Investment funds are now likened to a “gold mine” that many people are interested in. To put it simply, the money people contribute to the fund will be invested, and then divided into profits according to a predetermined ratio.

In today’s post, nganhangnongthon will update List of securities investment funds in Vietnam with Best Investment Prestige 2022. If you are looking for details on this topic, don’t miss the content shared below!

first.List of securities investment funds in Vietnam with the best investment reputation 2022

These Prestigious securities investment fund in Vietnam Which is dominating the financial market in 2022? All will be answered shortly.

  • iFund Techcombank Investment Fund
  • Asean Smallcap Fund
  • Dragon Capital Vietnam Enterprise Investment Ltd
  • Market Vectors Vietnam ETF
  • International Finance Corporation Fund
  • Mekong Capital Fund
  • MB Capital Investment Fund
  • Bao Viet Investment Fund
  • Vina Capital Investment Fund
  • Vietnam Holding Limited Fund
  • VIC Impact Fund
  • IM Investment Partners Fund
  • TEAL Partners Fund
  • Vietnam Investment Fund
  • Eastspring Investment Fund
  • Vietcombank Investment Fund

2.Potential of securities investment funds in Vietnam 2022

The following content will help people have a better overview of investment fund in Vietnam how it is doing and has the potential to grow.

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The first: According to the State Securities Commission, the goal is to strive to raise the asset management scale of fund management companies to 6 – 10% of Vietnam’s gross domestic product (GDP) by 2030.

Second: The establishment of securities investment funds in Vietnam is promoted by fund management companies. This has tripled the number of funds from 23 funds to 63 funds in 2021 alone.

Tuesday: Most investment funds currently operate under strict management and supervision from financial institutions and competent authorities. Thus, ensuring the highest level of credibility and security.

Wednesday: Opening the asset management service market according to the committed integration roadmap, combined with improving the competitiveness of fund management in Vietnam. Thereby improving the capacity and quality of asset management services, risk management capacity, corporate governance capacity and professional ethics.

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3.Top securities investment funds in Vietnam Best investment prestige 2022

Currently, investment funds are operating strongly thanks to their reputation as well as good market assessment ability to bring high returns to customers. However, each investor will have their own orientation, so let’s learn more about each fund to help everyone make the right choice.

iFund Techcombank Investment Fund

iFund is known as one of the leading investment funds in Vietnam. The Fund was established by Technological and Commercial Securities Joint Stock Company – TCBS in 2008. It is known that Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank is the leading unit managing the fund’s activities.

Currently, the iFund fund includes the following types:

  • Bond Investment Fund (TCBF) – Expected profit > 8%/year.
  • Stock Investment Open Fund (TCEF) – expected profit > 12%/year.
  • FlexiCASH Fund – Flexible Bond Fund (TCFF) – expected profit of 6%/year.

Investors can rest assured because the fund is closely monitored by a team of experienced professionals. Depending on the investment goal and desire, each customer can choose to join the fund with only an initial capital of 10,000 VND.

The highlights of iFund compared to other investment funds are:

+ High safety with first-class stocks and bonds of large-cap companies with high liquidity.

+ Can withdraw capital daily.

+ Investment capital is only from 10,000 VND.

MB Capital Investment Fund

Established in 2006, MB Capital is one of the first fund managers in Vietnam. The company has been licensed by the State Securities Commission to operate all operations of a fund management company.

The company’s mission is to provide specialized financial accumulation and investment solutions, bringing outstanding benefits to customers. At the same time, MB Capital also operates based on the core value: “Unity – Discipline – Dedication – Execution – Trust – Efficiency”.

It is known that the fund has a charter capital of VND 323 billion, total assets under management of VND 6,492 billion (December 31, 2021) and is owned by MBBank with more than 91% shares.

Investment fund products that MB Capital is providing to the market include:

  • MB . Bond Investment Fund: Safe investment, effective return with expected profit of 8%/year.
  • MB Capital Value Investment Fund: Experience investing with an expected return of up to 15%/year.
  • An Thinh Retirement: Bringing an effective welfare regime for businesses to treat human resources.

The current areas of operation of MB Capital are:

+ Management of securities investment funds.

+ Manage stock portfolio.

+ Securities investment consulting.

In short, if you are interested in investment funds, do not ignore MB Capital – Top 3 leading fund management companies in Vietnam.

