Top-up by ATM is the most popular form of transaction today. Because, people will not need to go directly to the branch / PGD to top up. Instead, just move to the nearest ATM, which is both convenient and fast.

So, today’s article nganhangnongthon will update List of ATMs with high-limit recharge function in Vietnam 2022. Please save the information below because it will help you be more proactive in handling urgent transactions!

List of ATMs with recharge function

To know which bank ATMs support the recharge function, please follow the following content.

  • Vietcombank bank
  • VIB . Bank
  • Techcombank
  • MBBank
  • Bank Agribank
  • Sacombank Bank
  • Vietinbank
  • BIDV Bank
  • Dong a Bank
  • VP Bank

Each bank will have different regulations on how to top up at ATMs. Therefore, everyone, please continue to update the information below to understand.

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Instructions on how to recharge ATMs in Vietnam 2022

Deposit transactions at ATMs are now becoming very popular. However, if you still don’t know how to do it, the website will help you.

Top up money at Vietcombank ATM

Vietcombank is known as the “national” bank with the largest number of transaction customers in Vietnam. Because, this unit has been operating in the banking and finance sector for a long time since it was established in April 1963. Therefore, the ATM system is also distributed and installed in all parts of the country to serve the needs of customers, including the smart recharge feature set up by Vietcombank.

Steps to top up at Vietcombank ATM

Step 1: Bring your card to the nearest Vietcombank ATM.

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Step 2: Put the Vietcombank ATM card into the card receiving slot so that it is in the correct direction of the arrow.

Step 3: Continue to enter the card PIN on the ATM screen.

Step 4: Select the transaction language (Vietnamese/English).

Step 5: Select feature “Recharge” is displayed on the screen.

Step 6: Select Next”Deposit money into a bank accountthen press “Confirm“.

Step 7: Put the money to be loaded into the receiving slot.

*Note: Money needs to be neatly arranged, straight, not creased so that the system does not return it).

Step 8: The system receives money and displays the denomination, quantity, and total deposit.

Step 9: Check the information and click “Confirm“if nothing goes wrong.

Step 10: Complete the transaction, get the card back and leave the ATM.

Top up money at MBBank’s ATM

MBBank’s full name is Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank, this is a bank directly under the Ministry of National Defense of Vietnam.

The bank was established in November 1994 with a total initial charter capital of 20 billion dong. Up to now, with the improvement and renewal of features and conveniences in transactions, MBBank has attracted a huge number of customers to open accounts.

In addition, the unit has also implemented the feature to top up the card at MBBank ATM with extremely simple operation, ensuring absolute safety. People can deposit money 24/7 at any MBBank ATM nationwide.

Steps to top up at MBBank ATM

Step 1: Move to the nearest MBBank ATM.

Step 2: At the ATM, click to select a transaction without using a card.

Step 3: Select the transaction language (Vietnamese/English).

Step 4: Select the feature “Payment” is displayed on the screen along with other features.

Step 5: Enter the account number/bank card number you want to top up.

Step 6: Put the amount to be loaded into the receiving slot at the MBBank ATM.

*Note: The machine only accepts VND and the maximum quantity is 200 sheets/time.

Step 7: The screen displays information about the amount, the person who recharges, press “Agree“if that’s correct.

Step 8: Successful transaction, leave the MBBank ATM.

Top up at Techcombank’s ATM

Techcombank was established in 1993 with a total initial charter capital of VND 20 billion. Up to now, the unit has become one of the banks with the leading charter capital in Vietnam.

In order to bring a convenient experience to customers, Techcombank is currently supporting the service of depositing money into accounts through ATMs. Thus, instead of having to go directly to the bank, you just need to go to the nearest Techcombank ATM to make transactions.

Steps to top up at Techcombank ATM

Step 1: Go to the nearest Techcombank ATM.

Step 2: Insert the ATM card into the card receiving slot in the correct direction.

Step 3: Enter the card PIN correctly, then select the language for the transaction (Vietnamese/English).

Step 4: Select feature “Payment” is displayed on the machine screen.

Step 5: There are payment purposes for you to choose (Deposit savings / Deposit money into another account / Deposit money into another account).

Step 6: Put the money to be loaded into the slot, press “Confirm“.

Step 7: The information about the amount, denomination, total deposit will be fully displayed on the screen.

