Is there a fee for withdrawing money with a Chip-mounted ID card (CCCD) at an ATM? Nowadays, in addition to withdrawing money by normal ATM card, CCCD can also withdraw money at bank ATMs. So how much is the withdrawal fee? How to do it? It is still a question many people ask. This article Nganhangonline will help you answer these questions. Read all of the content below!

Do all banks withdraw money using CCCD?

Although this form of withdrawal is very quick and has many utilities attached. However, currently, the method of withdrawing money with a chip-based citizen ID is only in the pilot phase. Some large banks such as BIDV, Vietcombank, Vietinbank, etc. in Hanoi and Quang Ninh have only been able to activate this withdrawal method. In the future, all the remaining localities will be widely installed by the banking system.

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Is there a fee for withdrawing money with a Chip-mounted ID card (CCCD) at an ATM?

Fee schedule for withdrawing money by CCCD with chip at ATMs and Smartbanks

Withdrawing money with a Chip-mounted ID card (CCCD) at an ATM is the same as withdrawing money with a normal bank ATM card. Below is the fee schedule when customers withdraw money with CCCD card with chip at ATM, smartbank.

BankCCCD withdrawal fee with the same bank as the chipCCCD withdrawal fee with a different chip from the bank
VPBankFree3,000 VND
HD BankFree3,000 VND
EximbankFree3,000 VND
Nam A BankFreeFree
Maritime BankFreeFree
SeA Bank550 VND3,000 VND
BIDV 1,000 VND3,000 VND
Vietcombank1,000 VND2,500 VND
VietinBank1,000 VND3,000 VND
Agribank1,000 VND3,000 VND
ACB1,000 VND3,000 VND
Sacombank1,000 VND3,000 VND
OCB1,000 VND3,000 VND
  • Free if the card is issued under a salary package.
  • 1,000 VND if the card does not pay salary.
  • 2,000 VND if regular card

Fee schedule for withdrawal by CCCD at bank counters

In addition to withdrawing money with a chip-based citizen ID at an ATM, customers can still take their ID card/CCCD/Passport to the transaction counters at bank branches. Each bank will have different closing fees when making withdrawals. You can refer to some fee schedules of banks such as:

  • Vietcombank bank: Collect 0.03% of the total withdrawal amount. Minimum is 22,000,000 VND, maximum is 2,000,000 VND for 1 transaction.
  • Vietinbank: Collect 0.06% of the total amount withdrawn. Minimum is 20,000,000 VND, maximum is 2 million VND/transaction.
  • SCB Bank: Charge is 0.03% of the withdrawal amount.
  • VIB Bank: Fees for withdrawal by other banks from 3,300 VND – 10,000 VND/transaction.
  • BIDV Bank: The fee is 0.03% of the withdrawal amount. Minimum 10,000 VND, maximum 1,000,000 VND when withdrawing from an account in another province/city.
  • Eximbank: Fee of 15,000 VND when withdrawing money.
  • Sacombank Bank: Collect 0.027% of total withdrawal. Minimum 15,000 VND, maximum 900,000 VND.
  • ACB bank: Collect 1% of the transaction amount, minimum 20,000 VND.

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What is Chip ID Card Cash Withdrawal (CCCD)?

Withdrawal with Chip-mounted ID card (CCCD) is a new way of withdrawing money via ATM. Instead of using ATM bank cards as usual, customers can now use a new citizen ID (with chip) to withdraw money.

Thus, in addition to traditional ways of withdrawing money such as going to a bank counter, using an ATM card, or a QR code on a digital banking application, customers have another new form of transaction.

