If you want to invest, deposit in banks, the system of foreign banks in Vietnam is an option. The following is List of Swiss banks in Vietnam that you should refer to.

List of Swiss banks in Vietnam

Bank name Swift Code
Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) UBSWCHZH80H
Credit Suisse Bank CRESCHZZ65G

About Swiss banking

Foreign banks in Vietnam have become quite familiar and trusted by many Vietnamese. Swiss banks are the deposit points of many billion-dollar investments.

Therefore, many of you wonder why Swiss banks are so trustworthy? Together with the following financial experts:

  • Absolute confidentiality of information
  • Swiss Bank has a complete banking system and enthusiastic customer support
  • Support to protect account holders by providing the account name is a code, a separate name like the type of Nickname.
  • The outstanding advantage of Swiss banks is knowing 4 languages ​​to support all customers in the world.

Currently, Swiss bank is a reliable address for many investors to deposit money in the world and in Vietnam. The security mode and many preferential policies of Swiss banks have attracted customers.

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Should I deposit money in a Swiss bank?

Swiss banks are the deposit points of many billionaires or rich people in the world. It is for the following reasons:

Customers do not worry about their personal information being well protected

Swiss banks not only ensure information security but also concealment for customers. The bank has done this by providing a separate account with a unique code and name.

The sender list, the amount will be absolutely confidential and not stored on the bank’s computer system. It is strictly forbidden in any case not to disclose the identity to a third party. Any employee of the bank who violates the disclosure of customer information will be handled very seriously.

Clear and transparent tax system

Swiss banks have a reputation for transparency and putting the interests of their customers first. The tax system at the bank is transparently regulated and creates an attractive environment for customers. Swiss banks can finance customers at low interest rates.

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In Switzerland, the personal income tax rate is very high and does not apply to foreigners. Swiss law also has very clear provisions on tax fraud and tax evasion.

Any acts of intentionally creating fake records, concealing records and accessing to evade taxes will be administratively sanctioned. This is something that is treated very strictly and differently by Switzerland compared to other countries in the world.

Efficient asset management

Swiss banks have a very effective form of wealth management. Customers can completely trust and deposit money for profit. The bank also links customer lists to link businesses for customers to optimize investment.

Effective business affiliate network towards investment to increase income for customers. This is also an attractive point to attract customers of Swiss banks.

Swiss Bank is constantly developing other services to ensure a safe source of money. Therefore, Swiss banks are the most satisfied and trusted customers to deposit money.

Conditions for opening a Swiss bank account

Swiss Bank has a highly secure system. Therefore, conditions and moderation are very important. Customers who want to join Swiss banking also need to meet the necessary conditions. Includes the following:

  • Verify identity clearly and transparently, including relevant documents in accordance with the law. Swiss banks do not accept opening accounts without verifying the account holder.
  • If the account holder is a person who violates the law, he/she is not allowed to use the service at the bank.
  • Customers in countries that have a bad relationship with Switzerland will not be supported or helped to use products from the bank.
  • The account holder is a person who must not get involved in politics, do not do anything that affects the reputation of the bank.

How to open a Swiss bank account

If you want to open a Swiss bank account, you can do so in the following ways:

You go directly to the nearest branch of the representative office of the Swiss bank. You will be provided with the most complete documents, application forms and documents by the bank staff.

You need to submit an official copy of your passport to verify your identity and clear income and send it to a Swiss bank.

You go directly to the branch or representative office of the bank. Here, the representative will be responsible for providing documents and records to open an account for the bank and carry out the procedures to help you.

Above is List of Swiss banks in Vietnam that you should deposit your savings, the safest investment. Hopefully this information will be a useful reference to help you make the best investment decision.

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