MB Bank, also known as Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank, has loan products that are of great interest to many customers. If you want to apply for a loan from MB bank, you should prepare well Military bank loan documents. Because this will be an important step in deciding whether your loan application will be approved or not.

To ensure 100% loan approval. In this post Nganhangmobile.com will share experiences as well as how to apply for a loan from MB bank.

Learn about MB Bank

On November 4, 1994 MB Bank was established with an initial capital of 20 billion VND. And at that time, there was only 1 transaction point in Hanoi, with a staff of 25 members. Since then, MB Bank has been operating for 28 years since its establishment. Constantly developing themselves to be in the top 5 of the biggest banks in Vietnam with the current capital of nearly 37,000 billion VND.Military bank loan documents

Currently, MB Bank has nearly 20,000 employees. And there are nearly 300 transaction points nationwide. And when taking a loan at a bank, MB Bank is a reputable and top quality bank, which is also a reasonable choice to borrow capital.

Should you borrow money from Military Bank or not?

Military Bank is a large bank, so service quality will be of great interest and attention from user reviews. Along with many achievements that MB Bank has achieved plus the positive reviews of previous users. Customers can be assured of the quality and safety of the loan packages.

Below are the awards that MB Bank has achieved during the time of personal development.

  • Since 2018, MB Bank has won the national symbol award awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • After that, it entered the top 500 strongest banks in Asia.
  • In the next 4 years, continuously ranked in the top 10 prestigious banks.

There has not been a bad review for MB Bank, customers’ questions will be consulted and explained by the staff. And with knowledgeable and well-trained staff, they will be able to answer all your questions related to MB Bank.

Advantages of taking a loan from MB Bank

When you borrow money at Military Bank MB Bank, you will receive the following incentives:

  • No collateral is required.
  • Quick and simple loan application.
  • Attractive interest rate from only 13% a year.
  • The loan period is from 3 to 48 months.
  • No service fees, high loan limit.
  • Flexibility in terms of periodic bank payment methods.
  • Registration monthly installment loan with preferential interest rates.

What are the Military Bank loan documents?

Military bank loan documents These are the documents required for registration. MB Bank will rely on these documents to determine whether you are eligible for a loan or not.

Currently, MB Bank has 2 main loans: Unsecured Loan and Mortgage Loan. Each type of loan will require different loan documents. So you need to be carefully and properly prepared according to the requirements of Military Bank.

Military bank loan documents

Military bank loan documents in the form of unsecured

  • Loan application form documents according to the bank’s regulations.
  • Valid ID/CCCD/Passport.
  • Household registration book / Temporary residence book
  • Monthly salary statement, salary confirmation
  • Labor contract, working contract at the agency where you work.
  • Marriage certificate or certificate of relationship status.

Dossier for a loan from a military bank in the form of a mortgage

  • Application letter for loan from MB bank.
  • Letter of commitment to repay debt according to the form of MB Bank.
  • Valid ID/CCCD/Passport.
  • Household registration book / Temporary residence book (KT3)
  • Marriage certificate or certificate of current relationship status.
  • Documents related to the collateral of your property.
  • Proof of your source of payment.

About MB Bank’s unsecured loan package

For more information about MB Bank’s unsecured loan service package, please see the following information:

Features of Military Bank unsecured loan package

  • The procedure, time is simple and fast, does not take much time.
  • The maximum loan amount of MB Bank is up to 500 million VND.
  • The maximum loan period is 60 months.
  • Customers are flexible in debt payment methods suitable for customers.

Conditions for borrowing MB Bank’s unsecured package

Customers who want to apply for a MB Bank unsecured loan, you must fully meet the following conditions.

  • Customers must be of age: 18 to 55 years old for women, 18 to 60 years old for men.
  • Borrowers are Vietnamese and do not have bad debts on CIC.
  • Not on the list of restricted borrowers of the bank.
  • Customers with no criminal record or suspended sentence.
  • Household registration book and local temporary residence book with quick payment of MB Bank.
  • Working time and working at your working unit for more than 1 year.

About MB Bank mortgage loan package

For the mortgage loan package, there will be some slight changes. You are welcome to continue with us to find out more below.Military bank loan documents

Features of MB Bank mortgage loan package

  • The maximum loan amount has reached 90% of the customer’s financial needs.
  • The loan term can be up to 180 months.
  • These simple and quick procedures do not take much time.
  • Pay off debt with flexible methods.
  • Secured assets are diverse and abundant.
  • The original grace period is already 12 months.

Conditions for MB Bank mortgage loan

  • Mortgage borrowers of MB Bank must fully meet the following conditions:
  • You must have full legal and behavioral capacity.
  • Customers are 18 to 70 years old at the end of the loan term.
  • Having a household registration book, a temporary residence book where there is a quick payment of the bank MB Bank works for.
  • Subjects with financial capacity to ensure the source of repayment for the bank.
  • Customers meet the bank’s loan requirements.

Interest rate when taking a loan from MB Bank

Depending on the loan package at the bank, there will be different interest rates below, which are the interest rates of the 2 packages of unsecured loans and mortgage loans from MB Bank.

MB Bank credit loan interest rate.

When customers choose to borrow money from MB Bank, they usually have an interest rate of 12.5 to 20%/year, specifically as follows:

  • Government employees will have an interest rate of 17.25%/year.
  • For individuals, unsecured loans from banks, the interest rate will be 12.5%/year.
  • Individual customers borrow money to spend or borrow quickly capital withdrawal is 20%/year.

But depending on the time, Military Bank will change the interest rate. You can update the interest rate by going directly to the bank to understand those changes.

Mortgage loan interest rate of MB Bank

Mortgage loans at banks have a variety of loan products. And each type will have a different interest rate, and the mortgage loan package is rated at a lower interest rate than the unsecured package. Depending on the product the bank lends you, the terms and interest rates vary.


  • Customers borrow money at the bank to buy a car with an interest rate of 0.55%/month
  • Customers who borrow money for business only have an interest rate of only 5.9%/year.

Loan products at military bank MB Bank

With the loan package at MB Bank, you can borrow the following attractive products:

  • Loanable life insurance policy.
  • Borrow by prepaid or postpaid phone sim.
  • Vehicle documents can be used for a loan.
  • With state officials and employees can get unsecured loans.
  • Overdraft loan.
  • Consumer loans with monthly installments to the bank.
  • Advance loans in securities.

The above article introduces about Military bank loan documents MB Bank. Loan conditions at MB Bank. If you have any questions, please leave a comment so that we can advise you.

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