Momo is an electronic wallet with many features such as payment, withdrawal, money transfer. And to use Momo wallet, you need to top up. Please refer to the manual How to deposit money in Momo? Click here to learn more about the payment methods.

About Momo e-wallet

Momo is the name of an e-wallet on a mobile phone platform. Through Momo, customers can transfer money, withdraw money, pay bills, pay loans, top up mobile phones, etc. E-wallet is developed and operated by Mobile Services Joint Stock Company. Online (abbreviated M-Service).

Momo gives users the following features:

  • Pay bills for electricity, water, internet, etc. quickly via Momo.
  • Transfer money via phone number, bank account number.
  • Buy phone scratch cards, recharge phones for friends and relatives on Momo.
  • Buy movie tickets and train tickets quickly and simply.
  • Safe, extremely secure.
  • When using Momo, you will receive incentives with many attractive rewards.

The fastest ways to deposit money into Momo

If using the features that Momo brings. There must be enough balance in Momo wallet account. And you will have to deposit money into Momo according to the supported deposit methods. Here are 5 different deposit methods being used by many people.

How to top up momo


Method 1: Top up Momo wallet with a domestic debit card (Napas)

Currently, Momo is associated with 25 banks in the Napas system. Some prominent banks can be mentioned such as: Techcombank, Agribank, Vietinbank, VPBank, Vietcombank, etc. If you are using domestic debit cards of banks in the Napas system. Then make a deposit to Momo wallet with the following steps.

Deposit money into momo

Note: Some banks will ask for account verification when linking. You will have to take a photo of both sides of your ID for verification. Step 1: Log in to Momo e-wallet and click onDeposit money into your wallet

. Step 2:

In the Deposit to wallet section, a list of logos of supported banks will be displayed. You choose the logo the bank is using. Step 3:

Enter the amount you want to top up, note the minimum deposit amount is 10,000 VND, then select the source of money as the bank you are using. Once selected, click Deposit. Step 4:Deposit money into momo

Deposit money into momo Step 5: Fill in the information including: Card number, cardholder’s full name, issue date

and press Continue. Step 6:

Enter the OTP verification code sent to your phone and click Continue.

Option 2: Top up Momo with international card Visa/Mastercard/JCB

  • When using international payment cards of Visa/Mastercard/JCB brand to top up. You will receive the following offers:
  • Free top-up 2 times/month for the first card linking month.
  • Free 1 time deposit to Momo wallet in the following months.

Note that this offer is only applied to deposit transactions with a value of less than 1 million VND.

The deposit transaction fee will be 2,200 VND + 2% of the deposit amount.

Step 1: Open Momo e-wallet and click Deposit. Step 2:At the new interface at section BANK OF INTERNATIONAL PAYMENTS . Please choose the logo of 1 of 3 brandsthat you are using.

Deposit money into momo Deposit money into momo

Step 3: Enter card number, cardholder’s full name, expiration date and CVV code on the back of the card + ID/CCCD/Passport number and email address.

Step 4:

Verify the OTP code sent to the phone message is done.

Method 3: Deposit money into Momo via linked bank

If you want to top up Momo with a linked bank account, you must follow the previous linking steps like method 1.

Currently, Momo is affiliated with: Vietcombank, Vietinbank, Agribank, BIDV, ACB, TPBank, VPBank, Eximbank, OCB, VIB, Shinhan Bank, SCB, Sacombank domestic card, VRB, BAOVIET Bank, ABBANK, OceanBank, MBBank, PVcomBank , VietCapital Bank, Nam A Bank, SHB, Bac A Bank, HDBank, SAIGONBANK. After the link is successful, you choose the source of money from the linked bank account. The loading steps will be as follows.

Step 1: On the main screen of Momo, click on Top up.

Step 2: Enter the amount and select Money source which is the bank that was linked earlier.

Step 3: Verify the transaction and confirm.

Step 4:

Enter the OTP code to confirm.

Method 4: Top up Momo at more than 4,000 transaction points

  • Currently, Momo is associated with more than 4000 transaction points. If you want to top up momo in the form of cash or transfer, you can go directly to stores, such as thegioididong, dienmayXANH, FPTShop, etc. You can find the nearest recharge location on the Momo app as follows. Step 1:On the main interface, click on the Search box and type
  • Deposit points .

Step 2:

Turn on geolocation on your phone and immediately the system displays the nearest deposit and withdrawal point.

  • Method 5: Top up Momo with the phone number via someone else’s Momo wallet You can make a money transfer by phone number through another Momo wallet. This transaction is completely free and fast received 24/7. Step 1:At Momo’s main screen, click
  • Transfer money . Step 2:You click on.
  • Deposit money into momo Deposit money into momo
  • Step 3: Momo requires permission to access your contacts, you authorize Momo then select the list of phone numbers to receive money.
  • Step 4: Enter the amount along with the remittance message and press Transfer.

Step 5:

Verify the transaction and confirm.

What is the maximum momo deposit limit?

  • Please note that when depositing money into Momo, there will be regulations on the maximum limit that can be deposited.
  • For Momo account authenticated by card/bank account:
  • Maximum balance in wallet: 50 million/day.
  • Maximum deposit amount: 50 million/day.

Maximum withdrawal amount: 30 million/day.

  • Unlimited number of deposits and withdrawals.

For Momo account type without bank account verification:

  • The money in the wallet cannot be used.

For Momo account with Visa/Mastercard/JCB card:

Top up from card: 5 million/day.

  • Note when depositing money into Momo e-wallet
  • In the process of you depositing money into Momo, please pay attention to the following points so as not to encounter errors.
  • Do not let the second person know the OTP code because if so, the money will be stolen.
  • The minimum deposit amount in each transaction must be at least 10,000 VND or more.

Must comply with the deposit limit specified by Momo.

Bank account or card must be linked to receive money.

Loaded money into momo wallet but didn’t receive money

If you encounter problems during the recharge process, you need to immediately contact the hotline 1900 5454 41 or email [email protected] for assistance with the solution.

Top up Momo with a credit card?

Credit card is a type of card that works according to the criteria of borrowing money first and paying later. It means that your current account is currently in actual balance. And credit cards also only have the payment function, not transfer money. Therefore, you can only use Visa/Mastercard/JCB branded credit cards for payment but not for top-up.

Top up Momo with phone scratch cards

There are many of you who want to top up momo with phone scratch cards. However, currently Momo does not support top-up by phone scratch card. Therefore, customers pay attention to know the most accurate deposit forms.

Note, if there are instructions on how to top up by phone scratch card. Be careful because there may be a scam problem.

How to top up Momo without a bank card

Depositing money into Momo without a bank card is completely impossible. Because momo will ask customers to link their domestic or international card accounts to recharge. Therefore, you need to link your card to deposit and withdraw money from Momo.

Top up momo without bank link

No, you cannot deposit money without linking your bank account with Momo. Because this feature is not supported.


Above is a guide on how to top up Momo fastest. With the 5 ways shared above, you will definitely top up and use the convenient services that this e-wallet brings in the best way.Edited by:


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