Entering wrong BIDV Smart Banking password more than 5 times you OK? This must be the question of many customers who are using BIDV’s services. Currently, there are many cases where customers have locked their BIDV Smart Banking accounts. And don’t know how to fix this case.

How does the customer not remember the login password of this service. After that, I logged in more than 5 times in a row. After that everyone’s Banking account was locked. So is the reason the account is locked because the account holder entered it wrong more than 5 times? And how to unlock BIDV Smart Banking account? We invite you to join us in the article below.

What is BIDV Smart Banking service?

BIDV Smart Banking service is an electronic banking service issued by BIDV bank. This is a service that allows you to conduct banking transactions right on your phone. With BIDV’s Smart Banking service, customers can easily manage their bank accounts.

This is a convenient service developed by BIDV. In order to help customers look up their accounts quickly. Services such as looking up account balance information, recharge phone cards, pay bills, transfer money, …. But with such a service, people will no longer need to go directly to the bank as before.

How many numbers does BIDV Smart Banking have?

Many customers using the bank’s Smart Banking service, after forgetting, do not remember. The password of this service has how many numbers. With this question we will answer everyone as follows. BIDV Smart Banking password is specified as follows.

  • Length: 20 Characters.
  • Minimum of 8 characters
  • Contains 1 capitalized character and 1 special character.

Is it okay to enter the wrong password of BIDV Smart Banking more than 5 times?

As you can see, the services of the bank usually have a very high level of security. And there are automatic features that help keep your bank account safe. The same goes for Smart Banking service of BIDV bank. When a customer forgets his password and tries to log in more than the number of times specified by the bank. The service’s system will recognize that someone is trying to break into your account.Entering wrong BIDV Smart Banking password more than 5 times

After 5 times of entering the wrong password, the system will automatically lock the customer’s Banking account. And to be able to log in to the application, the bank’s Banking service to use. Requires the opener to be the account holder, then this service can work normally again. Therefore, everyone will need to pay attention to the problem of logging in on BIDV’s Smart Banking service.

Entering wrong BIDV Smart Banking password more than 5 times, what to do?

So what to do when entering wrong password of BIDV Samrt Banking more than 5 times? At this time, your Banking account has been locked. People’s online banking will no longer be possible. And another thing is that at present, BIDV does not support customers to unlock online. Therefore, everyone can only proceed to unlock the Banking account at the transaction counter.Entering wrong BIDV Smart Banking password more than 5 times

To be able to proceed with unlocking at branches, transaction counters of BIDV. Customers need to prepare identification documents such as ID card/CCCD or Passport. Then you can refer to the process of unlocking BIDV’s Banking service below:

  • Step 1: Bring your ID and then go to the nearest BIDV transaction counter to make it.
  • Step 2: There, meet the bank staff and inform them that your Banking account has been locked.
  • Step 3: The bank will inquire about some information related to your account as well as your personal information.
  • Step 4: You will then need to present your identification so that the staff can confirm your information.
  • Step 5: After confirming you are the owner of the locked account. The bank staff will proceed to open the lock and re-issue a new password for the customer.
  • Step 6: Proceed to use the new password to login then change the new code to complete.

How to retrieve BIDV Smart Banking password when forgotten

So what to do in case customers forget their password to log in to their Banking account? If your Banking account has not been locked, people can proceed to request a new password on the bank’s application. To apply for a new login code, follow these instructions:Entering wrong BIDV Smart Banking password more than 5 times

  • Step 1: You open the BIDV application, and at the login interface, everyone proceed to select the section “Forgot passwordโ€œ. Then proceed to fill in the information according to the required form of the system.
  • Step 2: After you have filled in all the required information. The system will send a confirmation code to everyone’s phone. Enter this code to confirm the password reset request.
  • Step 3: Then everyone’s new password will be sent to the registered phone number. Or email address, you can check to get a new password.
  • Step 4: Proceed to use the newly provided password to log in to the application. Then proceed to change the password as desired and complete the process.

Instructions on how to set up BIDV Smart Banking password

If you are still using the password login method. This leads to the risks of not being able to log in as above. So if you are using a phone with Fingerprint and Face ID. You can proceed with the setup to make the login process more accurate and secure.

Install BIDV Smart Banking with fingerprint

To proceed with setting a password to log in with a fingerprint, also known as Touch ID. We invite you to follow the steps below:Entering wrong BIDV Smart Banking password more than 5 times

  • Step 1: Proceed to log in to the BIDV application installed on your phone.
  • Step 2: Then go to the Settings section and select the “Fingerprint settings” section.
  • Step 3: Then proceed to follow the instructions to confirm everyone’s fingerprints.
  • Step 4: Proceed to confirm with the OTP code sent to your registered phone number to complete.

Install BIDV Smart Banking with Face ID

In addition to logging in with fingerprints, you can also log in with facial recognition. To proceed with the setup, follow the steps below:Entering wrong BIDV Smart Banking password more than 5 times

  • Step 1: Please log in and then select the settings on the BIDV application.
  • Step 2: Then at the menu, find and select Face ID Settings.
  • Step 3: Credit chooses to activate then confirm by bringing up the Camera to scan your face.
  • Step 4: Confirm the OTP code to be able to complete the setup.

What is the account that is not allowed to re-issue BIDV password?

Currently, many customers forget their password when applying for a new password. Again received a message that password reset is not allowed. So what is the cause of this?

As far as we have learned about BIDV, it is from December 13, 2021. The bank will not re-issue the password of the online Banking account and on strange devices anymore. Or if everyone’s Banking account has been locked, so the password cannot be re-issued anymore. When receiving such notice, people can only go directly to the bank’s branch to be able to unlock the account.


Today’s article helps answer your questions wrong password of BIDV Smart Banking more than 5 times you OK? Instructions on how to fix when the BIDV account is locked due to entering the wrong password many times. Hope the above information will be helpful to everyone. If you have any questions, please leave feedback to be supported by nganhangmobile.com.



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