There are many customers who want to buy motorbikes on installment but have bad debt at banks and financial units. In this case, is there any support unit? Buy a motorbike to pay bad debt in installments or not? For detailed content on answering questions, please see the article of Banktop below.

What is installment motorbike purchase?

What is installment motorbike purchase?
What is installment motorbike purchase?

Buying a motorbike in installments is a form of purchase where the customer does not have to pay the full amount with the value of that vehicle. Customers only need to pay a small amount of 20 – 50% of the total amount in advance and the rest will be paid monthly within a certain limit.

No need to mortgage assets, quick loan procedures, preferential interest rates, etc.

Can I buy a motorbike in installments if I have bad debt?

Bad debt will still depend on many different groups of people to consider whether they can be supported to buy a motorbike on installments or not. With bad debt groups 1 and 2, when customers complete the debt, they can make installment loans to buy motorbikes at financial companies.

With the group of bad debts in groups 3,4,5 may not be supported to buy installments at certain financial units. So you should also be aware of this.

How to buy a motorbike to pay bad debt

How to buy a motorbike to pay bad debt
How to buy a motorbike to pay bad debt

To get support for buying motorbikes with bad debt installment payments at financial companies, you can follow the registration process as follows:

  • Step 1: Once you have determined the type of car you want to buy with detailed information about the price, the unit will help you get a loan. Balance your finances and make sure you can pay 20-50% of the motorbike’s value.
  • Step 2: Apply for a loan at the unit under the guidance of the financial support staff.
  • Step 3: When your application has been approved for a successful loan at a financial company, a bank. You will complete the paperwork to buy a motorbike at the shop with the support of the staff.
  • Step 4: When you receive a car and use it, you should be careful about your papers and loan records so that you can track and pay the monthly recurring amount on time.

Which brand of motorbike should I buy when I have bad debt?

Which brand of motorcycle should you buy when you have bad debt, here are some brands that support customers to borrow money in the form of installment purchase.

Honda’s motobike

Honda is a long-standing and prestigious motorcycle brand in the market used by many customers. Honda motorcycles are suitable for many objects, affordable prices, high durability. Supported by many units to buy a car on installments with customers with limited finance and bad debt.


Yamaha’s branches are spread all over the country, so if you like you can buy motorbikes of this brand easily. Yamaha is highly appreciated for product quality, receiving many positive feedbacks from customers. The Yamaha brand also facilitates and supports customers when they want to buy a car in the form of installment payments.


For customers with bad debt who want to buy motorbikes on installments, they can also refer to Suzuki’s models. You can choose the models you like depending on your financial ability and then make a loan application at the supported unit.

Which financial company supports buying motorbikes to pay bad debt?

Refer to some financial companies you can apply for a motorbike loan with bad debt installment payment below if you intend to take out a loan:

FE Credit

FE Credit Finance Company is a leading reputable company in Vietnam that supports customers with many diversified and convenient loan packages. You can borrow to buy a motorbike here with installment payment, provided that if you have bad debt, only group 1 bad debt is eligible to apply for a loan.

Home Credit

Home Credit is also the unit that supports customers to borrow installment loans if they have bad debts in the group 1 to group 2. When making a loan application, you must prove your stable income every month. New loan applications meet the requirements.

ACS Vietnam

ASC Vietnam supports customers with many different loan limits. This is also a unit you can refer to when buying a motorbike with installment payments to support bad debt.

Table of monthly loan interest payments

Table of monthly loan interest payments
Table of monthly loan interest payments

Below are detailed statistics on loans and loan periods at financial institutions. Include the principal amount you have to pay every month to balance your finances to see if you are able to complete the loan payment each month.


So the above article Banktop has compiled detailed information about Buy a motorbike to pay bad debt in installments What is, should buy in any unit so that readers can understand clearly. If you are in bad debt but have a need to buy a motorbike to use as a means of transportation, please refer to one of the units that support bad debt when buying a car mentioned above.

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