MBBank card fee schedule how is it now? This is a question asked by many customers who are using MBBank’s services. MBBank is currently a large bank in the foreign country. And after many years of development, the bank has provided customers with many different types of ATM cards. Suitable for each type of customer.

As you know, MBBank has provided many types of cards. But customers do not know the card fee schedule of MBBank. With that question, please join us to refer to the article below.

Find out information about what is MBBank ATM card?

MBBank’s ATM card is a physical card issued by MBBank. Currently, the bank is providing customers with 3 main types of cards: debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards. People using this card can easily conduct transactions such as withdrawals, payments, etc.

At the same time, when using an ATM card, customers can easily manage their spending. Avoid unnecessary risks like customers using cash. And the same goes for other banks. When you use MBBank’s ATM card, you will have to pay a fee to be able to use your ATM card.

Update new MBBank card fee schedule

So what fees will you have to pay in the process of using the card? For more detailed information, please refer to the information below.

MBBank debit card fee schedule

Debit card is also a type of card issued by MBBank. For this type of card, the bank will divide it into 2 different types of cards. It’s a domestic debit card (For domestic use). And international debit card (Can be used at home and abroad). Information about the usage fee of these 2 cards like? Let’s find out together.MBBank card fee schedule

MBBank domestic debit card

Card issuance fee
Active Plus Card Issuance Fee
Non-physical cardFree
Physical card (card printing fee).
  • Current customers: 50,000 VND/card.
  • Customer pays salary via account: Free.
  • Quick release: 100,000 VND/card.
Active Plus Card Reissuance Fee (Card
main, Supplementary Card)
50,000 VND/card
PIN re-issuance fee at counter (paper PIN)
1. Active Plus Card20,000 VND/time/PIN
2. Bankplus card20,000 VND/time/PIN
3. Student Card20,000 VND/time/PIN
PIN re-issuance fee on AppsFree
Pay your Active Plus card at home30,000 VND/time/(Card+PIN)
MBBank annual fee
Active Plus Card (Main/Secondary)
Non-physical cardFree
Cards of logic60,000 VND/year/card
Bankplus card60,000 VND/year/card
Student card60,000 VND/year/card
Military Card (issued only to .)
Card transaction fee
Transactions on MB’s POS
Payment transactions for the purchase of goods,
Transfer fee30000/1 transaction.
Balance lookupFree
PIN change feeFree
Payment transactions for goods and services
service on POS other than MB
Transactions on MB’s ATM
MBBank withdrawal fee
Transfer fees3,000 VND/GD
Balance inquiry feeFree
Fee for printing the latest transaction statementFree
Change PINFree
Transactions on ATMs of other banks
Transfer fees
For Active Plus card3,000 VND/GD
For Bankplus card3,000 VND/GD
For Student card3,000 VND/GD
Balance inquiry fee
For Active Plus card500 VND/GD
For Bankplus card500 VND/GD
For Student card500 VND/GD
Statement printing fee for the last 5 transactions
For Active Plus card500 VND/GD
For Bankplus card500 VND/GD
For Student card500 VND/GD
PIN change fee
For Active Plus card1,500 VND/GD
For Bankplus card1,500 VND/GD
For Student card1,500 VND/GD
Inspection fee
(Applicable when Cardholder complains not
it’s correct)
Card termination fee at the request of
Non-physical cardFree
Physical card50,000VND

MBBank international debit card

Fee itemCharges
Card issuance fee
Card Classic
Non-physical cardFree
Physical card (Print card)
  • Customer does not pay salary via MB: 50,000 VND.
  • Customer pays salary via MB: free.
Platinum Card (Primary/Supplementary Card)
  • Customer does not pay salary via MB: 50,000 VND.
  • Customer pays salary via MB: free.
Priority Platinum Card (primary/secondary)Do not apply
Card re-issuance fee
Classic Card, Platinum Card (Primary/Supplementary Card)60,000 VND.
(Free card re-issuance due to card expiration and reclassification
due to ineligibility in the old tier)
Priority Platinum Card (primary/secondary)Do not apply
PIN re-issuance fee at counter (paper PIN)20,000 VND/time/PIN
PIN re-issuance fee on AppFree
Card renewal feeFree
Pay card at home30,000 VND/time/(Card+PIN)
Annual fees
Classic Card (Main/Secondary)
Non-physical cardFree
Cards of logic60,000 VND/year
Platinum Card (Primary/Extra)100,000 VND/year
Priority Platinum Card (primary/secondary)Free
Card transaction fee
MB . ATM transaction fee
Cash withdrawal fee1,000 VND/GD
Transfer fee2,000 VND/GD
Balance check fee Free
PIN change fee Free
Transaction history check fee Free
Transactions on ATMs of other banks
Cash withdrawal fee
At ATMs in Vietnam3,000 VND/GD
At ATMs outside Vietnam3% * Minimum transaction amount 50,000VND.
Balance inquiry fee1,000 VND/time
Currency conversion fee (when cardholder spends
3% * Transaction amount
Fee for updating to the forbidden card list
of the international card organization
100,000 VND
Fee for issuing copy of transaction invoice
At MB .’s merchants50,000 VND/bill
At other banks’ merchants 880,000 VND/bill
Lost and stolen card notification feeFree
Card termination fee at the request of
Non-physical cardFree
Physical card100,000VND
Complaint investigation fee (if cardholder complains)
claim is incorrect)

MBBank credit card fee schedule

MBBank credit card is a card that allows customers to spend first and pay later. MBBank will grant you a usage limit in customer’s ATM card to spend on personal needs. And when the payment is due, the customer will have to pay that amount back to the bank.

The following is the usage fee schedule of MBBank credit cards:

MBBank card fee schedule

MBBank prepaid card fee schedule

For prepaid cards of MBBank. Many customers have used this card as a gift for their family members. Because the card type does not need customers to open an account. Just top up the card and use it. The following is the fee schedule for using prepaid MBBank cards:

Card registration feeBankplus MasterCard international prepaid cardFree
Maintaining fee11,000 VND/month
Card-to-card transfer feeFree
Fees for payment of telecommunications chargesFree


Here are the details about MBBank card fee schedule. Hope the above information will be helpful to everyone. Thank you for following the article of thongtinbank.com.

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