Summary of detailed information list of Korean banks in Vietnam now. Let’s find out this useful information through the following article!

first.List of Korean banks in Vietnam today

STT Bank name Abbreviations
firstShinhan Bank Vietnam Ltd Shinhan
2 Woori Bank Vietnam Woori
3 KEB Hana Bank in VietnamKEB Hana
4 Kookmin Bank in VietnamKookmin
5 Deagu Bank – Ho Chi Minh City Branch Daegu

2.Top 5 Korean banks in Vietnam

For readers to learn more information about services, products and business activities of Korean banks in Vietnam. Please read this section carefully with us!

Shinhan Bank Vietnam

Shinhan Korea Bank first appeared in Vietnam in 1993. Currently, the bank has expanded many branches, transaction offices and ATM systems throughout the country.

shinha bank logo

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This is a bank trusted by Vietnamese people. Shinhan has become a banking system that brings the best service experiences to customers.

Detailed information about Shinhan Bank Vietnam

  • Short name: Shinhan Bank
  • Year of establishment: 1993
  • Head office: 138 – 142 Hai Ba Trung, Da Dao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hotline: 1900 1577
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

Some achievements of Shinhan Bank

  • Top 50 safest banks in the world in 2017
  • The bank owns the outstanding domestic and leading e-commerce transaction performance in 2021
  • Leading with total business card payment transactions in 2021
  • Leading bank with total business card payment transactions in 2021

Financial products and services at Shinhan Bank

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  • Issuing ATM cards with multi-functions for domestic and international money transfer
  • High interest savings account service
  • Consumer loans, shopping, installment payments and buying houses and cars with low interest rates
  • Support insurance protects all interests of customers

Woori Bank Vietnam

Woori Bank Vietnam is a affiliated bank of Korea. This bank was established in 2006 with the first charter capital of 3000 billion dong.

After that, Woori Bank quickly grew large revenue. In a short time, the bank has increased its charter capital to VND 4,600 billion.

Bank information Woori Bank

  • English name: Woori Bank Vietnam Limited
  • Short name: Woori Bank
  • Year of establishment: 1899
  • Address: 24th Floor Keangnam Landmark 72, E6 Pham Hung Street, Tu Liem District, Hanoi
  • Hotline: 024.3831.5281
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

Achievements of Woori Bank

  • The first Korean bank to issue a debit card in 2009
  • First foreign bank allowed to issue Shanghai – Tourist card in Mainland China 2010
  • Opened first branch in India, Chennai in 2012

Outstanding products and services at Woori Bank

  • Issuing domestic debit card with limit of 5 million VND/time, maximum withdrawal and transfer up to 100 million VND/day
  • Diverse consumer loan packages, guaranteeing loans from 70-90% of collateral
  • Support up to 90% of customers’ consumption needs
  • Flexible foreign exchange service, reducing customer spending to the highest level.
  • Quickly receive and send foreign money with other banks in Vietnam.

KEB Hana Bank Korea in Vietnam

KEB Hana Bank is the third Korean bank in Vietnam that is most interested. KEB Hana belongs to Hana Financial Group – Korea. This is the largest financial group in Asia.

KEB Hana Bank details

  • English name: KEB Hana Bank
  • Year of establishment: 1967
  • Head office: Seoul Korea
  • Hotline: (84 – 28) 3827 4278 VND
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

Achievements of KEB Hana Bank

  • Best Korean Commercial Bank of 2019
  • Best Korean private bank in 2020
  • Korea’s best private bank for foreign exchange in 2020

Featured products and services

  • Savings, foreign exchange without term or term with preferential interest rate
  • Use many loan packages with attractive incentives
  • Insurance and financial packages are fully supported by experts
  • Support for consulting, professional import and export transactions

Kookmin Bank Korea in Vietnam

Kookmin Bank is one of the prestigious Korean banks in Vietnam. The banking services here are always trusted by customers. Although, Kookmin Bank still has many unknown people.