Step 8: Check the exact amount and account information to top up, press “Agree“.

Step 9: Print the receipt (if needed) and complete the transaction, receive the exit card.

Top up money at Sacombank’s ATM

Sacombank is one of the top reputable commercial banks in Vietnam. The unit was established on December 21, 1991 with a total initial capital of VND 03 billion.

Up to now, the system of Sacombank branches/transaction offices has been distributed in all provinces and cities nationwide. In addition, it also develops more branches in Cambodia and Laos.

With the desire to bring absolute satisfaction to its customers, the unit has developed the recharge feature at all Sacombank ATMs nationwide. People just need to bring cards and cash to the nearest ATM, the transaction time only takes 3-5 minutes.

Steps to top up at ATM Sacombank

Step 1: Move to the nearest Sacombank ATM.

Step 2: Insert the card into the slot of the machine according to the instructions.

Step 3: Enter the card PIN and select the language for the transaction.

Step 4: At the machine screen, select “Other transactions” and select feature “Pay in cash“.

Step 5: Select the account to pay money.

Step 6: Put money in the slot on the ATM.

Step 7: Confirm the recipient information and the correct amount displayed on the screen.

Step 8: The transaction is executed immediately after.

Step 9: Receive card and receipt, leave the ATM.

Top up at Vietinbank’s ATM

Vietinbank was separated from the State Bank of Vietnam and was officially established on March 26, 1988. Over the past 30 years, the unit has become one of the prestigious domestic and foreign commercial banks.

It is known that Vietinbank has developed a system of ATM Deposit machines since 2016. Customers can recharge their cards at Vietinbank ATMs instead of going directly to the bank. Thus, saving time and effort, money can still be recharged quickly and simply.

Steps to top up at Vietinbank ATM

Step 1: Bring the card to the nearest Vietinbank ATM.

Step 2: Put the card in the card receiving slot, enter the PIN code for transaction.

Step 3: Select language (English/Vietnamese).

Step 4: Select feature “Payment” on the screen.

Step 5: ATM machine will open a slot to receive money for you to put money in.

Step 6: The system conducts tally and displays the deposited amount.

Step 7: Check all information, click “Agree“.

Step 8: The transaction is successful, the account balance is updated.

Step 9: Receive the card and leave the Vietinbank ATM.

Frequently asked questions about depositing money into banks’ ATMs

Is there a fee to top up with an ATM?

The answer here is Have. Each bank will have a regulation on fees for top-up transactions at ATMs, specifically:

Fee to top up card at bank ATMs 2022

Bank nameTop-up with the system (VND/transaction)Recharge other system (% amount)
Vietcombank2,000 – 5,000 won0.03%
Agribank1,100 – 3,3000.05%
SacombankFree0.01% – 0.05%
BIDV1,000 – 3,000 won0.02%
DongA Bank5,5000.055%

*Note: From time to time, this fee will change, so people can contact the bank switchboard for reference before making a transaction.

How much is the minimum deposit to an ATM?

Normally, the minimum amount required to load a card at ATMs of banks is 50,000 VND. This is just a general level, because there are still some banks that have their own regulations on the amount of money that customers can deposit.

Therefore, for the most accurate information, everyone should contact the switchboard of the bank they are opening an account with for answers.

Notes when loading money into the card at an ATM

When loading money into the card at an ATM, people need to pay special attention to the following points so that the transaction can be done quickly and safely.

The first: Before putting money in, you must remove the elastic band to tie the money (if any).

Second: Do not load the bills of poor quality, with ink stains, torn, lost corners. Because, if the criteria are not met, the banking system will refuse the transaction and return the money.

Tuesday: Normally, with current ATMs, the money will be placed horizontally when put in the tray.

Wednesday: Enter the correct account number/receiving card number to avoid mistakenly transferring to the wrong beneficiary.

Thursday: It is recommended to print a receipt after successful recharge so that you can compare if there is a problem to need to verify transaction information.

Friday: It is recommended to check the account balance via SMS Banking, Internet Banking or check right at the ATM to make sure the money has been loaded successfully.

Here is the information about List of ATMs with high-limit recharge function in Vietnam 2022. If you are in need of top-up but do not want to go directly to a bank branch/transaction office, you can choose this method for transaction. Good luck!

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