Looking up ID number online is currently one of the easy and very convenient ways to look up. Instead of having to go to the competent authorities to do the lookup, now, with just a phone, you can look up the ID card number very simply.

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Look up cmnd number Online
Instructions to look up cmnd numbers online

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What is the National Identity Card Number (ID)/ID Card?

ID number/ID card or citizen identification card is an important identification document of every Vietnamese citizen. The person who is issued with an ID card will be certified by a competent state agency about his/her citizenship characteristics and background. In many other countries around the world, an ID card has the same value as an identity card or a personal identification card.

What is the CNIC number?
What is the CNIC number?

Starting from 2016, the people’s identity card has been officially replaced by the citizen’s identity card throughout the territory of Vietnam. However, in some localities, the police at the provincial and district levels still carry out the procedures for new issuance, renewal and re-issuance of the people’s identity card until October 30, 2017, which is officially abolished.

Therefore, from January 1, 2016, there are 3 types of documents with basic value to prove the identity of the grantee, including:

  • 9-digit people’s identity card (according to Decree 05/1999/ND-CP);
  • 12-digit ID card (according to Circular 57/2013/TT-BCA);
  • Citizen Identification Card (Law on Citizen Identification 2014).

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What is Online ID/Citizen Identity Card Number (CCCD) Lookup?

Looking up ID number online is a form of information checking, looking up personal information from ID card by accessing the information lookup system issued by the government. After accessing, you will receive some information related to your ID card.

In many cases, looking up ID card online to get accurate information about ID card to borrow money online, finalize PIT, etc., and many other benefits. The system will rely on the information you provide about the ID card number and will return the relevant data on the computer screen.

Meaning When Looking Up/Finding ID Number Online

ID card/ID card is one of the indispensable identification documents of everyone. However, in many cases, you need information on your ID card but don’t carry it with you, then, looking up your ID number online is the best solution.

What does cmnd lookup mean?
What does cmnd lookup mean?

Looking up ID card numbers online helps users save time and effort in travelling.

According to point a, clause 1, Article 9 of Decree 167/2013/ND-CP, the case of failure to present ID card/CCCD card may result in a fine of from 100,000 to 200,000 VND, therefore, looking up the online ID number is also meaningful. Means to help you save money.

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What are the advantages of looking up ID/CMT Number?

Looking up ID card online is the act of accessing the information lookup system issued by the government to find information related to the stored ID number.

Compared with the usual way of searching, having to go directly to state agencies, the outstanding advantages of online ID card lookup are as follows:

  • Easily look up the information on the ID card anywhere, anytime, just need a phone with an internet connection.
  • Just remember one information on the ID card, you can look up the remaining corresponding information.
  • You do not need to carry your ID card with you, you can still look up, minimize the loss of documents or unfortunately encounter a bad situation.
  • Looking up ID numbers online helps save travel time, thereby helping users to be more active and flexible in their work.
  • The process of checking the online ID number is completely free.
  • Look up personal tax codes and other important information in addition to looking up ID numbers.

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4 Steps Look Up Numbers ID Card / Citizen Identification Card Number (CCCD) Online The fastest

Looking up ID number online brings a lot of advantages, here is the fastest and easiest guide to look up ID card / ID card number:

Step 1: Access the information lookup system issued by the Government via the link: http://tracuunnt.gdt.gov.vn/tcnnt/mstdn.jsp

Step 2: Select “Information about PIT payers” to start the search.

Step 3: Information to be filled out includes:

  • Tax ID: Enter your personal tax identification number.
  • Full name (find out Last name and First name): Your full name, fill it exactly as on your ID card.
  • Address: Household address or temporary residence address.
  • Identity card/ID card number: Enter exactly as shown on the ID card.
  • Verification code: Enter a sequence of confirmation code numbers, correctly enter uppercase and lowercase letters.
    Select PIT payer information to look up
    Select PIT payer information to look up

Step 4: After filling in all the information, select “Lookup” and wait a few seconds for the system to return results, including:

  • PIT number.
  • Name of person whose CCCD number looks up/name of taxpayer.
  • The ID/CCCD number matches the taxpayer’s name.
  • Province/city, county/district of residence.
  • Tax administration registration.
  • MST issue date.
  • Phone number.
  • Taxpayer’s operating status.