Bank information Kookmin

  • English name: KB Kookmin Bank
  • Short name: KB
  • Year of establishment: 1963
  • Head office address: Seowoo Building Floor 9 10, Yeouido-dong, Yeongeugpo-pu, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Hotline: 024 3771 4952
  • Website:

Financial support products and services for customers at Kookmin

  • Transfer/receive money from Korea with simple procedures, low cost
  • Transfer and receive money easily just need ID card
  • Support staff to advise and guide specifically to customers
  • Customers can transfer money up to 50,000 USD/year

Deagu Bank

Deagu Bank is a Korean bank licensed to do business in Vietnam. The bank is newly established so some people don’t know yet. In the coming future, the bank will strongly develop many systems in Vietnam.

Details of Deagu Bank

  • English name: Daegu Bank – Ho Chi Minh City Branch
  • Year of establishment: 2020
  • Address: MPlaza Saigon Building, No. 39 Le Duan, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hotline: 84 28 3521 8801

3.Detailed instructions on how to transfer money internationally from Korea to Vietnam

Successfully registered for a Korea Vietnam bank card account, you can easily make money transfers. Check out the quick ways to transfer money below.

Transfer money internationally via Money Transfer App

In the age of technology, customers can transfer money internationally to Vietnam and vice versa via the App. You can use money transfer via apps like Sentbe, CoinShot, SBI, WireBarley, etc.

You just need to install it on your phone and follow the instructions on the system step by step. Transfer money quickly to the recipient’s account simply and easily.

Postal money transfer

This way of transferring money does not require you to have a Korean bank card in Vietnam. You just need to bring money and identification documents to the post office and pay the money transfer fee.

The staff at the post office will actively support you to complete the money transfer file. This method is quite sure, but for busy people, it is a bit time consuming.

Transfer money through banks

To make a bank transfer, customers need a passport, foreign residence card and payroll. Then you can proceed to transfer money to your account in Korea.

You can also easily transfer money via Moblie Banking, Online Banking or directly at the bank. These are all very simple ways and save money and time.

Transfer money via Western Union

International money transfer services are now quite popular, available in more than 60 countries around the world. You just bring money to the agent, PGD of Western Union. Then, the staff will assist you to transfer money to your Vietnamese account with the lowest cost.

The remittance limit is as follows:

  • The purpose of study, medical treatment or work must not exceed 100,000 USD/year
  • Remittance to relatives not exceeding 7,000 USD
  • Transfer money for inheritance, settlement not exceeding 50,000 USD

4.Some notes to know when transacting at Korean banks in Vietnam

Notes that you need to pay attention to when transacting at Korean banks in Vietnam. That is:

  • When transferring/receiving money in Korea, you should choose to open a card at a bank near your residence for the fastest transaction processing.
  • If you transfer money via the app or transfer money online, you need to enter the bank’s swift code for the transaction to be approved quickly and accurately.
  • To ensure the exchange rate when receiving money in Korea, you should change Vietnamese currency to Korean currency

5.Frequently asked questions about Korean banks in Vietnam

Are Korean banks in Vietnam reputable?

Not only with many long-established Korean banks in Vietnam, there are still doubts. However, with a number of Korean banks’ branches in Vietnam operating for more than 20 years, established in 1993, there have been many achievements and gained the trust of Vietnamese people.

Therefore, whether Korean banks have a reputation is not there. Although all banks have 100% foreign capital, they are managed by the government and state banks. All banking transactions are guaranteed with the highest safety and protection benefits for customers.

How much is the fee to transfer money from Korea to Vietnam and vice versa?

Deposit amount (in USD) Western Union Transaction fees per bank
0.3% of the total amount to be transferred KEB IBK Shinhan Woori
From 1 – 50013,000 won13,000 won18,000 won15,000 won
From 501 – 2000 18,000 won18,000 won18,000 won20,000 won
From 2001 to 5000 23,000 won23,000 won23,000 won25,000 won
From 5001 to 10000 VND 28,000 won28,000 won28,000 won30,000 won
From 10000 – 20000 VND28,000 won 40,000 won
Over 2000033,000 won

Does Korean bank in Vietnam have a Napas transfer link?

Most of the banks mentioned above have passed the Napas implementation stage. In which, 2 big banks, Shinhan and Woori, have linked Napas fast transfer and developed strongly in Vietnam. Support money transfer, withdraw money at ATM quickly.

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Here is all the information we have collected about List of Korean banks in Vietnam. We hope you have a better understanding of the services and continuous development of Korean banks in our country and make the most appropriate choice.

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