Are you using HomeCredit’s service and having trouble knowing how to look up the contract? There are many cases where HomeCredit customers forgot their contract number, forgot their monthly payment due date and didn’t know what to do. Don’t worry, will guide you how Look up HomeCredit contract to solve the problem quickly.

Learn about HomeCredit account.

HomeCredit is a credit institution present in many different countries around the world, including Vietnam. This organization specializes in providing financial services in a variety of ways.

Learn about HomeCredit accounts.
Learn about HomeCredit accounts.

In addition to online lending, HomeCredit also offers users a variety of credit products with outstanding benefits. Currently, this credit institution is present in 11 countries and has about 70 million regular customers using the service.

Some outstanding products and services of HomeCredit are deployed to serve customers today such as:

  • Online unsecured loans
  • Installment loans to buy electronic household goods
  • Motorbike installment loan
  • Consumer loan to pay mortgage

Each HomeCredit customer will be provided with a separate account to access the application or website of this organization. That way, customers will easily use HomeCredit’s products and services.

What information does HomeCredit account provide?

When using HomeCredit account to access the system, customers can look up personal information, services and transactions in use. At the same time, the status of records and loans are also displayed in detail and closely managed.

In case the customer has installment loans, the HomeCredit account will display relevant information such as loan details, monthly payment due date, interest rate, and amount to be paid. This helps users easily balance their finances and actively make monthly payments.

Besides, HomeCredit account constantly updates customers with the latest promotions, preferential loan packages and attractive installment purchase programs. For customers in need, the promotions updated on HomeCredit accounts are extremely useful.

In addition, HomeCredit account also supports answering customer questions right on the website. When customers have questions related to services such as: how to apply for a loan, buy in installments, etc., they can ask questions directly to the staff for advice.

The easiest guide to look up HomeCredit contracts

HomeCredit contract lookup guide
HomeCredit contract lookup guide

We can use HomeCredit’s services to borrow money, buy in installments… but do you know when to look up the HomeCredit contract? Usually when encountering the following situations:

  • It is necessary to check the principal balance and payment term.
  • Want to actively manage payments, see how much has been paid.
  • Forgot HomeCredit contract number
  • Want to know the remaining amount to liquidate the contract.
  • When penalty fees and monthly interest are incurred.

In the process of using HomeCredit’s services, there will certainly be times when you will fall into the above situations. To make it easy for you to look up your Homecredit contract, guides you through the following three applicable ways:

Look up HomeCredit contract by ID card on Website

To be able to look up the HomeCredit contract number with your ID card on the website, you first need to visit HomeCredit’s homepage with the following link: https:/

After accessing the homepage, you take the following steps to continue looking up the contract:

  • Step 1: At the homepage select “menu” → select “look up payment information”.
  • Step 2: Enter the information required by the system (Including the contract number in the message, the ID card number) → select “lookup”.
  • Step 3: The system will display the search results including all your contract information.

Look up HomeCredit credit contract by phone

To look up the Homecredit contract on your phone, you need to download the Home Credit Vietnam app to your device. Currently, this application supports both popular operating systems, Android and IOS, and can be found and downloaded on CH play or Appstore.

After successfully installing the application, follow these steps in turn to look up the HomeCredit credit contract:

  • Step 1: Access the application → select “I already have an account”.
  • Step 2: Enter the information that the system requires (account name or phone number + password) → select “login”.
  • Step 3: Right at the homepage after logging in, information about due loans (if any) will be displayed in detail.

Look up the HomeCredit loan contract by contacting the call center

In addition to the above two search methods, you can also directly contact HomeCredit’s customer care hotline via phone number: 02838999666

HomeCredit’s customer care call center operates 24/7. Nationwide customer support. After contacting, there will be staff to assist you in looking up the loan contract and guiding the implementation of related issues.