Please save the necessary information to complete the steps to look up the online ID number.

Online ID number lookup results
Online ID number lookup results

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How to Look Up Personal Information From ID Card/CCCD Through Public Service Portal

Step 1: Visit the website of the Residence Management Public Service Portal at this.

Step 2: Right at the main interface of the website, select the box “Citizen Information” and then log in to the website using your National Public Service Portal account. If you do not have an account, you can select the Register box located at the bottom of the login interface to register an account.

Step 2
Step 2

Step 3: Fill in all the necessary information, especially the items marked with * are the items that cannot be missed and at the bottom will be a confirmation code, your job is to enter that code exactly in the Code box Confirmation above is ok. Then click the Search box.

Step 3
Step 3

Step 4: The results include items such as Family Information or Head of Household Information, you can click View details to see more clearly.

Step 4
Step 4

What Information Will Citizen Identification Number Lookup Results Provide?

Using this method, you can find some information as follows:

  • Full name of person looking up ID number/name of taxpayer.
  • The ID/CCCD number is the same as the name of the taxpayer.
  • Province/city, county/district of residence.
  • Phone number.
  • PIT number.
  • Tax administration registration.
  • MST issue date.

What Should I Keep In Mind When Looking Up Citizen ID Card Numbers Online?

Looking up ID number online is a very easy method to do, information is sent back quickly. However, to ensure the most accurate lookup process, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Do not use your first and last name to look up your ID card number online because there are many people with the same last name, the results are easily duplicated and confused with others.
  • Fill in the complete and correct ID/CCCD number to look up the information quickly. In case the tax code corresponding to the ID card cannot be found, that person has not yet registered with the tax authority.
  • Prepare devices with internet connection to conduct online ID lookup such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • It is not necessary to enter all the displayed information because if entered correctly, a wrong information will not get results.
  • The lookup of the ID card number is important when you apply for a bank loan, borrow money onlinelook up the CIC history.

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Summary of Questions When Looking Up Citizen Identification Numbers

Looking up the ID card number, does it have the full name?

Have. The search results display both your ID/CCCD number, your basic information (full name, date of birth, origin ..) and identity.

Can I look up the ID card number by name?

No. Many people have the same last name, so it is not possible to look up the ID/CCCD number by name. If you only enter your first and last name to look up, the system will report an error, ask for more information or display that the search cannot be found.

Is it possible to look up the citizen identification card number through the driver’s license?

No. Customers cannot look up the ID/CCCD number via the driver’s license and can only do the opposite: Look up the driver’s license with the ID/CCCD number.

Can I look up my citizen ID number by phone number?

No. You can only check your phone number via your ID card/CCCD, applicable to Viettel, Vina, and Mobi networks

Can I look up my ID card number with my passport?

No. Currently, there is no website that allows to look up ID/CCCD number by passport.

Is it possible to look up ID number by CCCD?

No. There is no way to look up the ID number by CCCD did.

Is it possible to look up someone else’s citizenship number?

ID/CCCD number information is highly confidential. So you are not You can look up another person’s ID/CCCD number if you don’t fully understand that person’s personal information.

Is it possible to look up the ID number of the business owner?

Same as above, you are not You can look up the director’s ID/CCCD number if that person does not disclose to you personal information such as full name, address, tax code …

How to look up ID number by date of birth?

No You can look up your ID/CCCD number by date of birth because a lot of people have duplicate birth dates, and this information is easy for others to know, so it can’t be looked up this way.


Job Look up ID number online being used by many people to easily manage information as well as capture personal tax codes. Hopefully with the sharing through the above article, you already know how to look up ID card quickly with just a few simple steps. Good luck!

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