Way register for sms banking Techcombank how? For customers who are using banking services of Techcombank. To be able to easily manage your account, this service is indispensable.

If you are a person with a lot of trading frequency. Or want to receive notifications related to your bank account. Then here we will guide you how to register for Techcombank’s SMS Banking service. We invite you to follow our following articles.

Learn about Techcombank’s SMS Banking service

SMS Banking service is a service introduced and provided by Techcombank to customers using the bank’s services. With day service customers can conduct some basic information lookup and make some transactions on the phone without internet.Register for sms banking techcombank

When people register and use SMS Banking service. You will receive notifications regarding balance fluctuations on your account quickly. When you make a transaction, the system will automatically send a notification to your registered service phone number.

What are the functions of SMS Banking Techcombank?

When people want to sign up and use a service, customers are often interested in how the service functions. Here, let’s find out about the benefits of this service.

  • Get notifications about your bank account balance quickly.
  • Receive the latest and fastest Techcombank announcements about the bank’s new products.
  • Receive an OTP code when you conduct an online money transfer service through the bank’s application.
  • Check your transaction history for the last 5 transactions.
  • Recharge default phone or other phone number.
  • Internal or interbank money transfer affiliated with Techcombank.
  • Look up interest rates and exchange rates of Techcombank.
  • But the service on SMS Banking without internet connection can still be used.

Conditions for registering for Techcombank SMS Banking service

To register for SMS Banking service of Techcombank. Customers need to fully meet the following conditions:

  • Registered customers must have a payment account created at Techcombank.
  • Registered for e-banking service of Techcombank.
  • Have a mobile phone to use SMS Banking service.
  • Have ID card/CCCD or Passport to proceed with registration.

How to register for sms banking Techcombank

Once you have a current account opened at Techcombank. Then you can easily register directly at the bank or on the bank’s [email protected] Mobile App. Specifically, please see the following.

Register for SMS Banking Techcombank directly at the bank

People can register for SMS Banking service directly at Techcombank. Everyone prepare personal documents including ID card/CCCD, then quickly go to the nearest Techcombank’s transaction counter to register for the service.Register for sms banking techcombank

Meet the counselor and ask to register for the bank’s SMS Banking service. Then the staff will give you a service registration form according to the bank’s form. You just need to fill in all the necessary information in the form on the paper. Then return it to the bank staff, all the time present your identification document to confirm your information.

After confirming that the information you provided is correct. The bank will quickly support and register the service for you.

Register for Techcombank SMS Banking service on App

If you have registered for Techcombank’s online banking service. Then you can proceed to register on your phone at home without having to go to the bank. To register for the service, follow these instructions:

Step first: People proceed to open the [email protected] Mobile application on their phones and log in to the application.Register for sms banking techcombank

Step 2: At the interface of the application, proceed to select 3 dashes on the corner of the screen.Register for sms banking techcombank

Step 3: At the menu, people find and select the “Sign up to receive balance fluctuations“.Register for sms banking techcombank

Step 4: At the registration section, there will be 2 columns: [email protected] Mobile and SMS. You check the box next to the SMS section to register for the service.Register for sms banking techcombank

Step 5: Get the authentication code and authenticate with the OTP sent to your registered phone number.Register for sms banking techcombank

Step 6: The OTP code should appear and you must confirm to complete the registration for Techcombank SMS Banking service.

Syntax to use SMS Banking Techcombank

With this service in addition to receiving notifications about your account balance. People can also perform some of the features available on the service with the following syntax:

Look up account balanceTCBTK [số tài khoản] [mật khẩu] send 8049.
Check transaction historyTCBGD [số tài khoản] [mật khẩu] send 8049.
Recharge mobile phone accountNAP Face-value (Subscriber number sent to 8049
Recharge other phone accountsNAP Face-value Other-subscriber-to-8049.
Look up deposit interest ratesTCBLS send 8049.

Is there a fee to register for Techcombank SMS Banking service?

When you register and use the SMS Banking service of Techcombank. People are often interested in how the subscription and service fees are. So, let’s find out about Techcombank’s SMS Banking service fee in the table below.

Service registration feeAll customersFree
Via the [email protected] Mobile appAll customers changeFree
Via SMS HomeBankingCustomer group VIP or Priority customerFree
Customers not in the above group
From 0-15 SMS/month12,000 VND
From 16-30 SMS/month18,000 VND
From 31-60 SMS/month40,000 VND
From 61 SMS or more / month75,000 VND
Service maintenance feeAll customers9,900 VND/month


Here is an article on how you can do it register for sms banking Techcombank free. Syntax of using SMS Banking service of Techcombank. Fees for registration and use of SMS Banking service once registered for the service.

Above is all the information that we want to introduce to you in today’s article. If you have any questions, please leave feedback for a free consultation.


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