Yuanta Securities Co scam right or wrong? In recent years, there has been a lot of information related to Yuanta Securities Vietnam Co., Ltd showing signs of investor fraud, which has been widely spread, causing many people to panic. So actually, is Yuanta securities company any good? Should investors continue to invest in the services that Yuanta provides? Let’s Invest in Vietnam find out!

Introducing Yuanta Vietnam Securities Company

Yuanta Securities Vietnam Company Limited is the predecessor of De Nhat Securities Joint Stock Company. In Vietnam, Yuanta has quickly joined the Vietnamese stock market since 2006 by buying and holding up to 44.68% shares of De Nhat Securities Company.

At the end of 2017, Yuanta company reached a consensus with all shareholders to buy back and own up to 99.95% of the company.

Going through 2018, the company canceled the registration of a public company and received State Securities Committee approved to change the company name to Yuanta Vietnam Securities Company in February 2018. In addition, Yuanta Securities Co., Ltd. also moved its headquarters to Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh.

Until 2019, the company officially provides services such as: derivatives, securities brokerage, underwriting, securities consulting, …

Introducing Yuanta Vietnam Securities Company
Introducing Yuanta Vietnam Securities Company

Main products and services of Yuanta Co., Ltd

  • Credit products
  • Custody service
  • Stockbroker
  • Margin trading
  • Derivative securities products
  • Distribution of fund certificates
  • Investment banking: Private placement consulting, bond issuance consulting, corporate restructuring consulting
Main products and services of Yuanta Co., Ltd
Main products and services of Yuanta Co., Ltd

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Is Yuanta Securities Company any good?

Is Yuanta Securities Company any good? Yuanta is proud to be the stock exchange in the top of the largest and reputable securities companies in Vietnam. The reason why the company provides quality services and made a big splash when entering the Vietnamese market is because of the strong support from the Taiwanese parent company Yuanta.

Yuanta Stock Exchange is considered as one of the reputable stock exchanges because:

  • Has a long history, leading the Thai and Taiwanese markets for many years in a row
  • As a leading financial group with strong growth potential
  • Increasingly expanding the market and providing a variety of services
  • Network spread across 9 countries in Asia
  • Provide diversified securities products from major stock exchanges such as HNX, HOSE
  • Low transaction costs, support to open an online trading account quickly and professionally
  • Safe and stable trading platform
  • Smart online price list
  • Fast, enthusiastic customer care support
  • Transaction network system nationwide
Is Yuanta Securities Company any good?
Is Yuanta Securities Company any good?

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Yuanta securities company scam?

On today’s online newspaper platforms, there is a lot of information related to “scam Yuanta securities company”, according to information collected by Vninvestment, these databases are completely baseless because inherently This is a stock exchange that is considered by many securities experts as the prestige and potential for development of this stock exchange.

According to research, information sources believe that Yuanta securities company fraud may originate in November 2019. This is the time when Yuanta Vietnam was severely sanctioned by the State Securities Commission (SSC) due to its actions. violating regulations on securities margin trading with a fine of up to 125 million VND.

But in hindsight, this is completely a mistake about the company’s lending activities and is completely unrelated to the problem of fraud. Therefore, to say that Yuanta securities company scams investors is completely prescriptive information and has no basis.

Is Yuanta Securities a scam?
Is Yuanta Securities a scam?

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Here is a summary of the relevant information you need to know about Yuanta Securities Vietnam. Hopefully, the information provided by Vninvestment will help you answer your questions and feel secure with this leading reputable stock exchange.


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