In some urgent cases customers need to proceed Techcombank card lock to ensure the security of the card. But not everyone knows how to lock Techcombank’s ATM card.

So with today’s article we will introduce to you. Ways to quickly lock Techcombank’s ATM card.

When should Techcombank ATM card be locked?

Customers want to block Techcombank’s ATM cards for many different reasons. So what are those causes? Here are the reasons why customers need to lock their ATM cards.

  • Customers who lose their card need to lock their ATM card to ensure safety.
  • Cardholders who suspect that their card’s password information has been leaked must also lock their ATM card.
  • Customers do not need to use the card, so they want to block the card to avoid paying the annual fee.

Instructions on how to actively block Techcombank cards

So to lock Techcombank bank card, what do customers need to do? Currently, how does Techcombank support customers to lock their cards? Below we will guide you on how to quickly lock the card. Please continue to follow the next part.

How to temporarily lock Techcombank card online on App

To be able to proceed to lock the Techcombank ATM card on the APP. Conditions customers need to register to use the application service [email protected] Mobile of Techcombank. Then people follow the steps below:

Step 1: Proceed to login to the application [email protected] Mobile is installed on your phone.Techcombank card lock

Step 2: At the interface of the application, proceed to select the “Card“.Techcombank card lock

Step 3: Proceed to select the type of card that the customer wants to block if people use more than one card. Then select the “Lock card“.Techcombank card lock

Step 4: The system will notify you to confirm the card lock and you choose to lock the card immediately to complete the process.Techcombank card lock

How to lock Techcombank ATM card via 24/7 call center

People can choose to call the bank switchboard directly to block the card. To make people call Techcombank’s switchboard: 1800 588 822. When making a phone call, the customer presses key 1 to select Vietnamese, Key 2 to select English.

Meet the customer service agent of the call center, continue to press 1. Then meet the operator and ask to lock the ATM card. People need to provide some information to the switchboard to be able to confirm that you are the cardholder.

After successfully confirming you are the cardholder. Bank staff will conduct temporary card locking support for everyone.

Instructions to lock Techcombank card on Website

If everyone is using Techcombank’s Internet Banking service. You can proceed to block the bank’s ATM card on the bank’s website. To proceed to lock Techcombank card, people follow the following instructions:

Step 1: Everyone can access Techcombank’s login homepage here. Then proceed to log in with the account and password registered with the bank.Techcombank card lock web

Step 2: At the bank’s homepage on the toolbar, people proceed to select the “Card“.Techcombank card lock web

Step 3: Then proceed to select card service left corner of the screenTechcombank card lock web

Step 4: At the table of contents, people proceed to search and select the “Support card lock“.Techcombank card lock web

Step 5: The system will ask you to fill in some information such as:

  • ATM card number.
  • Select temporary card lock or permanent card lock.
  • State the reason you want to block the card.Techcombank card lock web

Step 6: After selecting all the information as above, everyone chooses to proceed to lock the card.Techcombank card lock web

How to lock Techcombank card directly at the counter

In this way, customers can remind the bank to temporarily block the card. Or you can proceed to lock the card permanently. To lock your card, please prepare your ID/CCCD, then go to the bank’s branch or transaction counter to proceed with card locking procedures.

Meet the staff and ask to lock the ATM card. The bank staff will give you a form filled with personal information to confirm you are the cardholder. After the completed form is confirmed. Bank staff will proceed to lock ATM cards for customers.

For those who want to lock the ATM card permanently, they need to hand over the ATM card to the bank. After that, the bank staff will lock the card permanently for everyone. If you lose your card, you will have to pay the card loss fee according to the bank’s regulations.

Does a locked Techcombank card have pharmacy transactions?

This is one of the questions we get the most. Everyone needs to know that the ATM card is just a payment support tool. When people proceed to lock ATM cards, all transactions on the system will still take place.

You can perform transactions such as transferring money, withdrawing money or receiving money. At the counter or on the bank’s e-banking application. Locking your card can only prevent you from conducting transactions with your ATM card.

Notes when locking Techcombank bank cards

When proceeding to lock Techcombank ATM card. There are a few things people should pay attention to:

  • If you want to lock your card at the counter, the cardholder needs to go directly to the bank. Can’t ask someone else to lock the card for you.
  • When the ATM card is locked, the amount of the card will not be affected.
  • When people want to unlock Techcombank card to use again. You can take your ID to go directly to the bank to reopen.
  • The bank supports customers to lock their cards for free and there is no fee in the process of locking the card.
  • Pay attention to the working time of the bank to avoid waiting for a long time.


The above article guides you how to lock Techcombank card. If you find it useful, please leave a like and share this article with your friends for more useful information.


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