For customers using an account at MSB, the Bank’s Banking service is indispensable. But now there are many customers using the service who do not know how register for Internet Banking MSB how. When registering and applying, this service will bring customers many different benefits. So how to register? Let’s find out in the article below.

What is MSB Internet Banking service?

Internet Banking service is a payment support tool provided by MSB to users. With this service, the bank has applied the most advanced technology in it. Help support users to use services such as payment, money transfer, account query, … easily. Here’s a look at some of the benefits that the service has brought to our customers:

  • Support account management, look up information related to bank accounts at any time.
  • Support customers to transfer and receive money at home without going directly to the bank.
  • Users can proceed to deposit savings online. And easily open revenue and expenditure on everyone’s online savings.
  • Pay bills for electricity, water and many other payment services.
  • Top up your phone card for yourself or a family member, ..
  • ……

Advantages of using Internet Banking MSB

So what are the advantages of Internet Banking service? Here are the advantages for customers when using this service:

  • This service is very easy to register and simple to use transactions on the system.
  • With this service, you can use it on many different platforms such as phones, computers, ….
  • For previous transactions that would have required a bank, with this service you can only do the operation on your phone.
  • The safety level of this service is at a very high level, so customers can rest assured when using it.
  • With many forms of transaction authentication for customers to choose from such as SMS OTP, Signing, …

Instructions on how to register for Internet Banking MSB

As we mentioned to you above that this service now brings you too many conveniences. And many customers have registered and used this service to make account management easier. And here we will guide you how to sign up for this service. We invite you to participate in the ways below.

Register for Internet Banking MSB at transaction counters

With Internet Banking service, the bank staff will assist people to register as quickly as possible. But for this way, people need to move to the bank’s branch or transaction counter to perform. In return, everyone will be supported by the bank’s experienced staff. You can refer to the service registration process at the bank below:

  • Step 1: Prepare ID card/CCCD then go to the nearest branch, transaction counter of MSB.
  • Step 2: Meet the bank staff and ask for assistance in registering for the bank’s Internet Banking service.
  • Step 3: The bank staff will accept and give you a service registration form according to the bank’s form.
  • Step 4: Then you will fill in all the information according to the form available on the form. And proceed to return your slip and identification to the bank staff.
  • Step 5: At this time, the bank staff will proceed to confirm the information you provide. If the information is correct, the bank will support and register the service for everyone.

Register for Internet Banking MSB on your phone

For this registration, customers will register through the TNEX MSB application on the phone. To download and register, please proceed to access the link below.

  • With the phone Android Everyone who accesses it, don’t link here.
  • With the phone Iphone please visit do not link here.

Once you have successfully downloaded the application to your phone. Learn how to register with us here:

Step 1: Once you have downloaded the TNEX MSB application from the link above. At the login interface, select the “Registration“.

Step 2: Then proceed to fill in the information that this application requires such as: Phone number, Email and create a password.register for Internet Banking MSB

Step 3: Next you will need to take a photo of your ID/CCCD front and back. register for Internet Banking MSB

Step 4: Proceed to verify your face and follow the instructions below to confirm.register for Internet Banking MSB

Step 5: Once you have successfully verified, you will review whether your information on the display screen is correct or not.

Step 6: If your information is correct, check the bank’s terms and conditions. Then slide the bar at the bottom to continue with the registration process.register for Internet Banking MSB

Step 7: Then you proceed to confirm the service registration with the OTP code sent to your registered phone number. After confirming everyone has completed the registration process for Inetrenet Banking service of MSB.

SMS syntax for Internet Banking registration MSB

Currently, MSB bank supports customers to register for Internet Banking service via SMS. Therefore, you just need to proceed to compose a message according to the syntax below and you can proceed to register for the service.

  • Syntax to register for Internet Banking MSB service: MSB DKIB (ID number/Passport number) send 8049.
  • Syntax to confirm registration for Internet Banking MSB service: MSB XNDK OK send 8049.

After you have successfully sent a message to the 8049 bank switchboard.. Right after that, the bank will respond to your message with the information that you have successfully registered for the service.


Hope the information on how register for Internet Banking MSB This will help everyone. If you have any questions that need support, please leave a comment below this article. will support and answer for you free of charge.

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