For those who are using Agribank bank account. The SMS Banking service of Argibank cannot be ignored. So how? register for SMS Banking Agribank how? What functions does this service have? Let’s find out more details in the article below.

With many different utilities when using SMS Banking service of Agribank. Therefore, this is one of the most used services of Argibank by customers at present. With the bank account management will be better. If you are wondering how to register, please refer below.

What is Agribank SMS Banking service?

SMS Banking service Agribank is a smart service issued by Agribank for customers to use. Through this service, people can easily capture information about fluctuations on their bank accounts. After any transaction such as withdrawing, receiving money or transferring money. This service will send to the registered phone number a message informing about the details of that service.register for SMS Banking Agribank

In addition to receiving notifications about your bank account balance. This service also brings customers to use many other convenient functions. And now in Vietnam, there are a large number of banks providing this service to users. Because this service is a smart digital technology service that is convenient for customers to use.

What are the functions of SMS Banking Agribank?

As we told you above, this service brings a lot of different benefits. In addition to supporting the notification of bank account fluctuations, SMS Banking Agribank also has the following functions:

  • Notify the details of the amount in your bank account when there is a new arising.
  • Look up your bank account information quickly with just one message.
  • This service has extremely high security, so you can rest assured to use it without having your information stolen.
  • Support lookup history of the last 5 transactions.
  • Save a lot of time without having to go directly to the bank like in the past.
  • Support to receive OTP confirmation code when confirming in other Banking services.

Conditions for registering Agribank SMS Banking service

To be able to register for SMS Banking service Agribank. Everyone needs to meet all of the following conditions:

  • Customers who want to register for the service must have an account of Agribank.
  • Have a phone and use student information of network operators in Vietnam such as Viettel, Vinaphone, Vietnammobile, etc.
  • Have valid ID card/CCCD or Passport.

Instructions on how to register for SMS Banking Agribank

The following are detailed instructions on how to register for Agribank’s SMS Banking service. Everyone can choose the method that works best for themselves. Please refer to the following ways.

Register for SMS Banking Agribank at transaction counters

For this service, customers should bring an optional document such as ID card/CCCD or Passport. Then go directly to Agribank’s branches and transaction counters to register. When meeting the bank staff, please inform that you want to register for Agribank’s SMS Banking service.register for SMS Banking Agribank

At this time, the bank staff will accept your request. After that, customers will be given a form to fill out service registration information according to the bank’s form. After filling in, please return the form including identification to the bank staff for verification of information. If your information and conditions are satisfactory, the bank staff will proceed to register the service for you.

» Agribank’s working hours

How to register for SMS Banking Agribank at ATM

If there is no branch near you or far from Agribank branch. You can go to the location of the bank’s ATM to do it. To do this, to proceed with the registration, please follow the instructions below:register for SMS Banking Agribank

  • Step 1: Take your ATM card and then go to the nearest Agribank’s ATM. Proceed to insert the ATM card into the tree in the direction of the arrow printed on your card.
  • Step 2: At the display screen, select the language then enter the ATM card PIN to enter the system.
  • Step 3: At the main screen, select “Register Service“.
  • Step 4: Then select the “SMS Banking” then confirm according to the steps to complete the service registration.

How to register for SMS Banking Agribank by phone

Finally, how to sign up for the service on your phone. For this method, there will be no need to go directly to the bank or ATM to perform. You just need to use a phone and then compose a message to send it to Agribank’s switchboard. To register for the service, compose a message with the following syntax.

SET VBA” to send 8149

After that, the switchboard will resend the login password to use Agribank’s SMS banking service. Then proceed to change the password of 8 characters to ensure the safety of your bank account.

Syntax of using SMS Banking service Agribank

Here we will guide you to some syntaxes for using SMS Banking service of Agribank. Please feel free to join us below.

ServiceSyntax to send 8149
Change PasswordVBA [Mật khẩu mặc định] [Mật khẩu mới]
Look up account informationVBA SD
Look up the location of the ATMVBA ATM [Tỉnh/Thành phố] [Quận/Huyện]
Check the last 5 transactionsVBA GD
Check 5 other account transactionsVBA GD [Số Tài Khoản]
Recharge your phone
Top up the phone number registered for the serviceNAP [Mã sản phẩm] [Mật khẩu]
Top up for another phone numberNAP [Mã sản phẩm] [Số điện thoại] [Mật khẩu]
Pay the billVBA TT [Mã nhà cung cấp dịch vụ] [Số điện thoại]/ [Số hợp đồng]/ [ Mã khách hàng]
Transfer money in the systemVBA CK [Số tiền] [Số TK nguồn] [Số TK nhận] [Nội dung]

Is there a fee to register for SMS Banking Agribank?

Many customers who register for the service wonder if there is a fee for registration? What fees will I have to pay in the process of using the bank’s services? Here, we will provide you with the cost of using Agribank SMS Banking service.

1. Service maintenance fee
Individual customers10,000 VND/account/month.
Institutional customers50,000 VND/account/month.
2. Transaction fee
2.1. VNTopup, ApaybillFree.
2.2. A translator
10,000,000 VND2,000 VND/transaction.
> 10,000,000 VND to 25,000,000 VND5,000 VND/transaction.
> 25,000,000 VND7,000 VND/transaction.
Message fee (sent to number 8049, 8149)Pay according to the carrier you are using.

Notes when posting and using SMS Banking Agribank

In the process of registering and using the service, you need to pay attention to a few things as follows:

  • Do not access websites of unknown origin to avoid being hacked by hackers.
  • One phone number can be registered for many different accounts, the conditions are the same owner.
  • For transactions smaller than 10,000 VND, the system will not notify you.
  • When you change or lose your sim, you need to notify the bank to cancel and change the phone number to receive the notification.
  • Do not use free WIFI public networks, etc. to avoid outside intrusion into your account.


The above article provides information on how register for SMS Banking AgriBank Very simple that you can refer to. Hope the above information will help you in the process of registering and using the service. Thank you for reading’s article.



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