Way money transfer from Russia to Vietnam the safest, most economical and fastest way. This is a question asked by many people who are living and working in Russia and want to send money to their relatives in Vietnam but don’t know how. If you do not know how, please quickly refer to the instructions of today’s article.

Russia and Vietnam are two countries with good relations in many aspects. Every year, thousands of Vietnamese come to work and study in Russia. Since then, the need to transfer money from Russia to Vietnam for relatives has also increased. Understanding that mentality, the underground money transfer market in the black market is growing rapidly. If you are subjective and take advantage of cheap fees and choose to transfer money through this method, you will most likely become the prey of scammers.

So how to transfer money safely? Bankcuatoi.com would like to guide you 2 How to transfer money from Russia to Vietnam? both fast and legal, don’t worry about scams. Let’s follow along.

Instructions on how to transfer money from Russia to Vietnam safely

Have a lot of How to transfer money from Russia to Vietnam?. But the safest and most chosen by Vietnamese people living in Russia, there are only 2 main ways. That is bank transfer and Western Union money transfer.

Transfer money from Russia to Vietnam via bank

Banks all work under the strict management of the law. So when you transfer money through the bank, you will receive all documents and receipts to prove the money transfer. So even if there is a problem in the transfer process, you do not have to worry. Because the bank will check and refund you. This is the safest way to transfer money.

How to transfer money from Russia to Vietnam?

The process of transferring money to Vietnam at a bank:

First, bring your ID card and money to the bank in Russia. You can choose a public or private bank, as long as the bank is reputable. You take the order number and wait for your turn. The staff will issue you an international money order slip. You fill in all the information printed on the form. Pay special attention to the recipient’s information to avoid the wrong beneficiary or loss of money transferred:

  • Recipient’s name
  • Name and branch of bank in Vietnam
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email


  • If the recipient has a bank account, the money can be transferred directly to the account by entering the account number, name of the bank and branch opening the account for the recipient.
  • If the recipient does not have a bank account, you must transfer the money to a bank in Vietnam. The bank will then contact the beneficiary to come to the counter to receive the money. You need to specify the bank name, bank branch and bank address in Vietnam.

After filling out all the information, you return the form to the staff to check. If the information meets the requirements, you will return the amount to be transferred along with the money transfer fee. The staff will give you the remittance receipt back. You must keep this receipt until your relatives in Vietnam notify you that the money has been received before you can leave.

In general, the transaction steps at banks in Russia are similar to those in Vietnam. Only difficulty is the voice is somewhat different. If you are still not fluent in Russian, ask a friend to help translate the information.

How to transfer money from Russia to Vietnam via Western Union

Western Union is an international fast money transfer service. This service has appeared in most countries around the world. Help transfer money between countries at lightning speed. This service is available in Russia and Vietnam, so you can go to a Western Union agent to transfer money safely and quickly.

How to transfer money from Russia to Vietnam?

The steps for transferring money via Western Union are similar to transferring money at a bank. The only difference is that the Western Union staff will provide you with a secret money transfer code including 10 numbers. You write down this code and only give it to the payee. After 30 minutes, after completing the money transfer procedure, you can notify your loved ones to go to a Western Union transaction point in Vietnam to receive money.

Recipients bring identification documents (ID card / ID card / Passport) to the transaction point. Present documents for staff to check. Then read the 10 digits of the secret money transfer code. If there is a match, that person is correctly identified as the recipient of the money. The staff will check the information about the money sent to Vietnam and return it to the recipient.

Fee for transferring money from Russia to Vietnam

One of the issues that you must pay attention to when conducting a transfer from Russia to Vietnam. That is the deposit fee, when we send money, in addition to the deposit amount, we also have to pay a certain fee. Specifically, the fee schedule will be as follows:

  • Bank transfer fee from Russia to Vietnam: Each bank will have a separate fee. Both the sender and the receiver must pay fees in accordance with the bank’s regulations.
  • Fee for sending money from Russia to Vietnam via Western Union: 0.3% of the total amount sent.

How long does it take to transfer money from Russia to Vietnam?

The geographical distance from Russia to Vietnam is very far. But Time to transfer money from Russia to Vietnam It doesn’t take as long as you think. Especially when you choose Western Union fast money transfer service. Just 30 minutes so that the staff can put the transaction information on the system, the recipient in Vietnam can go to the Western Union transaction point to receive the money.

If you choose to transfer money via bank, the time will be longer. Verb verb 3 days to 7 days work. After 7 days, but the money still has not arrived in Vietnam, it may be because the transaction has had a problem. You need to bring the remittance receipt to inquire and review the transaction. If there is a problem, the bank will help you refund the money and re-transmit the money transfer to Vietnam.


Above is 2 How to transfer money from Russia to Vietnam? fastest and safest. You can choose the right way instead of choosing to transfer money through the risky black market. The article may be difficult to understand, if you still have questions, please leave a comment so I can clarify.



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