Investing in bond funds is always the first choice for those who want safety, low risk and high return.

So, today’s article nganhangnongthon will update List of Bond Investment Funds in Vietnam Best Investment Reputation 2022. If you are also interested in this popular form of investment, do not ignore the content summarized below.

What is a bond fund?

First, everyone needs to understand what a bond investment fund is, including what types of funds, who can invest?

A bond investment fund is a fund managed by a Fund Management Company, where experienced experts will lead and make key decisions. The Fund will make investments in fixed-income assets, such as:

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  • Government Bonds.
  • Corporate bonds.
  • Local Government Bonds.
  • Other valuable papers.

Bonds are known as securities issued by an Organization/Government/Company to confirm the lawful rights and interests of the bondholder to a portion of the debt capital of the issuing organization.

Bonds will be used by the issuer for many different purposes, such as:

  • Funding for infrastructure construction projects.
  • Financing for factory construction projects/ Supplementing working capital to expand production and business.

Simply put, a bond investment fund will act as an intermediary to connect investors with the fund issuing company. The leading experts of each fund will perform the appraisal, management and make predictions, investment decisions for the purpose of generating the highest returns.

With each successful investment project bringing good results, the fund will divide profits according to the initial contribution rate. Therefore, choosing a reputable fund to pour capital into is a matter that needs to be carefully considered to limit business risks.

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List of Bond Investment Funds in Vietnam Best Investment Reputation 2022

After understanding what a bond investment fund is, the next content will be reputable bond investment funds in Vietnam best. Let’s refer!

  • Techcombank Bond Fund (TCBF)
  • Dragon Capital Bond Fund (DCBF)
  • Bao Viet Bond Fund (BVBF)
  • Bao Thinh VinaWealth Bond Fund (VFF)
  • SSI Bond Fund (SSIBF)
  • DCASH FUND Bond Fund (VNDBF)
  • MB Bond Fund (MBBond)
  • VCBF Bond Fund (VCBF)
  • Bond Investment Fund of Industrial and Commercial Bank (VTBF)

Each type of fund will have its own characteristics in terms of NAV, expected return, minimum investment amount and different asset allocation ratio. Let’s all find out through the summary table below.

Investment fund nameAsset allocation ratioNAV (billion VND)Minimum investment amountExpected profit
TCBF . Bond Investment Fund
  • Corporate bonds: 58%
  • Certificate of Deposit: 17%
  • Cash/Cash equivalent: 25%
18,65910,000 VND8 years
Dragon Capital Bond Fund DCBF
  • Certificate of Deposit: 49.8%
  • Bank deposits and cash: 26.3%
  • Corporate bonds: 22.9%
8491,000,000 VND8% – 10%/year
Baoviet bond investment fund
  • Deposits with term of more than 3 months: 55.4%
  • Corporate bonds: 40.34%
  • Cash: 1.07%
  • Other: 3.19%
174.51,000,000 VND9% – 11%/year
Bao Thinh VinaWealth VFF bond investment fund
  • Certificate of Deposit: 32%
  • Listed Bonds: 33%
  • Term Deposit: 23%
  • Cash: 9%
  • Unlisted Bonds: 3%
6532,000,000 VND8% – 12%/year
SSI . Bond Investment Fund
  • Bonds: 19.5%
  • Deposit contract over 03 months: 38.52%
  • Bank deposits: 0.47%
  • Registered Certificate of Deposit: 39.06%
1.2141,000,000 VND6.5% – 8%/year
DCASH FUND . Bond Investment Fund
  • Certificate of Deposit: 59%
  • Listed bonds: 27%
  • Unlisted Bonds: 9%
  • Other assets: 5%
1451,000,000 VND7.5%/year
MB . Bond Investment Fund
  • Cash/Cash equivalent: 56.98%
  • Listed shares and certificates of deposit: 42.24%
  • Other revenue: 0.78%
1,7002,000,000 VND8 years
VCBF . Bond Investment Fund
  • Bonds: 45.2%
  • Money and other assets: 22.2%
  • Certificate of Deposit: 32.6%
89.71,000,000 VND18 years
Vietnam Bank for Industry and Trade Bond Investment Fund
  • Corporate bonds: 30.04%
  • Certificate of Deposit: 56.5%
  • Cash/ cash equivalent: 8.16%
  • Other: 5.29%
53.963,000,000 VND7% – 8%/year

Thus, based on this data table, people can consider and choose for themselves a bond investment fund that is suitable for their own strategy. The above are all reputable funds, ranked in the top of the financial market, so everyone can rest assured to pour capital into.

Should you invest in a bond mutual fund?

You may not know, the current bond investment funds in Vietnam are very popular because of the benefits such as:

+ Bond investment fund is a legal form of investment in Vietnam and many big countries around the world.

+ Profits from bond funds are at a stable level and are usually expected to be higher than other investment channels such as savings at banks.

+ Investors can be flexible in withdrawing capital. Fund management companies will have the duty to buy back fund certificates when investors make capital withdrawal transactions.

+ The risk level of the bond investment fund is lower than that of other forms of investment. Because the fund mainly invests in debt securities, the price volatility of bonds will often be lower than the price of stocks.

+ The fund management company will be closely monitored by the authorities to ensure the rights and interests of investors.

+ Do not cost too much, do not incur commissions / fees like other forms of investment on the market today.

+ Bond funds are the first choice of investors who do not have much time/in-depth knowledge of the market. They only need to contribute capital by buying fund certificates and earning periodic profits.

+ Bond investment funds have a variety of investment portfolios for people to choose from. There will be bonds issued by many organizations to reduce risk for investors as well as for the fund.

Notes when investing in bond funds

For the safest and most effective investment process in bond funds, people need to pay special attention to the following points:

The first: Learn carefully about the legality of each type of issued fund certificate that you are intending to invest in.

Second: Should choose funds that have been operating for a long time and have a branch/representative office located in Vietnam.

Tuesday: Consider how the fund’s expenses and fixed income ratios are fluctuating.

Wednesday: Find out about the business situation in recent years of the business that the fund will invest in to assess the potential / level of risk.

Thursday: The Fund regularly provides detailed information on the investment situation and activities of the fund so that everyone can understand.

Friday: Special attention should be paid to large funds that have the advantage of accessing strong and prominent businesses in Vietnam.

Saturday: Choose a fund with diversified portfolio, the fund’s products are optimized for profit.

Eighth: The fund must have stable growth in profit margin and gather many experienced experts to research the market and make the most accurate decisions.

Should you save money in a bank instead of investing in a bond fund?

This is probably a problem that many people are interested in when they have idle capital but do not know which form to choose to invest in. However, it is up to each person to make the right decision.

+ For bank savings accounts: Preserved deposits, profitable but certainly lower than investing in funds. This method is suitable for those who do not like risks.

+ For investment in bond funds: Deposits will be invested, very high profits. However, people will have to risk because of the risk of loss if the company chosen to invest in has a bad business situation.

Above is all information related to List of Bond Investment Funds in Vietnam Best Investment Reputation 2022. This form of investment is considered very suitable for busy investors, who do not have much time to monitor and research the market, and are afraid of high risks. If you still have any questions, please leave a message in the comments below, the website will receive and respond quickly.

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