For those who have some idle money, opening a savings book at a bank is a must.

So, today’s article nganhangonline will Instructions to open TPBank’s online savings book with attractive high interest rate 2022. Please update the content below to be able to both accumulate and invest in the smartest and most effective way in today’s 4.0 era.

Instructions to open TPBank’s online savings book with attractive high interest rate 2022

Instead of going to TPBank’s branch/transaction office directly, people can open a passbook online anytime, anywhere. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Log in your account to the electronic banking application from TPBank’s eBank.

Step 2: At the main screen, select the item “Save“.

Step 3: Customers fill in information such as:

  • Deposits.
  • Period.
  • Profit form.
  • Other content.

Step 4: Check all the information entered and click “Confirm“.

Step 5: The system will send an OTP code for you to enter in the corresponding request box.

Step 6: Complete the transaction.

Thus, the money that you save online at TPBank will start to be profitable effectively and absolutely safe. When it is due, you will receive the interest that the bank originally promised.

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Information about product packages for savings at TPBank 2022

To know which savings product package you are suitable for at TPBank, please refer to the following information.

Economical productsCharacteristicsBenefit
Bao Loc SavingsThis is a type of savings deposit with an attractive interest rate at the time of deposit.
  • Add 0.5% interest rate compared to the regular account receiving interest at the beginning of the period.
  • Receive insurance benefits up to 15 billion VND.
Super Savy SavingsAutomated profitable savings with the goal of making the customer’s journey of savings to greatness simple.
  • Deposit from 8,000,000 VND.
  • Get super huge profit up to 6.55%/year.
  • Long term deposit from 03-24 months.
Saving Truong An LocSavings products at TPBank with the most attractive interest rates.
  • Payment can be made at any TPBank branch/transaction office nationwide.
  • Many promotions are applied from time to time.
Saving WealthIs the savings product that receives the most interest at the time of settlement.
  • The longer the term, the more favorable the interest rate.
  • Flexible transfer, mortgage, discount / rediscount.
  • Competitive interest rates with other products.
Saving deposit for 6 months, interest rate 12The product is suitable for customers who have long-term savings needs, enjoy high interest rates and still have the flexibility to use short-term money sources with a preferential settlement support policy.
  • Deposit for 6 months with 2 revolving terms and enjoy the average interest rate of 12 months.
  • Paying off after 6 months still receive the full interest rate of 6 months.
  • Be settled at all TPBank branches/transaction offices nationwide.
Savings in installments SavySavings products are for customers with low and unstable finances who want to accumulate according to their own ability.
  • Deposit to a savings account with a small amount of only 30,000 VND.
  • Competitive interest rate of 3.55%.
  • Can send by day/week/month flexibly.
Savings TermSend short-term savings and receive high interest rates.
  • Sent by day, enjoy interest according to the next month.
  • Flexibility in transfer, pledge, discount/re-discount.
  • Minimum deposit period is 30 days.
Savings usually earn interest at the end of the periodDeposits receive high interest rates and are flexibly paid according to demand.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Settlement at all branches/transaction offices of TPBank nationwide.
  • Many attractive promotions are continuously deployed throughout the year.
Saving Dac LocThis is a type of savings deposit with a term that pays interest at the end of the period with an attractive interest rate.
  • Add 0.5% interest rate compared to Truong An Loc Savings package.
  • Settlement at TPBank nationwide.
  • Enjoy full benefits of Sun Life insurance with a value of 1 billion dong.
Electronic savingsDeposit and receive attractive interest rates without having to spend much time going to the banking transaction office.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Convenience and maximum time saving.
  • Can pledge to borrow capital according to regulations at TPBank.
Saving Bao An LocThis is a type of term deposit with high interest rates, flexible early withdrawal and diverse deposit terms.
  • Competitive interest rates apply.
  • Settlement at any TPBank branch nationwide.
  • Flexibility in transfer, pledge, discount/re-discount.
Future Savings Kids Deposit AccountThe account helps children learn how to manage and save money in the future.
  • This product is only for customers under the age of 18.
  • Flexibility to change form, amount, date of deposit.
  • Feel free to choose term, deposit amount suitable for future goals.
Future Savings deposit accountSavings in the form of a deposit.
  • Flexibility to change form, amount, date of deposit.
  • Applicable to all age groups.
  • Deposit automatically deducted from the payment account.

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Latest savings interest rates at TPBank

Savings interest rate at TPBank is the most concerned issue before deciding to open a savings account. Please update the information in the following data table.

PeriodWealth AccountBao Loc AccountDac Loc AccountTruong An Loc AccountElectronic accountRegular savingsFuture SavingsFuture Savings KidsDeposit to Bao An Loc
01 week 0.100.10
02 weeks 0.100.10
03 weeks 0.100.10
01 month 3.303.20 3.20
02 months 3.503.40 3.40
03 months 3.453.553.34 3.45
04 months3.45 3.45 3.45
05 months3.45
06 months 5.506.005.505.455.30 5.50
09 months 5.855.70
12 months 5.606.305.805.955.103.453.455.80
24 months 5.20
36 months 4.70

*Note: This interest rate will change from time to time due to the adjustment of TPBank. Therefore, people can directly contact the TPBank hotline for information when they need to open a passbook.

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Ways to check opening savings balance at TPBank

To know the balance of their own savings account, customers can do it quickly by following these simple ways:

Check by phone SMS

As soon as the savings account is opened, you will receive an SMS message to your phone informing you of your available balance.

Contact TPBank hotline

People just need to pick up the phone and contact 1900 585 858, then provide personal information such as ID/CCCD number, full name. The operator will check on the system and provide the savings account balance upon request.

Check with QR code

Customers need to download the TPBank eBank application, then open the QR code scanning feature and scan the QR code on their passbook. All information about passbook, balance will be displayed.

Check on Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking

Customers need to access TPBank’s eBanking application, then perform a query on opened savings account information to get accurate information.

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Frequently asked questions about opening a TPBank online savings book

Is electronic passbook information confidential?

The answer here is that all information about customers’ electronic savings books opened at TPBank is absolutely confidential.

Because, all operations to open/close an electronic passbook are done through the TPBank app system with 02 layers of security (login password and OTP SMS/Token Key password). At the same time, the passbook confirmation is only sent directly to the email that the customer has previously registered at TPBank.

Is it possible to transfer money from another bank to open TPBank e-passbook?

Electronic savings is a form of direct debit from a customer’s current account opened at TPBank. Therefore, customers need to open an account first, then use the service. Once you have an account, you can transfer money from another bank account to a payment account at TPBank to open an electronic savings account.

What are the procedures required for TPBank electronic savings?

All customers who open a personal account and register to use TPBank’s eBanking service can participate in electronic savings.

The benefits when you deposit electronic savings at TPBank such as:

  • Quick and convenient procedure.
  • No need to keep a regular passbook.
  • No need to go directly to the bank to open the book.
  • Can open/close at any time.

What is the minimum and maximum amount for TPBank electronic savings?

Currently, TPBank is stipulating the minimum and maximum deposit levels for electronic savings as follows:

  • Minimum deposit amount: 1,000,000 VND.
  • Maximum deposit amount: TPBank does not limit the amount of deposits, customers can deposit the amount depending on their financial ability.

Here is the full content Instructions to open TPBank’s online savings book with attractive high interest rate 2022. If you are looking for a future of financial mastery, independent of anyone, make a savings plan now. Before leaving the article, do not forget to leave a message in the comments below, the website will receive and respond as quickly as possible.

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