Advantages when withdrawing money with CCCD chip card

Withdrawal by CCCD card is a new way of withdrawing money with high efficiency and safety. Customers should transact in this form for many reasons as follows:

  • Minimizing the risk of card forgery, helping to ensure safety in financial transactions.
  • Shorter transaction time. Because after the customer scans the citizen ID card with the chip, the system will immediately check and compare the information on the CCCD without having to enter the password to confirm the information as always.
  • Minimizing the risk of card forgery by confirming the owner’s information by comparing with the customer’s biometric data in the form of face and fingerprint scanning.
  • Reconciliation with automatic withdrawal, accurate, fast transaction.
  • Deposit and withdraw money without using a card, transfer in just 2 minutes.
  • The implementation is extremely simple, safe, and completely automatic.
  • Support the bank in the process of customer authentication, reducing the working time of staff.
  • Reduce the risk of errors in the operation process compared to the previous conventional ID card comparison check.

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Instructions to withdraw money by CCCD with Chip at ATM

Surely many people will still be surprised with this new way of withdrawing money. Nganhangonline instructs to withdraw money by CCCD with Chip at ATM as follows:

  • Step 1: Have a CCCD card with chip ready for any ATM of the pilot bank for transaction.
  • Step 2: Insert the CCCD card with the chip into the card reader of the ATM. Note, you should turn the back (where the chip is) and put the chip in the card reader of the ATM > Face towards the camera of the ATM to automatically recognize your face.
  • Step 3: At this time, the system will automatically compare and confirm the information already stored in the banking system.
  • Step 4: After scanning the customer’s biometrics, the interface will display authentications such as face authentication, fingerprint, … for identification.
  • Step 5: Confirm the correct cardholder information > Enter the amount to withdraw (as usual) > Wait for the ATM to release money > Receive money.

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Causes and ways to fix errors when withdrawing money with CCCD chip at ATMs

Cause when withdrawing money with CCCD chip mounted

During the withdrawal process, there will be many times when you will encounter an error card machine, unable to read the chip, leading to an unsuccessful operation. Here are a few reasons for that:

✘ CCCD mounted chip is attacked by virus.

✘ Citizen ID with chip is blurred, broken or damaged due to many factors.

✘ The chip mounted on the card is badly scratched, bent, changing its original condition, making the system unable to read the information.

✘ Error from issuing bank.

✘ Error from ATM.

How to fix error when withdrawing money with CCCD with chip?

Depending on the everyday situations that we encounter, there will be different ways to handle it. Nganhangonline summarizes some ways to fix errors when withdrawing money with a chip-based citizen ID as follows:

✔ Go to the nearest bank and report the card problem to the staff to handle it. If the citizen ID card is damaged a lot, go to the ward to apply for a new registration.

✔ In case the card has a problem and cannot be transacted, please call the hotline or go to a bank transaction counter for timely support.

✔ If you are in urgent need of money, you can temporarily transfer/withdraw money by internet banking while waiting for the card to be processed.

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Some other conveniences from CCCD with chip

In addition to the function of replacing bank ATM cards, citizen IDs with chips can also replace a number of other cases such as:

✔ Insurance card

✔ Driver’s License

✔ Driving license

✔ License to practice

✔ Cards of officials and employees.

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Some notes when using a citizen ID card with a chip to withdraw money at ATMs

  • All information such as card number, cardholder’s name, card making date, etc. is stored in the chip, so the security information is better than using a regular ATM card.
  • Using CCCD tags is more convenient because only 1 CCCD can be used in many cases.
  • When withdrawing money, you do not need to put the card into the ATM, just let the chip card face contact the ATM.
  • Should preserve CCCD carefully, avoid affecting the surface of the card because if so, when withdrawing money, the machine will easily report an error, not accept the card.
  • It is recommended to install internet banking service so that if there is a problem with withdrawing money at an ATM, this form of electronic money transfer can be temporarily used.

Thus, the above article on nganhangonline has answered the question “Is there a fee for withdrawing money with a Chip ID card (CCCD) at an ATM?”. The application of chip-based citizen identification for banking transactions is a new step. Not only brings a new experience but also helps customers reduce the risk of fake accounts when paying. Hope the above content has answered the question in your heart. Wished everyone success!

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