VayVND is one of the online loan applications to support customers who are having financial problems in the fastest way. Just register and confirm a successful account, you will be supported by LoanVND with a loan of up to VND 15 million with 0% interest after-sales for 30 days.

What is VayVND?

Loans at VayVND
Loans at VayVND

VayVND is the “rescue” for customers with financial difficulties with quick disbursement procedures. This is one of the highest rated direct money lending applications on the market today, belonging to the financial company Capital Solution.

Review online loan application VayVND

To help you evaluate and better understand VND loans, let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages in detail as follows:


VND loan application has simple procedures, easy to use for all different types of consumers

  • Maximum loan limit is up to 15 million VND with quick disbursement time, only 15 minutes after confirming successful loan registration
  • Quick loan procedure does not require many documents for authentication
  • Just have an ID card/CCCD to be able to apply for a loan quickly
  • The payment and installment process can be flexible via banking or via e-wallets like Momo
  • Support for the second loan with simpler procedures
  • Maximum loan grace period is 90 days for all loan categories


  • Low VND loan limit for the first time โ€“ 3 million VND
  • Do not support loans exceeding 15 million VND
  • Do not support customers with bad debt history, unstable income
  • High late payment penalty fee, up to 20%
  • Borrowing at transaction points like FE Credit is not supported

Loan limit, time and interest rate

LoanVND is flexible for customers in terms of loan limit as well as loan period. As follows:


VND loan limit is from 500,000 VND to 15 million VND.


The maximum loan period in VND is 90 days for all loan categories

Loan interest rate at VayVND

The loan interest rate in VND will depend on the loan and the amount you borrow. Normally that would be about 1% per day. If your payment is overdue, you will have to pay an additional penalty.

Loan conditions at VayVND

Borrowing VND is simple and easy, just need ID card
Borrowing VND is simple and easy, just need ID card

To be able to apply for a VND loan, customers need to fully meet the following conditions:

  • Borrower must be a Vietnamese citizen with full capacity and civil act
  • Age between 22 and 60 years old
  • Have a stable job and clear proof of income. Minimum income 4 million/month
  • Labor contract must be signed for at least 3 months
  • Have a valid ID/CCCD
  • Have a personal bank account number

For customers with bad credit history, VayVND does not support.

Instructions to borrow money online VayVND disbursed the fastest

To make a loan in VND, customers need to register for an account, then choose a loan, update borrower information, review documents and wait for disbursement.

Step 1: Choose a loan

Please download the VND loan app then proceed to enter the phone number and enter the OTP to verify the account. Right at first, you will receive a loan offer of 3 million VND within 10 days.

Step 2: Fill in the information

Borrower information needs to be filled in correctly
Borrower information needs to be filled in correctly

Next, you need to complete and accurately fill in your personal information on the VND loan app to verify your account and approve the loan application.

Fill in the borrower's address information correctly
Fill in the borrower’s address information correctly

Provide details including the borrower’s address information to complete the personal information.

Information about the purpose of borrowing money at VayVND
Information about the purpose of borrowing money at VayVND

Provide the loan owner’s account number to receive the loan when the application is approved.

Recipient account information
Recipient account information

The last step in filling in the information is to take a photo of your ID card and personal photo for quick loan application appraisal.

Step 3: Browse loan documents

As soon as you complete all the information about the VND loan, you will submit it and the experts will proceed to confirm your loan application. Application confirmation time usually only lasts within 15 minutes.

Step 4: Disburse the loan

As soon as the loan confirmation system at LoanVND is approved, the amount you want to borrow will be directly transferred to the bank account number you provided earlier.

How to pay LoanVND

How to pay LoanVND
How to pay LoanVND

To pay the loan in VND as well as pay interest, you can choose one of the following methods:

Pay Vayvnd via MOMO . application

Momo is an application that helps you pay the fastest VND loan you can make. To make a payment, simply follow the steps below:

  • Access the Momo app then search for the VayVND App in the toolbar
  • Enter the payment contract number
  • Enter payment amount => Payment
  • Confirm and complete payment

Paying LoanVND via bank

In addition, you can also make VND loan payments by transferring money at banks. The owner of VayVND online lender has the following information:

  • Account number: 19134549510024
  • Bank: Techcombank
  • Branch: Tan Dinh
  • Beneficiary: DONG CREDIT . CO., LTD
  • Payment content: ID card number, T/T for contract number_contract number

Frequently asked questions when borrowing money online VayVND

In addition to the issues shared above, when VayVND you also need to capture the following information:

Is VayVND a scam?

VayVND does not cheat, customers will experience a lot of utilities with a high level of prestige such as:

  • Easily borrow money with clear interest rate, loan limit, and liquidity information
  • Customers only need to have ID card/CCCD to authenticate the loan without having to go directly to the office for support.
  • Attractive loan interest rate

What are the loan conditions at VayVND?

To be approved for a quick loan application, customers need to meet the following conditions:

  • Be a Vietnamese citizen living and working directly in Vietnam
  • Customers aged from 22 to 60 years old
  • Stable job, stable income, the lowest is 4 million VND/month
  • Have a valid ID/CCCD
  • Have an active bank account
  • No bad debt information on CIC

Should I apply for a loan at VayVND?

If you are having financial difficulties, you can borrow money at VND loan. But please carefully read the loan requirements, loan limit, loan period, loan interest rate so as not to fall into a situation where you don’t have money at the time of payment. If you are late to pay, you may be bothered by financial companies, or for a longer time, you may have a bad debt history stored on CIC.

How long does it take to approve a loan?

Loan approval time at LoanVND usually only lasts about 3-5 minutes after you fill out the loan request information.


Above is information about online loan application borrowVND for your reference. Hopefully, these shares will give you useful information for you to choose the right loan form. Please note that it is always important to keep in mind the payment period to avoid additional penalty fees when borrowing online.

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