At the present stage of rapid economic and social development, the society is as strong and powerful as it is today. Then the need for cooperation, mutual assistance, and mutual help also gradually becomes a trend to be able to expand the business; profit maximization; limit risks, lack of capital and human resources. Information about project investment cooperation contract will be shared with you through the following article.

What is a project investment cooperation contract?

Project investment cooperation contract

Cooperation contract is an agreement between individuals and legal entities on jointly contributing property and efforts to perform a certain job; then mutually benefit. Investment is the use of financial resources; material resources; labor and intellectual resources for production and business in a relatively long time. All of this is done to gain profits and benefits for the economy and society.

Thus, the concept of a business investment cooperation contract or an investment cooperation contract for land purchase can be given as follows: A project investment cooperation contract is a document recording the agreement between investor parties on the establishment, change or termination of issues of contribution of efforts and assets; to perform a certain job. Before participating in project investment cooperation, each party must clearly divide profits and assets without establishing an economic organization.

Information you need to know about the project investment cooperation contract

Project investment cooperation contract

Form of investment cooperation agreement

The law stipulates that the project investment cooperation contract must be made in writing as a legal basis to determine the rights and obligations of the parties. When concluding, the contract will give rise to legal effect, the parties must strictly perform the obligations and commitments arising in the contract. The written preparation will become the legal basis for cooperation activities. An important thing to note is that this contract must also be notarized and authenticated by a competent authority.

Contents of the project investment cooperation contract

  • Purpose, scope of activities, term of cooperation;

  • Full name, place of residence of the individual; name and head office of the legal person;

  • Contributing property or by labor;

  • Method of distribution of profits of investment results;

  • Rights and obligations of cooperative members;

  • Rights and obligations of the representative (if any);

  • Conditions for joining and withdrawing from the cooperation contract (if any);

  • Amending, transferring, terminating the contract;

  • Liability for breach of contract, method of settling disputes.

Subject of investment cooperation contract

Starting from the purpose of the project investment cooperation contract, the law stipulates that the subject of the contract is the investor. Contracting parties are investors, including domestic and foreign investors. Accordingly, investors will be organizations and individuals carrying out investment activities, including: domestic investors, foreign investors, foreign-invested economic organizations. Accordingly:

  • Domestic investors are individuals with Vietnamese nationality, economic organizations without foreign investors will be shareholders or members.

  • Foreign investors are individuals with foreign nationality, economic organizations established under foreign laws, doing business in Vietnam.

  • Foreign-invested economic organization means an organization whose foreign investors are members or shareholders.

Any organization or individual, whether domestic or foreign, state-owned or privately-owned, can become the subject of an investment form under an investment cooperation contract.

Accompanying profitable businesses effectively

Project investment cooperation contract

Nature Landscape is one of the famous green space suppliers in the South. In the near future, Nature will receive embellishment of green space to freshen air for the project providing resort services, entertainment, … class and largest scale in the Central Highlands – Phoenix Villa. When deciding to accompany and lend to businesses, the benefits that investors receive are:

  • Safe, guaranteed by loan contract.

  • Free insurance package up to 230 million VND.

  • Chance to win Honda SHi – Toyota Camry.

  • Discount 10% – 30% service exclusively for investors.

  • Full legal contract, in accordance with the provisions of the Law.



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