons why customers need to block the card immediately. As follows:

  • When people lose their card, it is necessary to immediately lock the card to ensure safety.
  • The customer’s ATM card is paired by someone, so it is also necessary to lock the card quickly.
  • Many customers no longer need to use ATM cards, so customers want to lock the card to reduce monthly costs.
  • If people see unusual transactions with your ATM card on the system.

Instructions on how to lock MB Bank card in the most detailed way

Currently, MBBank supports customers to quickly lock ATM cards. This ensures that customers can quickly lock their ATM cards. No damage to anyone’s property. Here are the ways to block MBBank’s ATM card, please refer to the following.

How to lock MBBank card directly at the counter

The bank supports customers to lock ATM cards directly at the bank quickly and easily. To be able to do this, everyone needs to prepare their ID/CCCD and then go to the nearest MBBank branch to be able to do it. Note with this way you can proceed to lock the card permanently if needed.How to lock MB Bank card

Go to the bank’s branch, transaction counter and then meet the bank’s consultant. Then ask to have your ATM card blocked by someone you can provide. Then the bank staff will proceed to provide you with a form to fill out so that you can confirm you are the account holder.

Once you have verified that the information you have provided is correct. The bank fee will proceed to support people to lock their ATM cards.

Instructions on how to lock MB Bank card online

In this way, you will need to access the homepage of MBBank. Here are the steps to guide to lock MB Bank online card online. Please refer below:How to lock MB Bank card

  • Step 1: Proceed to visit MBBank’s homepage here.
  • Step 2: You will then need to log in to your account registered with the bank to access the system.
  • Step 3: Once you have successfully logged in at the menu, search and select the “Card service“. Then people choose to continue on the “Card List” if there are multiple cards.
  • Step 4: People proceed to choose the type of ATM card they want to block. At that card, you choose the “Lock card“.
  • Step 5: Then the system will ask you to enter the Confirmation code. If everyone enters the code, the card has been successfully locked.

How to lock MB Bank card on App quickly

Another way is if you are using the MBBank application on your phone. The operations will take place in a much easier way. Because this is a convenient service of the bank used by many customers. To lock your card, follow the instructions below:How to lock MB Bank card

  • Step 1: You proceed to open the MBBanh application installed on your phone and log in.
  • Step 2: At the main interface of the application, proceed to select the “Card service“.
  • Step 3: In the card list, select the type of ATM card you want to block and select “Lock card“.
  • Step 4: The system will notify you if you are sure you want to block the card. Please choose to be able to lock the card.
  • Step 5: Proceed to enter the Digital OTP PIN and press “Get OTP” » “Enter OTP” » “Continue“.
  • Step 6: The system will notify you that the card has been successfully locked.

Lock MB Bank ATM card via 24/7 switchboard

Locking ATM cards by calling MBBank’s switchboard is also a way we would like to introduce to you. To lock your MB Bank card, please call the MBBank switchboard directly at: 1900 54 54 26.

When you meet with a bank switchboard consultant, you will need to provide some information as provided by the switchboard. To be able to confirm your information is the account holder or not. Once successfully confirmed, you will be supported by the switchboard to lock the card.

How to lock MBBank card via SMS

If you are using SMS Banking service of MBBank. People can proceed to lock the card by texting with the following syntax:

MB KHOATHE CNBD number (4 sodautienthe) (last 4 digits of the card) send 8136 or 8162.

When you have successfully sent a message, the bank will respond to you with a text message about the phone number registered for the service. The content of the message informs you that your card has been locked.

Questions related to MBBank card lock

During the process of locking the card we received a number of questions related to this issue. Here, please refer to some more information related to this issue.

Is there a fee to lock MBBank ATM card?

MBBank supports customers to lock their cards for free. But people will need to pay for the telecom carrier you’re worth using. For detailed information on fees, please refer to the following:

  • Lock MBBank ATM card with Internet Banking and Mobile Banking: Free.
  • Card lock via SMS: 1,000VND/ 1 successful message.
  • Lock the card by calling directly to MBBank’s switchboard: VND 909/minute.
  • If you lock your card permanently at the counter, you need to pay the remaining debts and fees, the card locking fee is VND 50,000/card.

Can a blocked MBBank ATM card make transactions?

Many customers are entering between locking their cards and locking up their bank accounts. When you lock your card, you will no longer be able to make transactions and pay with ATM cards. But people can still conduct the above transaction on MBBank’s e-banking service. If everyone’s bank account is locked, your transactions will not be possible. Only by reopening the account can you continue to use the bank’s services.

Can MBBank card lock be reopened?

For customers who temporarily lock their card, they can reopen the card in the same ways as above. But for customers who permanently lock the card at the bank, it will not be possible to reopen that card. But you will have to register to open a new ATM card to use, the card number will be changed, but the account number will remain the same.


The article provides information about how to lock MB Bank card on the phone quickly and simply. Answer some questions about the card lock problem people ask. If you have any questions, please leave feedback to be answered for free by



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