When using ZaloPay, customers need to have money in their wallet to use payment and transaction features from the wallet. To do that, users have to deposit money into the wallet. But not everyone knows how to top up ZaloPay by phone card how. If you do not know and perform indiscriminate loading, it will lead to transaction errors and many difficulties.

Let’s go with Thongtinbank.com to learn about Instructions to top up ZaloPay. With just a few simple steps, we have successfully recharged.

About Zalopay e-wallet

Zalopay is an electronic wallet that is used by many users today. This is a mobile payment platform that allows users to pay online on their phones.

Zalopay is under the management of VNG, a Vietnamese technology company. Zalopay was developed from the Zalo platform and has quickly been used by many people to pay online.

ZaloPay is linking with many banks in Vietnam. From there users can link and use whenever.

Some utilities that ZaloPay provides

  • Money transfer: With just a few steps, you can transfer money from Zalopay.
  • Payment: Can pay in many different forms or can transfer money by scanning QR code.
  • Pay bills: Easily pay your electricity, water, TV, and credit bills.
  • Recharge your phone: Top up your phone quickly with many carriers, with preferential recharge discounts.

Is it possible to top up ZaloPay with a phone card?

A lot of customers want recharge to ZaloPay by phone card. However, currently, ZaloPay e-wallet no longer supports the recharge feature with phone scratch cards. Customers can only top up by bank account or Visa/Mastercard card.

That means we make the link between the card account and the ZaloPay wallet. When transacting, the amount will be deducted from the bank account, not on the ZaloPay wallet anymore. In this way, customers will not need to perform continuous deposit operations.

Instructions on how to top up ZaloPay fastest

Top up Zalopay with phone scratch card is not supported. But Zalopay supports top-up methods with linked cards/bank accounts.

Method 1: Top up Zalopay right on ZaloPay

Step 1: Log in to your ZaloPay wallet and select “Add > ZaloPay”.

Step 2: Next, click and select “Deposit/Withdrawal”.

Step 3: Select the amount you want to top up according to the given limit or enter the deposit amount > Select deposit source > Confirm.

how to get money on zalopay by phone

Step 4: Then on the ZaloPay wallet, the corresponding amount will be added.

Method 2: Top up Zalopay with Zalo app

Step 1: Log in to the Zalo application and click Explore and select Zalopay Wallet.

Step 2: Click Deposit/withdraw and select Deposit.

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to deposit and select the deposit source.

Step 4: Check the information and click confirm payment.

How to link a bank account with ZaloPay

Please note, it is necessary to link a bank account with ZaloPay. Only then can the utilities and features from the wallet be used. If we do not link, we will not be able to top up the account.

Step 1: Log in to your ZaloPay wallet and click on the banking item.

Step 2: Then click “Add link”.

how to get money on zalopay by phone

Step 3: Select the type of card or bank you want to link.

how to get money on zalopay by phone

Step 4: Enter the card’s information then click continue.

Step 5: An OTP code is sent to the phone number associated with the Zalo account > Enter the OTP code > Click continue.

Step 6: Successful link message.


  • To link ZaloPay account and bank, the registered phone number must be the same.
  • Bank account must register Internet Banking facility.
  • In the bank account must have a minimum balance of 60,000 VND.
  • The bank account has not been linked to any ZaloPay wallet. If there is a link, you need to delete it in order to link.

Above is instructions on how to top up ZaloPay by phone card for customers. Please note, customers can top up by bank account or card. If you do not link your bank account, you cannot top up ZaloPay.

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