Investing in US stocks in Vietnam has now become a potential market to attract investors. But do not investors fully understand the concept of US stocks? Information about the advantages of investing in US stocks. And should invest in US stocks in Vietnam? Let’s find out through today’s post of group29khoinghiep Please!

What are US stocks?

American securities on the market are concepts understood as securities trading codes listed on US stock exchanges. Currently, there are more than 10,000 companies listed on the US stock market, worth more than 30 trillion US dollars. Including shares owned by the world’s leading companies.

What are US stocks?

The purpose of listing shares on the market is to help attract capital to invest in a large business. Moreover, participating in investing in US securities in Vietnam is also quite simple.

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Should invest in US stocks in Vietnam?

Facts about the US stock market

According to Worldbank’s US stock market data, in 2018 there was a large trading volume of up to 33,000 billion USD. Meanwhile, the world’s stock market is about 68 trillion USD. It’s 5 times that of a big country like China, 15 times that of India. It can be seen that almost US stocks account for half of the world market.

Facts about the US stock market

What’s more, the US stock market is the most liquid. Because compared to other countries, the US stock market has a very large market capitalization of 30 trillion USD, many times higher. Like up to 10 times that of Hong Kong, 5 times of China and 6 times of Japan….

Advantages of joining the US market

Popular and widely developed stocks are favored today such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple and even Netflix,… These stocks bring huge profits. The number of profits compared to US GDP is even more. With a market capitalization of $3.1 trillion and representing about 10% of the value of the S&P 500.

Advantages of joining the US market

In addition, you can trade in the US stock market even after office hours are over. You may be exempt from tax, capital gains tax. In addition, the operating financial statements are also clear, transparent and listed. In the US stock market investment in Vietnam, investors are not allowed to sell short. You can choose to trade with the T+0 method. This is different from the normal Vietnamese market which is a T+2 or T+3 transaction.

How to play US stock market for beginners in Vietnam easy to join

Leverage trading with contracts for difference

A contract for difference (CFD) is a contract agreed between a seller and a buyer. For the purpose of agreeing, agreeing on the difference between the opening and closing prices of any asset class.


  • Investors can invest with a small amount of capital. And use flexible financial leverage.
  • You can make sustainable profits when price trends rise or fall according to changes in market demand.
  • Contracts for difference in US stocks give you quick access to stocks. As well as other stock indexes in the US and in the international market in general.


  • If you do not know how to take advantage of the right leverage ratio, it will lead to high risk.
  • Investors cannot receive dividends. Because they are not directly owners of stocks or investment indices.

How to play US stock market for beginners in Vietnam easy to join

Buy IPO shares

IPO shares when listed on the floor are highly appreciated and have the potential to increase rapidly in the market. However, because there is no specific model and only based on fundamental analysis. Therefore, investors need to be careful and avoid unnecessary risks.


  • Opportunity to own shares of the company and receive dividends with the number of shares held
  • IPO shares with high holding potential to anticipate future price trends.


  • Do not use a lot of analysis that when investors choose stocks based solely on fundamental analysis.
  • To invest in US stocks, a large amount is required and no financial leverage is used.

Invest in individual stocks

Investors in ordinary shares and IPO shares on any US exchange are required to prove they are US citizens. In addition, individual stock investments are not leveraged and require extremely large amounts of capital.

  • Advantages: receive dividends based on the number of shares owned.
  • Cons: Must have large capital and cannot use financial leverage.

Trends accompanying businesses – Sustainable profits in the future

2022 is considered a potential year for real estate projects after the Covid epidemic. The trend of lending to businesses at this time also brings many outstanding benefits to investors. And is expected to continue to cause strong waves in the coming time.

  • Total project up to: 1600 billion.
  • Total area of ​​the project: 35 ha.
  • Modern integrated utilities: Floating restaurant, Barclub club, luxury marina; exhibition area and general shopping mall; places of entertainment and health care,…

Presently Nature Landscape is still an opportunity for cooperation and companionship for investors. A cooperation opportunity – for businesses to borrow reputable loans; transparency that you might consider.




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