Registration Internet banking Vietinbank help customers know account fluctuations easily. Registering for internet banking is very easy.

Using Internet banking Vietinbank Ipay is currently being expanded. This is an application that helps customers capture all account information and make transactions quickly. Let’s find out details on how to register and use this modern digital bank below.

Internet Banking What is Vietinbank (Vietinbank Ipay)?

Internet Banking Vietinbank (Ebanking Vietinbank) is the digital banking software of Vietinbank. Through the internet connection of mobile phones or computers, customers can make transaction connections easily. Transactions are made online 24/7 easily, so customers save a lot of time and costs.

Vietinbank Ipay digital banking application for every home
Vietinbank Ipay digital banking application for every home

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Functions Of Vietinbank Ipay

To help customers understand more about this feature, we can mention the convenient features of Vietinbank Ipay as follows:

  • Manage personal account information and query, retrieve transaction history
  • Transfer money in and out of the bank quickly
  • Pay electricity bills, water bills, buy phone cards.
  • Online savings deposit with attractive interest rates, deposit renewal,…
  • Support normal loan repayment, completely free loan repayment

It can be seen that the deployment and extended use of Vietinbank internet banking services is essential. Using online payment methods will help customers save time and costs. At the same time, reducing the pressure for direct transactions at the counter for banks.

Conditions for Internet Banking Registration Vietinbank Online

To register to use Vietinbank Internet Banking, customers must fully meet the following conditions:

  • Subjects from 15 years old need a legal representative/have their own property
  • Subjects from 18 years old need ID/CCCD
  • Already have a payment account at VietinBank. If you don’t have one, you need to register an account before registering for internet banking

Instructions for Registering Internet Banking Vietinbank

Now, Vietinbank Support to register for Internet Banking in two ways: direct registration at the counter or online registration.

Register at the counter

To register for Internet Banking at the counter, customers need to go to the nearest Vietinbank branch and follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Fill in all personal information in the Internet Banking registration form
  • Step 2: Submit it to the teller at the counter
  • Step 3: Confirm your personal information with the staff and wait for the login information
  • Step 4: Receive information about Username – Password and complete the transaction.

When going to register for Vietinbank Ipay at the counter, customers need to bring enough ID/CCCD, phone containing registration number to open an account at the bank to activate the application and note Vietinbank working hours.

Register VietinBank iPay Online

 Register VietinBank IPay Online
Register VietinBank IPay Online
  • Step 1: Visit Vietinbank website. Select “Register for Vietinbank Ipay”
  • Step 2: Enter all information including ID card, last 8 digits on ATM card, ATM PIN, then press “Continue”
  • Step 3: The bank will confirm your personal information and send a text message providing your username and password. Then you use the provided username and password to access Vietinbank Ipay and change to your personal password.

Instructions for Using Internet Banking Vietinbank

Sign in to VietinBank iPay on your computer

Signing in to VietinBank Ipay on your computer is very simple. You just need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Access Vietinbank Internet Banking
  • Step 2: Select the Logon icon
  • Step 3: Enter the phone number and login password previously registered.
VietinBank iPay login interface on computer
VietinBank iPay login interface on computer

Sign in to VietinBank iPay on your phone

To log in to VietinBank Ipay on your phone, you need to do an extra step to download the application to your phone.

  • Step 1: Download Vietinbank App for IOS or Android on App Store or CH Play
  • Step 2: Open the application, click on the Sign in icon
  • Step 3: Enter the registered phone number and login password

Checking account balance

To check your account balance, simply select “Account” on the toolbar on the home screen. After choosing, you will know the existing payment accounts, loan accounts, ….

Transfer on Vietinbank Ipay

Vietinbank Ipay allows customers to choose to transfer money within the same banking system or to transfer money between banks. To transfer, the customer selects “Transfer” and then enters the bank information, the recipient’s account number, the amount to be transferred, the content of the transfer (if any).

Then select “Continue” and get the OTP sent to your phone to confirm the transaction and “Complete the transaction”.

Note: The recipient’s name and money transfer content are in Vietnamese without accents.

Pay bills via Internet Banking Vietinbank

To pay bills via Internet Banking Vietinbank, customers just need to select “Payment” and then select the type of invoice you want to pay.

For example, if you want to pay the electricity bill for your family, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to Vietinbank Ipay then select Payment on the app.
  • Step 2: Select payment “Electricity:
  • Step 3: Enter “Supplier” and “Customer ID” to make a transaction
  • Step 4: Check customer information and press “Payment”
  • Step 5: Confirm transaction OTP code and end the transaction.

Vietinbank Ipay Service Fee Schedule

VietinBank iPay service (Internet Banking/Mobile Banking VietinBank)
Register to useFree
Service maintenance fee (internet + mobile)8,800 VND/month
Look up bank informationFree
Look up account informationFree
Transfer with VietinBank system for transactions from 1000 VND – less than 1 million VND1,100 VND/transaction
Transfer with VietinBank system for transactions from 1 million VND – under 3 million VND2,200 VND/transaction
Transfer with VietinBank system for transactions from 3 million VND to less than 50 million VND3,300 VND/transaction
Transfer with VietinBank system for transactions over VND 50 million0.01% of transaction value
Transfer to another bank for transactions from 1,000 VND – less than 50 million VND9,900 VND/transaction
Bank transfer from 50 million VND or more0.01% of transaction value (minimum VND 11,000)
Transfer money to phone number3,300 VND/transaction
Loan repayment at VietinBankFree
Paying credit card debt at VietinBankFree
Electricity bill paymentFree
Pay the water billFree
Air ticket paymentFree
Paying landline phone chargesFree
Homephone wireless landline phone bill paymentFree
Postpaid mobile phone bill paymentFree
Prepaid mobile rechargeFree
TV bill paymentFree
Payment of ADSL Internet chargesFree
Buy insurances (civil liability for motor vehicle owners, international travel insurance, civil liability and occupant accident insurance)FREE
Top up OBU (automatic toll card)FREE
Receive Western Union RemittancesFree


The content of the article has detailed instructions on how to register and use Vietinbank Internet Banking service, wish you success.

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