In recent years, Crypto has become the leading “king” in the financial and economic investment industry worldwide. Many people have become billionaires thanks to the strategy of pouring capital into this potential virtual currency market.

So, today’s article nganhangnongthon will update List of the largest Crypto and Coin investment funds in Vietnam and the World 2022. Please refer to the correct choice to bring about the highest possible profits!

What is a Crypto Investment Fund?

Crypto investment fund is understood as a place where major financial institutions around the world pour capital into newly established projects. These funds were born based on the capital raising needs of small projects that have not been able to raise large capital by themselves.

At each fund, there will be a team of experts on strategy to stay on track. Selected investment portfolios are relatively complex, along with risk management techniques in the process of operation.

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Crypto Fund will bring the money deposited to invest in order to get the highest profit and divide it among those who have invested capital.

The peculiarity of the Crypto fund is that it only specializes in investing in the electronic market. The aim is to help uninformed investors to profit effectively and reduce many risks.

List of the largest Crypto and Coin investment funds in Vietnam and the World 2022

Cryptocurrency investment fever has become an extremely effective financial investment channel during this prolonged period of Covid 19 epidemic. Let’s go through it together The largest Crypto and Coin investment funds in Vietnam and the World in the following content.

Polychain Capital Fund

Leading in the field of digital currency today must be the “big man” Polychain Capital. This is considered the world’s largest cryptocurrency fund with “huge” total assets.

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Features of the Polychain Capital fund

+ Founded by Olaf Carlson – Wee in 2016.

+ The volume of assets that the Polychain Capital fund manages is more than 1 billion dollars.

+ In addition to Crypto, Polychain Capital also invests in startups.

+ The fund focuses on projects with breakthroughs in the market in the future.

Polychain Capital’s investment portfolio

Long-term and stable projects will be the partners that Polychain Capital aims to develop in the future, specifically:

  • Cosmos
  • Avalanche
  • Celo
  • Polkadot
  • Filecoin
  • Makes
  • Raidn Network
  • Nervos Network
  • Badger Knife

Alameda Research Foundation

Alameda Research Fund specializes in providing OTC trading services, creating Market Making markets and investing in potential Crypto projects.

The fund owns a complex but very effective trading system, and experienced experts have made Alameda Research’s name with the community.

Features of Alameda Research Foundation

+ The head of development of Alameda Research fund is Sam Bankman – CEO of FTX exchange.

+ Fund was established in October 2017.

Currently, the Alameda Research fund is managing more than $1 billion in digital assets.

+ Daily trading volume from 1 to 10 billion dollars.

Alameda Research Fund Investment Portfolio

  • Solana
  • FTX
  • Alpha
  • Serums
  • Perpetual

Three Arrow Capital Fund

One of the famous investment funds in the Crypto market is definitely Three Arrow Capital. It is known that the fund is directly managed, registered and supervised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Features of the Three Arrow Capital fund

+ Three Arrow Capital Fund founded by Su Zhu and Kyle Davies in 2012.

+ The fund’s goal is to find the highest returns and the least risk.

+ The fund is managed and supervised closely to protect the interests of investors who have poured capital into it.

+ Currently, Three Arrow Capital fund is managing nearly 1 billion dollars in assets.

Investment portfolio of the Three Arrow Capital fund

  • UniSwap
  • Mina
  • Avalanche
  • Solana
  • Polkadot

Digital Currency Group Fund

Digital Currency Group is known as a large-scale investment fund in the Crypto market. The unit has successfully invested in many large projects and is currently behind many other big deals.

Today, Digital Currency Group has investments in more than 100 companies in 30 countries worldwide. Among them are market leaders in many fields such as Coinbase, Ledger, Ripple, Circle, ShapeShift.

Features of the Digital Currency Group fund

The Digital Currency Group Fund was founded in 2015 by Barry Silbert.

+ In 2019, the fund has accumulated more than $2.7 billion and is far ahead of other competitors.

+ Currently, the Digital Currency Group fund owns and operates 03 large enterprises, including:

  • Genesis Trading: Crypto brokerage company leading the financial market.
  • Grayscale Investments: The largest digital asset management company.
  • CoinDesk: Media platform and news and events in the industry.

Investment portfolio of Digital Currency Group

  • Invest in a digital technology company.
  • Blockchain technology investment.
  • Invest in digital currency.
  • Invest in startups in media technology, advertising.

Multicoin Capital Fund

Multicoin Capital is an investment fund based on “investment thesis” that specializes in investing in the Crypto market. It is known that Multicoin Capital invests in all layers in Crypto, from the infrastructure layer to the surface application layer.

Features of the Multicoin Capital fund

+ Multicoin Capital Fund was established in May 2017.

+ The Fund’s operational objective is to develop “newly emerging” fields, which are still young and have not yet been recognized in the market.

+ Multicoin Capital aims to make real investments, help the projects they invest in, pioneer to solve the difficult problems of the market.

Portfolio of Multicoin Capital

  • Audius
  • Keep
  • Solana
  • Terra
  • Mina
  • Serums
  • Arweave

Paradigm . Foundation

Paradigm is a large investment fund focused on supporting cryptocurrency projects. The investment plan of the fund is very flexible, multi-stage and long-term investment.

The Paradigm Foundation is confident that it is capable of supporting projects in various aspects, ranging from technical (mechanical design, engineering, smart contract security) to operational (strategy, recruitment). , regulation).

Features of the Paradigm . fund

+ Fund co-founded by Fred Ehrsam and matt Huang in 2018.

+ The headquarters of the Paradigm fund is located in Canada.

+ Paradigm has launched a $2.5 billion venture fund market to invest in the next generation of corporate, crypto-protocols.

Portfolio of the Paradigm . fund

  • UniSwap
  • Keep Network
  • Cosmos
  • Maker
  • Compound

Pantera . Foundation

The Pantera Fund was known to be the first cryptocurrency investment fund in the United States, at a time when Bitcoin was only $65/BTC.

Pantera focuses on equity investments in startups. The fund will own a percentage and share project profits if the investment results are good.

Features of the Pantera . fund

+ Fund was established in May 2017.

+ Pantera currently manages total assets of up to 4.7 billion USD.

+ Orientation fund focuses on potential projects, breakthrough technology in the cryptocurrency market.

+ Pantera is preparing a new fund in the future with the most suitable criteria for institutional investors who own multiple assets.

Pantera . Fund Portfolio

  • Defi projects: Aave, Livepeer, Compound, Uniswap, DODO,…
  • Blockchain projects: Terra, Polkador, Ethereum, Oasis Network, Near,…
  • Web 3.0 projects: API3, Filecoin, Audius,…

ParaFi Capital Fund

ParaFi Capital is a long-term investment fund, specifically a fund targeting projects with sustainable development prospects with a transparent team of experts. Throughout the investment process, ParaFi Capital always puts its responsibility first when fully supporting the projects it has chosen.

Features of ParaFi Capital

+ ParaFi Capital Fund was established in 2018 in the US.

The fund focuses on investing in decentralized financial markets and Blockchain technology.

+ ParaFi Capital underwrites investments using a rigorous institutional due diligence approach. Thereby bringing in-depth field expertise from experienced investment groups.

Investment portfolio of ParaFi Capital

  • The Graph
  • 1inch
  • UniSwap
  • Solana
  • Keep Network

Through the List of the largest Crypto and Coin investment funds in Vietnam and the World 2022 above. Surely everyone has had their own choice of a Crypto investment fund that suits their strategy. Continuously monitor the volatility of the virtual currency market to be able to make the best decisions at any time. Good luck!

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