You are a Canadian student who wants to open a Canadian bank account in Vietnam. However, you have not found a suitable Canadian banking unit yet? The list of Canadian banks in Vietnam 2022 below will help you make the best choice.

first.Overview of Canadian banks in Vietnam

The list of Canadian banks in Vietnam includes:

  • Bank of Canada ScotiaBank (Nova Scotia)
  • National Bank
  • Bank BMO
  • CIBC Bank
  • HSBC Bank Canada

Canadian banks have increasingly expanded branches in the Vietnamese market. The purpose of providing services for investors in Vietnam can easily carry out banking transactions.

Bank of Canada in Vietnam will help Vietnamese students and workers make money transfers, receive money easily, etc. Any problems and questions can be easily done and exchanged. exchange in Vietnam. Therefore, you need to know the list of major Canadian banks in Vietnam today.

2.List of Canadian banks in Vietnam 2022


Bank of Canada CIBC may be to many strangers. This bank was merged in 1961 between two chartered banks in Canada including Canada Bank of Commerce and “Imperial Bank of Canada”.

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Highlights of CIBC Bank:

  • Fast development, support and help businesses and communities in the country and the world.
  • The bank focuses on developing high-class customer care services.
  • Focus on improving user experience on technology platforms and stable implementation of focused strategies.
  • Improve service quality, towards the development goal of the bank
  • Leading position for 6 consecutive years with CIBC Mobile Banking application

Bank BMO

BMO is a big bank in Vietnam. This bank is considered old and has more than 200 years of experience in the banking and finance sector. Mainly, the bank has supported stable immigration situations and customers and helped develop and improve life in Canada.

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This bank has an attractive incentive program that is free of charge for 12 months of Banking for 5 years. Participants are customers new to Canada. This program is called “New Start Program”. Participation in the program does not require any minimum balance in the account. In addition, you also get free use of the safe and unlimited electronic money transfers via E-transfer.

Bank of Canada ScotiaBank (Nova Scotia)

ScotiaBank is a bank that used to have a representative office in Vietnam. For a long time, this is the only bank present in Vietnam market and the largest and most stable growing bank in Canada.

Unfortunately, in 2015, this bank stopped operating the ScotiaBank representative office in Vietnam. ScotiaBank Canada’s operations are located at its head office in Hanoi. From 2005 to 2013, this bank continuously received many awards and achievements in the field.

ScotiaBank’s products and services:

  • Account support, card opening for Canadian students
  • Exchange foreign currency, foreign exchange and credit
  • Implementation of guarantee, investment, banking,…
  • Payment account, savings, …
  • Open credit, debit, medical, travel and virtual Visa cards,…
  • Loans, home purchases, overdrafts, cars, mortgages, etc.
  • Trade finance, e-banking mobile banking, SMS banking, ..
  • Financial support, stock and bond loans
  • Current accounts, check payments, investment accounts, etc.

National Bank

A famous commercial bank ranked 6th in Canada is National Bank. The bank’s head office is located in Montreal, and was established in 1859. Branches cover most of the provinces in Canada.

Currently, the bank has developed in many different branches around the world. The competitors with this bank are not small. This is a national bank providing many services such as personal banking, commercial banking, insurance and solutions, payment services, etc.

This is the bank chosen by many customers to enjoy preferential support services for up to 1 year. In particular, the promotion is mainly for newbies. Therefore, you can learn and choose this bank to open an account.

HSBC Bank Canada

This is a bank in the global apparatus of HSBC – the world famous international banking system. This bank has more than 130 branches in major cities.

Commercially, this Bank offers a dedicated “Global View” service to individual customers available in countries outside of Canada. This service has supported users to access, connect and perform transactions easily. S

Comparison between HSBC accounts you use in different countries is very good. HSBC Bank operates with 3 main business segments including:

  • Commercial Bank
  • Global Banking and Markets
  • Retail Banking and Wealth Management

In addition, this bank also has a program “BSHC Canada Newcomers Program” providing new deposit services and products. Especially for those who are new customers moving to live in Canada. Use value for this program is up to $700 CAD.

3.Instructions on how to open a Canadian bank account in Vietnam

Details on how to open a Canadian bank account in Vietnam are not too difficult. You just need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose a Canadian bank in Vietnam

In this step, you need to take some time to learn the information and list of reputable Canadian banks in Vietnam. Choose banks that are famous, rated and have good experiences from previous customers.

In addition, banks with incentive programs will help you have more opportunities. You can refer as:

  • BMO Bank with BMO alert offer, Moblie BMO service,…
  • CIBC Bank: Instantly receive 60 CAD when opening a new account, unlimited transactions of all services, saving bonuses for international students, etc.
  • Scotiabank offers rewards, debit transactions, Internet services and Moblie Banking.
  • HSBC bank offers a gift of 100 CAD for students,…

Step 2: Choose an account type to open an account

At the bank of Canada, there are 2 types of accounts that you can choose from: Checking Accounts and Savings Accounts.

  • For Checking Account: Customers deposit, withdraw, transfer and pay usage bills.
  • For Saving Account: Customers are used to deposit money for a long time, interest rates are regulated by the bank. The money you use is safe, federal insurance except in case of bankruptcy.

Step 3: Register to open a Canadian bank account

Currently, banks have convenient online registration services for customers. Even if you are still in Vietnam, you can still easily register for a Canadian bank account.

To register, you need to provide information about your personal card account number. You present your passport at the bank of your choice and perform transactions, receive a debit card and register for Internet Banking & Mobile Banking services.

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All the information of this article has been introduced to you list of Canadian banks in Vietnam 2022. Hope readers can refer and get the most useful knowledge. Wish you have the best choice and decision.

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