Vietcombank Investment Fund

Vietcombank Investment Fund (VCBF) was established by Vietcombank Securities Investment Fund Management Joint Venture Company. Specifically, this is a joint venture between Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam and multinational investment group Franklin Templeton Investments.

The birth of VCBF has opened up many favorable opportunities for investment in Vietnam market. This investment fund currently gathers a team of executive experts with many years of working experience in domestic and foreign financial institutions.

It is known that VCBF is managing the following 04 types of open-ended funds:

  • Strategic Balanced Investment Fund.
  • Top stock investment fund.
  • Bond investment fund.
  • Growth stock investment fund.

Over 17 years of operation, VCBF has been effectively managing investment assets. Specifically, VCBF has a total asset value of more than 170.6 million USD as of December 31, 2021. In addition, VCBF’s private equity and trust funds are among the best performing funds in Vietnam.

Dragon Capital Vietnam Fund

Capital Vietnam Investment Fund Management Joint Stock Company – DCVFM was established based on the cooperation between Dragon Capital and Vietnam Investment Fund Management Joint Stock Company. It is known that the unit specializes in providing diversified and reputable financial products and services to investors.

The total asset size of Dragon Capital Group currently under management is more than VND 77,000 billion (nearly $4 billion). VFM’s investment products from bonds, stocks, public stocks, and real estate are all effectively in the leading market group in Vietnam.

Types of funds currently managed by DCVFM include:

  • DCDS Balanced Fund.
  • DCIP Balanced Fund.
  • DCBC Stock Fund.
  • VFMVSF Stock Fund.
  • VFMVFA Quantitative Fund.
  • DCBF Bond Fund.
  • ETF Q1VFVN30.

Each fund type will have its own NAV growth %, risk index, expense ratio, investment turnover and transaction fees. For specific reference, please visit website: for more information.

Vina Capital Investment Fund

VinaCapital Fund Management Company – VCFM is one of the leading enterprises operating in the field of financial investment in Vietnam. The vision and strategic goal of VCFM is to provide the most optimal investment solutions for investors. In addition, it also brings the best investment, finance and customer care services.

It is known that VCFM is a member 100% owned by VinaCapital Group. Currently, this fund management company has a capital of more than 3.9 billion USD in Vietnam. In particular, the unit has more than 200 employees working in offices in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Singapore. Thereby, meeting the financial investment needs of domestic and foreign customers who are interested in VCFM funds.

Investment solutions that VinaCapital brings to customers include:

  • Hung Thinh VinaWealth Stock Investment Fund (VEOF).
  • Bao Thinh VinaWealth Bond Fund (VFF).
  • Tue Sang VinaCapital Balanced Investment Fund (VIBF).
  • Vietnam Market Access Equity Fund (VESAF).
  • VinaCapital Liquidity Bond Fund (VLBF).
  • VinaCapital ETF Fund.

4.Frequently asked questions about investment funds

What is an open-end fund?

To understand what an open-ended fund is in the simplest way, let’s take a look at the following main items:

+ An open-ended fund is a fund contributed by many investors with the same investment goal.

+ The fund is professionally managed by a reputable fund management company.

+ The fund is “open” in terms of term and number of investors who want to participate.

+ Open-ended fund allows investors to resell fund certificates at Net Asset Value (NAV) at any trading day of the fund.

Who are open-ended funds suitable for?

Typically, investors with the following characteristics will choose to participate in an open-ended fund:

  • The first: Investors do not have enough in-depth knowledge about investment and finance.
  • Second: Busy investors, do not have much time to focus on monitoring daily market fluctuations.
  • Tuesday: Investors have the desire to invest in a long-term form.
  • Wednesday: Investors want discipline and convenience.
  • Thursday: Investors want to diversify in investment activities.

How does the open-end fund work?

To put it simply, investing in an open-ended fund is a form of indirect securities investment. Instead of investors actively participating in the stock market directly, they choose to invest their money in open-ended funds.

These open-ended funds will have experienced experts, bringing the contributed money to buy and sell stocks/bonds. At this time, investors will receive fund certificates instead of stocks as in the form of direct investment.

In fact, the fund company will always choose stocks that are undervalued and/or have long-term growth potential to invest. When the asset value of the fund increases, it means that the value of fund certificates increases, at this time investors will make a profit.

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Through the general content about List of securities investment funds in Vietnam with the best investment reputation 2022 above. Surely everyone has their own choice for this attractive form of investment, right? In short, no matter what field you invest in, you also need to be sober and wise for all your decisions. Good luck!

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