  • Step 1: Call 02838999666 or text * 6868.
  • Step 2: Provide information related to your HomeCredit account to employees and the system. (customer’s full name, ID/CCCD, phone number for account registration)
  • Step 3: Ask HomeCredit’s customer service staff to provide contract information or request a credit contract email to your mailbox.

The fastest way to liquidate HomeCredit contracts

To liquidate a HomeCredit contract, it is first necessary to determine the amount to be paid. In case you cancel the contract before the maturity date, you will need to pay an additional penalty fee. To know the exact amount you need to pay, you choose one of the 3 ways to look up the HomeCredit contract that has previously guided.

Instructions for liquidation of HomeCredit contract
Instructions for liquidation of HomeCredit contract

Liquidation of HomeCredit contract through an affiliate store

HomeCredit has links with many electronics, electronics, convenience stores, you can pay your debt through these stores. To make a payment, you need to provide your phone number, ID number and contract number.

HomeCredit electronics store links:

  • Green Electronics Store
  • FPT Shop
  • NguyenKim Store
  • Thegioididong Store
  • Vienthonga store
  • Viettel Store Store

HomeCredit convenience store link:

  • Convenience store B’s Mart
  • Grocery store
  • CIRCLE K FamilyMart Convenience Store
  • ….

Example: You want to liquidate the HomeCredit contract. You have looked up and determined the amount to pay. You choose to pay the loan through the affiliated store, Thegioididong.

  • Step 1: Visit Thegioididong’s Website → select “Menu” → select “Services and utilities”.
  • Step 2: In the “services and utilities” section, select “Install installment payment” → select “HomeCredit”.
  • Step 3: The system asks to enter information such as contract number, phone number. → Fill in information and select “Check and pay”.
  • Step 4: Here the system asks you to choose a payment channel such as: domestic ATM account, international payment visa account. Select the account source you want to pay and go.

Liquidation of HomeCredit installment contract via bank

Besides the way to pay through affiliated stores, you can pay HomeCredit installment contracts through transaction points that are banks. This organization is currently associated with many banking systems across the country.

Banking systems associated with HomeCredit:

  • VPBank Bank
  • Sacombank Bank
  • VietinBank
  • Maritime Bank
  • Bank Vietnam Post
  • ….

Paying for a HomeCredit loan at a bank transaction point, you need to pay attention to bring your ID card or CCCD and know the contract number for a smooth payment.

Liquidation of HomeCredit contracts through other channels

In addition to the above two ways, you can also pay the loan to HomeCredit when you want to settle it through other channels such as e-wallets. With the popularity and convenience of e-wallets today, the liquidation of HomeCredit contracts is extremely simple and fast.

E-wallets associated with HomeCredit:

  • MoMo
  • ViettelPay
  • Shopee Pay
  • GrabPay by Moca
  • ViettelPay
  • ZaloPay.

If you are using an e-wallet in the list above, choosing to pay a loan through an e-wallet is extremely quick. At HomeCredit Vietnam application, you proceed to log in your e-wallet into the system. Choose to pay the installment contract, then fill in the required information and make the payment very simple.

Some frequently asked questions when looking up a HomeCredit loan

Forgot HomeCredit loan contract code, what to do?

There are many cases where customers need to pay a loan or liquidate a HomeCredit contract but forget the contract number. If you accidentally fall into this situation, you can contact HomeCredit call center at phone number 02838999666 for assistance in looking up.

What information do you need to prepare for a HomeCredit loan lookup?

When you want to look up a HomeCredit loan, no matter what search method you use, you need to prepare the following information:

  • ID card or CCCD
  • HomeCredit account registration phone number
  • Some contracts

Can I look up a HomeCredit contract for someone else?

In case you want to look up the HomeCredit contract for someone else, you need to have the information of the account to look up.

For example: ID card number of the person to look up, phone number for account registration, contract number.


Know how to Look up HomeCredit contract You will actively capture information and payment terms. At the same time, the calculation and liquidation of the contract will also be much easier. Hope the information that Lamchutaichinh has just shared has helped you know how to look up the HomeCredit contract. Good luck.

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